Crab Cake Row: For the love of Dundalk, David Nagel tells Nestor about Soup For The Soul in St. Helena

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For love of Dundalk, David Nagel tells Nestor about Soup For The Soul in St. Helena at Costas Inn on “A Cup Of Soup Or Bowl Week” hometown stop.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, David Nagel

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:03

Welcome back, WN St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively at Costas in we are in Dundalk, my homeland, really on the Sparrows Point side or the Patapsco side which, you know, I let them let that slide because we still call it Dundalk here. It even says Dundalk right here established 1971 I get all sorts of dawned on people down here and I this isn’t a mistake. I mean, I had empty segments during the week and I threw out notes even though I haven’t even checked my email because I’ve been doing live radio and things have been going wrong and things have been going right. And they made me cry a little while ago and then I finally got some soup. Finally had I wolfed down a cup of soup here we’re calling this a cup of Super Bowl. I will found a cup of soup that I’m convinced as a bowl because that makes the cup was that big. It cost us I don’t know how big the bowl is going to be. But I got it all down. My friend Rick Johnson stopped by here. former associate of mine here at NST many many years ago to give some love to get Dundalk people coming by. I got St John’s pantry calm and so I brought to you by the Maryland lottery 10 times the cash. I feel like Oprah I like given those way. So I’m giving them away our friends and window nation 866 90 nation great sponsors VARs get some doors, get some windows 0% financing for five years and of course Jiffy Lube multi care. I’ll give a shout out the wise and our wise conversations and royal farms and everybody that inspired this Portland Raskin is he’s suffering right now over on wall layer in Maui on the greatest beach in the United States of America and join himself so he couldn’t be here this week. So I’m gonna give him some love as well. Rascon global who’s been seeing all of our stuff out online so I get the shout out this week to try to get people and like it’s Dundalk people to show up and when they show up from Dundalk turns out that like I know them or their sister or I went to high school with their sister or whatever guy comes up he’s like I’m doing I do this thing and I hope you put me on I’m like why am fixing the two o’clock hours about an hour ago? So Soup for the Soul Soup for the Soul. How does the Soup for the Soul guy from Dundalk wind up at a cup of Super Bowl? Did your sister tell you about this? David Nagel?


David Nagel  02:14

Actually no, I I heard about it through an email that was sent a while back but our website was down. So we didn’t get the email till later. And I responded hoping that we could figure something out and I just showed you your yard. Yeah. And of course, you being done though guys just fit me in, which is perfect. And I appreciate it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:34

Two years ago, the hottest day of June, my wife and I went up to New York City Springsteen right after the plane, and we’re walking down about 10th and Broadway outside of this. I collect these up your Dundalk guy. I collect these old 77 belt buckles. It’s my this my Van Halen belt buckle so you know, I collect these. So as I go into, this is what I do. When I’m in New York. I go around to antique shops and I eat a lot of food I shouldn’t eat. Delicious, though. But a turn a corner and there’s Deepak Chopra and Dr. Deepak Chopra is a spiritual leader. You can google him people like who’s that know and I’m out on the streets 110 degrees and there’s friggin deep pockets standing there on his cell phone all alone. There’s nobody around was plagued and really hot. I mean, we’re sweating through our clothes, hydrate and drinking water. And I went up and I’m like, Are you Deepak? He said, Yes. I said, can you take pictures, take a picture. And I didn’t. I was I wasn’t starstruck. I was just a little like, what are the odds? Right, right. He went his way we went ours, he was very sweet, very pleasant. I said, I appreciate all your wisdom, and I tried to use it. And the thing I should have said to him is my favorite piece of Deepak Chopra. Wisdom is this infinite Flexibility is the key to immortality. If you want to live forever, you need to be infinitely flexible. And that’s pretty deep when you think we turned to dust when we’re all gone, right? Absolutely. So I’ve tried to think I’m infinitely flexible. Just to bring that full circle. So infinitely flexible means like, I go with the flow. Right? So even though some things broke down here this morning, and I still gotta get my American Cancer Society friends on the air and Leah Pittenger stopped by today, and we got her on the air talking about these animals in Dundalk and an asterix on the east side of town. I don’t know I reached out to you so obviously I wanted to book you on to the program. So you’re not like completely like hijacking the thing, right? I mean, literally, and I think I reached you because it was Soup for the Soul. Somebody reached out to me maybe was your sister and said there’s a thing called Soup for the Soul and Dundalk and you’re doing a soup thing you should add my brother but but it is good to have you do I know you? I feel like I must know you you are you older than me. You’re younger than me. Well,

David Nagel  04:45

I’m younger by three years.

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:47


It’s where we ever walking in Dundalk high school at the same time. Yes, you were you were you were because I know of you when you gave me your name. I’m like, You’re Suzanne’s brother. And then Suzanne forever and but I would have known you better have we been the same you sure you didn’t drink beer came through to my house? Well, I mean everybody younger did

David Nagel  05:10

it past the age of don’t incriminate anybody.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:13

Well the red light went on for 28 Cane street. You know that was trouble everybody knew that but what is super the assault on DACA lowdown on this super

David Nagel  05:21

sold on dog is a way that we helped the community with food insecurities. It started out at St. Regis called Sainte Marie suffer table 40 years ago. And it started when the factories around here started closing down. And people just needed help. Or they wanted somebody to sit down and eat something with because they were kind of shut ins. And that was 40 years ago. And we’re still gonna How


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:46

was your 40 years ago? You were here. I was at St. Regis 40 years. Exactly. Jason and girls.

David Nagel  05:52

So do you know Mary Katherine Haynes?

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:53

I know her name and I think we’re Facebook friends. Okay,

David Nagel  05:56


so we call her Mama Cass. She is the one who actually guided us into my wife and I into this. Stacy is gonna my wife is on a cruise right now with her mom. So she’s not able to be here. Mary,

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:10

Katherine Haynes and I. Yeah, we share 17 mutual friends. I’m looking at it on here. Yep. Yep. Yeah. And who she is. Yep, actually. 42 mutual friends. There she is. That’s her. Yep. So her time is the right time.

David Nagel  06:22

Exactly. There you go. Exactly. So when she started while her parents started, it was just for like when the steel mills started closing down. GM closed down Ma Bell closed down all these good

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:35

friends, man. She’s got Becky she’s got I mean, she’s Todd Crandall. Right, Heather? Heather Hollandsworth look, I mean, all my friends are friends with her. That’s


David Nagel  06:43

right. So yeah, she’s she’s, she’s a very good person. And she’s the one that pushed us into organizing with St. Regis separate table. When St. Regis started downsizing, we moved to another church and we picked up the name Soup for the Soul. That was in 2018. So we’ve been operating under Soup for the Soul since 2018. We service about 350 people a week for food insecurities. So they come to good, you turned out I know. Everybody

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:15

knows it’s good. So so I don’t want you to feel guilty about hijacking the show. That was the whole point.

David Nagel  07:21

So what we do is people who need help with food, clothes or anything that they need help with, they come to us and we try and help as much as we can. And we do that everything that we do is 100% volunteer, there’s not one person gets paid. And everything that we get is 100% donated except for rent, BJP, and bills like that. So that’s what we’re doing. 350 people, households a week come to us for assistance. Everybody walks away with enough groceries for a week to tide them over.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:57

That I love being from Dundalk. And I love that I’m in Dundalk all the time. You know, I’m here all the time. But I mean, we’ve all seen the challenges, but I love talking about Tradepoint different things that are happening to your better things that are happening. My son lives here. My son lives in my childhood home, dressed up the neighborhood, a lot of Hispanic folks moved into the neighborhood. Yes. loving their families love and being in America love and being a part of here and the way my family loved being here. The way every immigrant family had been the backbone of this country. immigrants were the backbone of Bethlem steel. Literally, that’s how we all got here. That’s it right. So I don’t want to say that we don’t have our challenges over a year and I want to give a plug. And I don’t know if Steve show is going to show up today from Akabane. But he did this thing with Vice with Mr. Costas here. And with Pete and Nick, that they featured Dundalk. If you haven’t seen it yet. You got to see it. Two weeks old. It’s brand new yet missed it yet. Okay. But it just previewed on vice couple of weeks ago. It’s a food thing they do and vice vice networks, great TV channel. But Steve runs Acrobat and one of my favorite restaurants in town. I’ve only met him one time. There’s a rumor he may show up here today. So that can happen too. But he did the piece and He is a son of an immigrant as well and a restaurant here. And he fell in love with Costas. And I didn’t know until Saturday night I was home literally Saturday, my wife and I watch his 11 It’s 11 minutes long. It’s a it’s a segment from a TV show. It’s just one minute. It’s one segment. And it’s all about the cost of story. And Mr. Cost is coming here with $5 in his pocket from Greece, correct and building this right. And the people build it with in his family and you’ve met his children. You’ve met his grandchildren. And here you’ve met him and here he already came by and said hello to me even though he ducked me on the air. At some point I tried to get him on but he was a part of this. And the story of Dundalk and of the plant and all this stuff we live my father worked at the plant my father died of mesothelioma and all have that. Right. Right. And Angeles did give me a nickel. But we’re doing okay. All right, but how the community has changed. And I come in here and I see my son living his life here. And his wife living their life here. And I go over to my high school that ain’t my high school anymore but I can tell you exactly they’ve turned they destroyed the old high school and they built this forward thinking beautiful be a great place to go every day like as I see it, you know, too small now, it’s too small now. Okay, well, we’ll add some trailers in the back like we used to. Right and Colgate is all brand new. Yep. Right. I mean, their trailers up there. But now it’s all brand new and my son’s like, we built the new school in my neighborhood when I’m gonna leave it. You know, I’m gonna see this through. So people saying they’re gonna see stuff. I don’t know what his point mall is going to be when it’s going to be. I know the poops man still smelled like poops like Ty Crandall I’m looking for you. I blame it on Todd. It’s not Todd’s fault. But you know, Todd comes here tries to fix it, you know, but you know, I grew up with you grew up with Todd when you’re young Do you know Todd really Omegle siblings?

David Nagel  10:56

I know. I know. My new Miss Jackie. Todd’s stepmom. And I know Tasha Crandall Of course. Yeah. Everybody knows wrestling coach. Yeah, exactly. Everybody. Exactly. So and I’ve worked with Todd when he was campaigning, we’re

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:11

doing a small town. Meeting new people like the doctor here and misty in different news. And then sometimes it’s like, you know, some guy that maybe drank beer at my house and high school, so maybe, maybe, maybe not, you probably did, I am thinking about it. David Nagel is here Soup for the Soul, Dundalk is the way to go. But I’m so proud of Dundalk, and the things that are going the right direction. And I and people like you come here and talk these great stories and things you’re doing and we see schools getting built, and we see Tradepoint company, it’s never gonna be the plan again, that’s fine. And you know, I mean, but we, but we’re resilient people down here, right? So we you know, and we, we want what’s best for our families. And I love the story advice, because it really captured like, what we’re about done dog is very

David Nagel  11:57

it’s it’s a unique area. When and I’ve always said this, when Dundalk see somebody hurting. We make sure that we help that person get back to where they were, if not better. And we see that, especially with Tradepoint. So my father in law used to work down at Tradepoint. He was down there. His whole career. Was the union president for 2609. The Bethlem steel. Yeah.


Nestor J. Aparicio  12:22

Oh, you said Tradepoint. But

David Nagel  12:25

it’s now it’s now trading right with court. Yeah. So it came full circle. I worked on a trade point now. I work at Under Armour. And it’s just not the same. But it is this

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:36

this soldier story. So like I didn’t really realize you see you’re wearing a UA I didn’t realize you work down there. So I’ve already gave a shout out for how cool this is. Yeah, it is even better story, your work trip. Have you been down to the Museum of industry to see the Bethlem steel exhibit that they have there?

David Nagel  12:52


I have not, but I knew it was down and go when it was down at trade. Because I had at trade point for a little while. When they had the building there, and they just moved on. So

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:03

I gotta get back on the show. Aaron tomorrow to come down. Yes. Yeah. He sat in with us before, so I should have invited him today. I feel I got you. You got me. You’re missing? How many people working to trade points, even though

David Nagel  13:13

I have no idea. It’s not as much as Bethlem steel and this and this shipyard head, but it’s growing and they keep building and keep building. And I tell you, you hear people say yeah, but they’re not sustainable jobs. They are, we really are I can speak for you A that we take care of our teammates, impeccably, and it’s very, it warms my heart to see the full circle come around. Because when we were growing up, we saw it all tumbled down and there was nothing and there was nothing wrong. And now my warehouse in which I work is where the largest coke oven ever was in the United in the world. That’s where my plan is. And that’s where my father my work. It’s just a little different now, just a different industry.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:56

Well, you know, it’s really weird. I walked in here this morning with my son about 730 this morning. And I don’t know if my son’s old enough. Do you remember they were open for breakfast here. It cost us for years. Well, it was always open for breakfast because the point would let out. It’s you know, the seven o’clock shift. And this was all in the vise stories. You’re gonna love that 11 minute, please go watch that vise piece on Costas. I mean, even if you ever been here had a crab man, anybody here. I could sit here and tell the story. But it was just it was beautiful. It’s 11 minutes. It’s cool. But part of it was that they would come here and have breakfast. And I think to myself, you’re not three shifts down there. And that way we’re and my wife. We drove home the other night, my wife Hannah. She had a couple of cocktails to drive at home. And we got up north point Boulevard and I made the right on Cove and took 695 and I got out on the freeway. And she must have been strong. You know what she was doing? She was eating the chocolate mousse that Karen gave her to take home. Okay, so she had a spoon and she’d had a couple of drinks. She was loose. You feel fun? She’s funny. She’s in the passenger seat. Eat your chocolate. She’s like Hey, I’m lost. Where are we? And I’m like, I got off Northpointe road and I just got shit. And then and then all of a sudden she saw the poop plant. She saw the Walmart, you know? She, she’s like, oh, yeah, we take that route sometimes in a way that she she’s from New Hampshire, but she’s been here a million times. But she, I always think NorthPoint Boulevard as a habit. I just get off, and that’s the way I go. I don’t get on to six, nine, I get off for 695 Because I’m from Dundalk. And it’s the way I go, I don’t know, explain why. But I went back that way, and it freaked her all out. And I said to her, it’s a really weird spaghetti loop of roads up by the mall and where the Walmart is. I said to her, Do you realize when the road was built in 1965, or Sims built before I was alive, that that road has existed before and I would have been on it every I mean, I lived a mile from there grew up a mile from there. I sit there, do you realize how many cars there were coming into Dundalk that there was we needed two roads. So we needed a highway and you needed like Ritchie highway and 97. Right, right. Because there were 70,000 people, you know, a stadium full of people every day going in and out. And Costas was perfectly located. To get a beer, get breakfast, get eggs and bacon, get some food to take home. cash or check cash or check whiskey to cash your check barn. Absolutely. So he talked a lot about that. People come here cashed your check and they get a beer and then have breakfast. Yep. And that’s I hope it gets busy enough to this joints gotta open for breakfast and we’re gonna have to go to school.


David Nagel  16:37

But yeah, so the way

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:39

that all my Dundalk shout,

David Nagel  16:41

you need to plug them up. The reason why super to soul exists is because of the community. The community gives us the product that we need to give out to the community. So when I say like dandy,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:54

like exactly. I mean, we we’ve got a whole table full of canned goods here. I’m just thank you for everybody that participated in this week. It’s beautiful. So

David Nagel  17:03

like, Why? Why supermarket just be Mars wise donates to this giant red nors all these all these companies that have my

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:14

sponsor, and they they’re just great people they are I mean, they’re just great people. They are top to bottom, everything I’ve done with wise markets over three years as a sponsor someone that funds this and allows me to feed my family. I love wise markets and I love that they answer your call

David Nagel  17:31

they do every week, we get something from them, which is it’s awesome. It allows us to do what we do. And we also have friends in the community like reliability Home Services, who assist us also whenever stability Home Services, there’s so reliability Home Services is air conditioning, heating, plumbing, all your needs that you need for housing for that kind of stuff. When we got the building that we’re in now, which is 299 Willis, spring road, and St. Lena, we got a show when


Nestor J. Aparicio  18:02

I go to St. Alena, we never went to St. Alena, back in the day. Well, just kidding. We always gave st Alena a hard time of course,

David Nagel  18:11

because it’s it’s that line.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:15

That’s the underside of the Bandar Donald be mad at me. You know, I’ve had plenty beers on that side of what’s the little airport airport in over there.

David Nagel  18:24


Yet. Now. It’s called the it was the port side. It was the airport. And I had

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:30

I, I sought shelter. This is a beautiful story. My best friend in the world growing up guy named Robert bilious. Don’t see him too often anymore, but he lost his nephew a couple of weeks ago. It’s awful. Both my best friend growing up, so we were at Heritage fair, and we bumped into each other, which you do at Heritage fair. Exactly. So I’ve inherited fair it was a year and a half ago in the beer garden. That you know. No, yeah. So, we were in a beer garden, and a storm came up, you know, Fourth of July, and my wife wasn’t there that night. I don’t know. But I was alone that night. Maybe was the crack. This guy was playing his band. But we had to get the hell out of there. We went, we got out. And on the way out. Rob says to me, I’ll text you from the car. We’ll get a beer. I’m like, Okay, we had a beer together. And I don’t know 10 years, a long time. You know what I mean? Right? And we sought shelter and he said, meet me at the you know, text me maybe here. I’m like, What the hell’s that? Is that sound bad river net wrote an airport. And sure enough, it’s six blocks and eight st Alena and we went in there and bro Hart was throwing a party in there. And he was he was an abbreviated. And he had some question it was it was a music question about bands that have played em three. And I got the answer with the help for AD AD local help as well. So I want to give a shout out, but I want a free ticket the next day to the heritage fair. That’s all I felt like. I really thought so. I had cold beer that night, I got to reconnect one of my best friends and I want a free ticket the next day, so I don’t want to. I feel bad that I shat upon saintliness, so I’ll take that back. I’ll say in Lena, you’ve been good to me. You had McDonald’s on your side. Thank you. That’s right. All right. Sorry. And pin Lane was on that. So I’m just saying, I’m just saying how to assets. Got to ROFO over there, too. So yeah, we’re about chicken. Appreciate you, brother. That old friend stopping by and Dundalk. Thanks, bro.

David Nagel  20:27

We’re about two blocks away from the rural farm. St. Louis side. So reliability home is the one that actually came in. We bought this building. And we had one bathroom. We wanted to put a second bathroom in reliability stepped up, did all the labor for free to put in a new restroom.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:46

So what do you do when you’re in a soup? Kitchen?


David Nagel  20:49

No, it’s a pantry. It’s a pantry. Okay, or you don’t cook food. You deliver it every once in a while we do cook food, but we don’t deliver. We don’t have that capability. Right? It takes money. Take it home, you have a stove, cook it put in the microwave. And if you don’t have a stove, we know that we have ways to help you cook. Okay, sure. Okay. So it’s like I said, we help people sustain for a week with groceries with all types of groceries, meats, cheeses, cereals, milks, the kids come through, they get candy and stuff like that. So it’s, it’s it’s huge. And out of that little building what we do and what we accomplish this. It just makes me proud. And I’m not feel like

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:31

I want to shine a spotlight on you. You do like your sister you wait a minute, great guy. I can’t believe I made you wait. It should have brought me back last week. I’d given you a real slot for St. John’s people here. Hold on. I’m hearing stories. Another incredible cry. Yep. I already cried twice today.

David Nagel  21:48

So I don’t do a lot up there. I come up here and I talk. My wife is the backbone of that she does everything. She’s there seven days a week. I’m there two times a week, maybe. But it’s very important that that we well

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:05


you got a good spokesperson David nagels. Here, he I think he drank beer in my house and Kane street back in the 80s probably did a little younger than me. But he his sister and I were were pals forever. It’s still we’re pals all these years later. And I remember seeing her like a little league thing. I emceed like 15 years ago down at like Logan village. Does that sound right? Yes, it sounds bad. But we’re we were on the same committee for class at five at Dundalk. They put me in the Dundalk Hall of Fame dude,

David Nagel  22:35

I know. That’s anyway, oversight. But look at you. You’re doing such a good thing for the community right now getting all these shout outs to everybody. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:45

have Paul Satterfield by the principal and you are at Dundalk high grad. Right? Yes. Okay. Of course. So listen, Mr. Dowd. Right, who lost a great GPA authorizing? Yes. Good morning. Have a better day. Yeah. Thank you do that. I was on the school announcement team as you can. Well imagine. Dundalk, I have. I’ve only been in there once since they remodeled it since they made it. It was the night they put me in the hall of fame. And I gave it lousy speech and I cried. It was awful. And I didn’t do a very good job. I see these people doing Grammy speeches. And I’m thinking I had one one chance in my life to give a Hall of Fame dinner and put me in anything else ever. You never know might get back into your press box, which is something I never thought about doing but so I’m trying to get some alums together. Because sounds like you’ve been into school lately. Right? You got kids that go there or something like I used to? Yeah, my son just graduated from there. So you know, I’ve been there one time I had the principal here about three months ago and I said we need to do a night in the spring. That’s like a homecoming that doesn’t have to do with a football. Just everybody wants to come down and see the school and be proud of it. Every Dundalk high grad who’s not been in that school would freak out. Like they should fly home from wherever they live just to tour it because it would blow their minds. So proud of being from Dundalk.

David Nagel  24:03

Absolutely yeah that’s and they’re actually starting construction on the high school again to build it more I gotta


Nestor J. Aparicio  24:09

get Johnny yo on friendless fall blame somebody that’s gonna blame somebody’s all Crandall on the unofficial marathon Todd. Where’s Todd?

David Nagel  24:17

He’s not here. He’s probably listening. Here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:20

Nobody listens. Nobody listens to this show. Trust me. Soup for the Soul. Yes, sir. All right. Your email will get to me a month from now at the same time my email got to you.

David Nagel  24:31


Well, yeah, well, we’re still working through some some things with the websites yell

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:36

at me one day I’ll come down get a beer Donna’s or someone wants me to Costas over here. Oh, man, right here Costas. I went to drug city on Saturday. I had dinner here Saturday night with the drug city Saturday, and I told my son this morning I’ve said it once or twice a year. I had never really thought about the end of the Angelo’s thing like I’d never like it just I thought about it a lot. I obviously did free the birds and I’ve been outspoken about their creepiness and how awful they are as you and beings but I never thought like, who’s going to be the next person? The next thing what how would I feel about it? How could I feel about the Oriole bird again? And like all that so I went to I went to drug city or night and I haven’t bought anything expensive treated myself in a while. And I was actually talking to Wendy Bronfman from curio wellness. Is there a cannabis Champagne is there champagne, if I need some champagne, and I will put something on ice. And I said to my wife, I don’t like champagne that much to like, spend $100 on a bottle of champagne, but I like red wine. So I went, I’m going to I’m going to splurge for a celebratory bottle of red. Red wine is a great celebration drink, right? Sure. So I went over and I got a $60 bottle most expensive bottle wine I’ve ever bought. It’s called the prisoner. So and it’s delicious. I’ve had it before Martin Lewis gets me good wine without him. So when I open it, we’re gonna release the prison.

David Nagel  25:55

Feel like I’ve been in jail since July of 1993. Yes, yes. I’m happy to say that. I’m happy that the Angelus error is over error or error as error is over. And I’m looking forward to good things through the Oreos.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:12

I’m gonna go to ball games you and your kids. Suzanne wouldn’t get it all together, right? She’s hands


David Nagel  26:15

down in Florida now. She lives right outside of Disney. Her daughter works at Disney. So they go to Disney all the time.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:24

Tell her I’m coming down to Epcot that drink around a World Water? Absolutely. She’ll do it. I’m only gonna do it when there’s a good band in the pavilion. So all right, good bands are relevant. My son, Rick Springfield’s playing next month. Richard March is playing my dude, Mike Dell. Judas is playing the little things. My son likes Disney. So together, he will take me to Disney things happen to us as

David Nagel  26:47

adults at Disney. She’ll get you in for free. Don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:49

worry about what to go Soren again is what I want to learn was awesome. That’s the best. I gotta take a break. I got St. John’s pantry here. I have other guests coming by. I got a lot of people. I think this is Trish Woodward. I’m gonna make you wait a couple of minutes because I can’t You’re the highlight of the day for me. So you already know this. While Trisha and I were in Oliver, in 1982 at Colgate Elementary School. I don’t know her. I haven’t seen her. I expected her to still be 12 And she’s not I said, so I started doing the math on this. And I’m like, she might be like 50 Because I’m like 55 and she’s probably five years younger than me even though she feels like she should be 42 years younger than me. But she’s not. So we’re gonna have fun with her and I have the St. John’s pantry folks here. Kevin Carroll event is Whitney John. They have the friends for supper ministry and they’re having a heck of a supper here at Constance. They get a lot of folks so I can’t wait to meet them. Thank you. I’m glad I got you in.

David Nagel  27:46

I appreciate you.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:47

I feel like I’m in Dundalk today. This is perfect. All right. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. This is still your lottery ticket. I’m just borrowing it for display 10 times the cash is the way to do this. Our friends in winter nation as well as shaping up mentioned wise markets. I’m going to mention royal farms. All of our sponsors, Len Raskin are friends here cost is we’re going to be Coco’s on Wednesday. We’re going to be at state fair on Thursday. We’re going to be Papist on Friday where I’m going to lose my voice. I’ve only cried two and a half times here today. Over Under like two a day. I think I went over here today a little bit you kind of got me a little bit there with the Dundalk thing but we’re gonna come back we’re gonna continue on doing good things telling good stories collecting not just Soup for the Soul, but food for the pantries here at the Maryland food bank. You bring the food, we give you a cup of soup or bowl. I know it’s clever.

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