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Getting educated on cannabis begins with trust


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With the legalization of cannabis in Maryland, no one has more experience with the plant and all of the aspects of the potential wellness provided than Wendy Bronfein of Curio Wellness. We begin an educational series with our partners in Timonium at Far & Dotter that will continue through the year.


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Wendy Bronfein, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Looking back at W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore, and Baltimore positive, we are positively celebrating 25 years around here. My goodness, we got baseball games, the biggest baseball games of our generation this week. Here with Tampa. We’re gonna be down at the nest on Friday night. Give it away Maryland lottery tickets, I got some 50th anniversary scratch offs to give away but I’m going to have some ravens scratch offs as well. Our Maryland crabcake tour is out. I’m going to Coco shirt. We’re gonna be there next week. We’re fading these this weekend as a packed packed month. We got football going on all of it brought to you by the Maryland lottery on Friday morning and fade leaves. We’re gonna be with our Coppin State partners, as well as next Thursday at Coco’s as well as brought to you by win donation at 866 90 nation and our newest sponsor at Jiffy Lube. Speaking of new sponsors, and my inspiration for the 50th anniversary with our friends at the Maryland lottery, we have been inspired by our 25th anniversary. You see the cupcake on the screen, as well as our little Disney fireworks overtop of the nest at the Baltimore Convention Center. We are going to be sharing each and every week, our 25 wn st stories of glory, time will not dim the glory of your deeds and lifting us up as a community station around here. We’ll be sharing lots of pictures. It is old barn week, this week for number 24 And our signs at number 25. And it’s all sponsored by our newest sponsor at the curio wellness, they were an old school sponsor over on ammonium Road, ours, just by Timonium Road in somoni, New York Road and the name change to foreign daughter, for those of you who drive by the Nautilus diner as well, when the brown find is here, we’ve been friends for a number of years, and they were sponsor of ours before the name change. And before full legalization and everything had happened in August, I am delighted that they’re sponsoring our 25th anniversary and they’re going to be recurring cast member round, you’re really educating folks about stuff, because cannabis, marijuana, four letter word, all of that, and obviously in the recent years, with legalization and the fact that you drive by places, I feel like it’s really, really important to educate folks. We got a little bit of education, my wife had cancer 10 years ago, and now on this trajectory toward legalization. We welcome Wendy and she’s the Chief Brand Officer, you’re out in front of all of this. You’ve been out in front of this from the beginning, how is the last six weeks pan? I mean, this has been something different than I think so my turn 55. Next one, I didn’t ever since I would have someone like you on the show talking about this. And I don’t know that when your family was in the pharmaceutical business that you believe that this was ever gonna happen, Wendy?


Wendy Bronfein  02:33

Now, well, thank you so much for having me. It’s great to be here and great to be part of this great station. Yeah, I would agree with you. I don’t think a lot of us thought that we would be here particularly those of us who you know, are no cannabis, potentially starting from our younger years and didn’t really think that it would just be a consumer or therapeutic product that you’d be able to get to help your quality of life. The last six weeks have been pretty exciting. You know, I think it’s as sexy as the topic is I don’t think everyone even knows about it. In terms of the adult use programming activated, the medical product program, I think is has more awareness, because it’s been around for five years that continues to exist. So you’ve got medical patients using the products and you have now adult use consumers. Also visiting our stores.

Nestor Aparicio  03:27

I said this to you. And I said this to lots of people, maybe in the lead up to anyone being able to stop in your store and being able to buy purchase, right? I was wondering, well, how many people don’t have a card, right? Like I thought you’d had five years if you are that person and identify as such, you found a doctor, you found a prescription you found a store, you know you and I was so wrong about this, right? I mean, and in talking to you and other people in your industry in late July, when it was crazy. It was all in the news. And here we go. The thoughts for opening the doors and making it for everyone. And everything that came up to that. I mean, for your was there a day 3468 years ago, you’re in Denver, you’re in Washington places where it’s actually happening and saying this is really going to happen this it may take some time, but it’s really going to happen. I always wonder whether it was going to happen whether it was just going to be a Colorado Washington, like Vegas was for gambling for most of our lifetime.

Wendy Bronfein  04:35

Well, so our story in some ways did start in Colorado, we had gone out there and the spring of 2014 which was not long after their adult use program had started. And that was coincided with Maryland beginning to talk about a medical program. And so we were able to see what was going on it was adult use then so we could walk into a dispensary see what it looked like learn a little little bit. And that’s what kind of started to spur our research on, would we apply when Maryland released applications, and that organically kind of took its own path, we did a lot of due diligence around understanding the plan, and its therapeutic viability and ultimately apply when Maryland released an application, the move to adult use, you know, what you see, I think, oftentimes in states that have programs is, as soon as medical comes along, you know, it doesn’t even take a breath. And it’s like, Well, are we going to legalize and be adult use, right, and, and so Maryland had a nice period of time of really building a meaningful MediCal program. And then in this past year, launched the adult use program. And I think that, you know, given the parameters that we have in place that the separations between the two programs, we are hopeful that given the therapeutic nature of this plan, we’re going to see medical continue to grow. For clarity, when you’re an adult US consumer, you need to be 21 or older, you are limited to the types of products you can buy and the volume you can buy purchase at any given visit to a dispensary, you’re also pay a 9% tax on your purchases in for medical patients they do not pay tax, there is the full menu is available to them, meaning there are products of higher potencies in different dosage forms that they can purchase that non medical patients cannot buy and buy law in a store. You either as a medical patient need to have dedicated hours to shop or be prioritized in the queue. So if you find yourself purchasing from the adult use side with any frequency, it’s to your advantage, to migrate to medical to avoid the tax to have more product choices and get priority service.

Nestor Aparicio  06:52


So people are I would think this has been over the last six 810 weeks, a boon to the medical side that people come in and say, Alright, I’m here now. Okay, you know, I’m, I’m in and it cost more, and I can’t get what I want you like that, that would be the, hey, that’s just helping me. Because at the end of the day for anyone, it and I talked about this with gambling, it’s Gambling Awareness. But if you’re doing this and it’s not making your life better, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Wendy Bronfein  07:19

Yeah, so I mean, it’s, it’s gonna be probably, I would say, minimum six more like 12 months to see that migration, because you’re gonna, you’re constantly seeing new people enter, and then they are going to have to realize themselves, what products are working, that’s giving them that relief they’re looking for, and then recognizing the frequency that they’re purchasing, that they would then say, You know what, this, I’m using this with regularity, it would make sense for me to become a medical patient. And the products you know, just for those who aren’t aware of that they they span a lot of offerings. So a lot of people just think about cannabis and think about flour. I mean, there is a ton of flour available from us and and many growers in the state, but it’s also traditional dosage forms like topicals that you can rub on your body for aches and pains, tablets and calf taps, capsules that you can swallow like traditional medicine gummies flavored, you know, for for easier administration and soft chewing. vapes, which most people are familiar with elixirs that you can drink. So there’s lots of different dosage forms. It’s not just about smoking the flower,

Nestor Aparicio  08:33

well, I would just say this, I saw I have gummies here. And these are going to be these can be big because Jimmy Buffett just did a big song right after he passed away his big songs on gummies. The next the next round that’s coming is not five o’clock, and Alan Jackson and all that. How these are manufactured and how these are made, and how you take a plant and distill benefits and terpenes which I guess at the beginning, my son was the originator. He brought the word terpene to me, and I’m like, no the Terps that they’re they play down to college terpenes and I saw turf guides and all that tell everybody about specifically these products because you’re really out in front of these, like to your point, Lauer, vapes. All of those things are available everywhere. But these are things that your company does that were a little bit more forward thinking in regard to just chocolates or brownies or things I was seeing maybe 10 years ago in Denver on vacation.

Wendy Bronfein  09:28

Yeah, so those terpene infused chews, they have a patent pending technology in them. That’s about the terpenes. So let me back up and explain a terpene. So terpenes are constituents of the plant that are naturally occurring and they’re not unique to cannabis. They appear in all types of plants. So the example I often give is linalyl is a terpene that appears in cannabis. It also appears in lavender. It’s it’s one of the reasons why you talk about lavender being sedating and is used for all types of relaxing things. So if you’re Buying flower or to where there’s a presence or a vapor of a presence of linalool, and it’s high and probably in predominance to any other terpene, you can expect to have a very relaxing or sedating effect from that product from that product. So with these terpene chews, part of the reason that they’re so special is that most choose if not all, choose, because we haven’t really found another one that can do this in the in the country does not do not have terpenes. Because no one has figured out in formulating a to how to keep the terpenes through the cooking process and to show up in the final analysis of the product. So all products


Nestor Aparicio  10:41

is science, Wendy, right. It really is.

Wendy Bronfein  10:45

Yeah, all products in the state of Maryland have to be tested by an outside lab before they’re available for sale. And one of the things you see on the label, when you buy it is the potency of the cannabinoids or terpenes that are in the product. So our ability to create this formula where we could get the terpenes to come through means that it’s a product where you’re saying I want a certain effect, and that product is going to give it to every time. So you showed three flavors.

Nestor Aparicio  11:09

The art, just go through these because I mean I have these, um, you know, I’m a medical customer. It’s not interesting, it is what it is. But these these pineapples are really an evening. And literally over the last year when I have some trouble sleeping and I’m not a big sleeper, I’m a four or five hour sleeper. But once it gets up to 10 o’clock, and my eyes are bugged out after an Oriole game that starts at 630. And I’m like, I gotta get some sleep. This has been five milligrams very little sort of low dosage. This has been very, very effective for me, I could I could, but I’m not you and you’re not me and I and my understanding of a lot of this is it may be a little bit more, try it, see how you go slow with things and figure out what’s working. This has worked for me, but it might not work for everybody. Is that correct?

Wendy Bronfein  11:58


That’s true. Yeah. So I mean, it deals THC is kind of does deal with your own individual metabolism, finding your right dose, you’re absolutely right, the line is to start low and go slow and find your dose that five milligram is the adult use product, the medical version is 25 milligrams, so you can’t buy the higher potency unless you are a medical patient. But to your point about using it in the evening, that was the design of that product that has a specific terpene terpene blend in there that is designed for that end of day. Now I think depending on your needs, you may find that it’s enough to get you to go to sleep, I would say the formulation really sits in a place I often describe it as it’s kind of like work to home write your you’ve ended the day you need to kind of turn off your brain and maybe even your body from what the dealings of the day and come home to home life and read and relax. And so it’s kind of like helpful in making that shift and taking it all down and quieting your system. Whereas the orange flavor, or the

Nestor Aparicio  13:04

20 fives here and this I haven’t even opened this one yet. But yes,

Wendy Bronfein  13:08

yeah, so the orange or mango are the opposite end of the spectrum. They are all their uplifting, right? So that if you need if you want to use them to start your day, I tend to like the five milligram one in the mango flavor, the orange flavor for like a Friday or Saturday night, particularly if you were going to go out and you were dragging and you’d say oh, let me get a cup of coffee because I gotta go out tonight, like there’s a boost of energy. Or if you you know, you just have to be on and social and ready to engage and talk to a bunch of people and you just need a little pet. The terpenes in that formula are all brightening and awakening and sort of give you that alert and energized feel. And then the lemon lime is a balanced formula that sits in the middle. And it just kind of gives you that I guess normalization of your system, right you’re not you’re neither totally sedated, nor completely uplifted, but just kind of in a in a fresh good place in the middle. With that terpene profile. They are

Nestor Aparicio  14:08

doing science over curio wellness and foreign daughter. They are our newest sponsor, they’re going to be with us for our 25th anniversary, and our cupcake out on the front of zoom. We’re going to be talking about cannabis wellness, education more than anything. So when do you just pretend my mom’s still alive? And she comes back and, you know, let’s pretend she’s in her 80s and not her 90s Or maybe even her 70s And, you know, maybe had a little of this on the farm back in the 1920s or 30s 100 years ago, but she came back to life and can I brought her to you and said yeah, she got some aches, pains. What do you do from an educational standpoint because I think I can go out on the internet and click anything and have anybody talked to me about whatever their experiences are even doctors, scientist, any of that. But when it comes to localization, and you’re in Timonium, and people want to drive over and say I need to trust Someone like a doctor, trust someone to say this, this is something that’s going to help me with whatever pain, sleeping, affliction, whatever it is, I would think you, you have found a lot of confused people, right? Like, I always think, what would my parents think of all of this? What would they make of all of this? And when people come to your front door fearful, or stigma, or government or any of those things that have been a part of, like the vernacular of our country over all of my lifetime, until the last five to 10 years, and certainly here the last five minutes, almost, when people come out, what where do you start with them on, we can help you and let’s take the stigma away. And let’s work on the education and the part of the science because no one had any problem coming to to your pharmacies, and filling a prescription that the doctor gave them they not even knowing what might be in that pill, I can’t begin to tell you how many times I take pills without no really knowing what’s in it because the doctor told me to where are you with new education for this business for people that that are a little older, that come to you.


Wendy Bronfein  16:03

So first off, I would say we have now we have a website, we also have an app, both of those have robust details around all products, the company, how we produce all those things. So you can do a lot of research at home about our products and our brand before you even come into a store. For our store. Specifically, we have two stores, the one you referenced far and daughter, which is Swedish her father and daughter because my father and I started this company, we’re a family business, but my sister and brother were with us as well. So all born and raised here in Baltimore, the and then farm Ken, which is up in Elkton is also our store. So in the store, you’re gonna get targeted direction feedback, guidance from the staff of the store, who is educated and understanding the products that cannabinoids, the terpenes. We also have pharmacists at the store. So at our store in Timonium, we have Dr. Nina, she is not only a pharmacist, but she’s also a graduate of University of Maryland’s cannabis therapeutics program that they started two years ago.

Nestor Aparicio  17:17

That’s got to be a brand new program, right? I mean, this is,

Wendy Bronfein  17:21

and we were and we worked with the pharmacy school, when they came up with this idea to understand how to create a multidisciplinary program under the cannabis lens. And we’ve had a few different employees that we’ve sent to that program for education as well. So if you think people are thinking about getting into this space, that’s a really good tool to learn more about it. It’s a master’s online program. But I digress. The so you come to the store, there’s you can do consultation, if you really kind of want to sit down and really get into it. If you have conditions where you want to understand how your condition can be helped or potential for someone to understand the the drugs you’re already taking from a Western medicine perspective that you want to supplement with cannabis. I definitely encourage time with Dr. Nieto to sit down, there’s no cost to that. But you can have that consultation, you can bring, you know, partner, spouse, friend, caregiver, whomever to that meeting, so that they’re informed with what you want to do for yourself. But there is, uh, you know, we’ll spend, you know, as much time as you need to understand the products and define the right products that’s for you at our store. We also you know, we want you to have the right product. So if the product isn’t a good fit, come back to us. Like we can talk about credit to your account and make it right and get you what you need.

Nestor Aparicio  18:39


Just made me paranoid, this knock me out this. And all of the things that, you know, like, are definitely possible if you overindulge or don’t know what you’re doing or aren’t taking it slow,

Wendy Bronfein  18:50

literally. Right, exactly. And you’re gonna end sometimes people kind of just default to the dosage forms. They know, when a different you know, you might think like, oh, I want I want to smoke flour, or I should eat a gummy, but like, you might just do well with a topical and rub it where it hurts, and you’re not going to have any psycho activity and it’s going to help your pain like it, there’s a myriad of choices available. And, and what the thing is, is with dosage forms, every dosage form takes an effect in your body, the onset is at different times depending on how you take it. So if you’re smoking or inhaling something, that’s a really fast uptake, right? But if you’re ingesting something, it takes longer virtually take effect, but because of the digestive process, it’s going to last longer in your body. So depending on what you’re trying to achieve, the dosage form is part of your solution. So you want someone to help and you want someone to hear. This is how I want to feel this is what I want to treat. And then they can really say well, you’re gonna get the best effect if you not only look for this potency, but you do use this form.

Nestor Aparicio  19:55

Why they brought upon us here she is the Chief Brand Officer of all of our friends at curio and Farhan daughter, if you’re familiar over the Timonium area with what was a wellness space and a spa and holistic foods and all sorts of things that were in the front, that that is, it’s a curio on the outside. Now, it still says, curio on the inside as well. And we’re trying to educate folks here, they are sponsoring our 25th anniversary you’ll be seeing and hearing out on the website and on the radio. But more than that, just the reason I even brought you in was just sort of to educate me on a week by week basis, because there’s just been so much going on. But at heart for you, you say I’m a Baltimore girl, I’m the daughter of the foreign daughter and all that your family has been in pharmaceuticals, since you were a girl. And more than that I think about opioids, I think about painkillers and addictions. And people that I know who lost battles to drug addiction and bad bad things that happen under the, under the canopy of a pharmacy. Um, not all drugs have been good drugs in this country. And you guys have distributed lots of drugs in lots of different ways. As a family. This feels like the next thing I from your perspective. It feels like we’re going in the right direction with this right? I mean, especially with opioids and and the problems we’ve had in this country with going back to Nancy, Nancy Reagan, right, like just saying no, but saying yes to the right properties of these plants.

Wendy Bronfein  21:22

Yes. So for background, my my parents and my aunt and uncle started and operated a company called Neighbor Care pharmacies, and they were retail pharmacies of around the Maryland air region. anybody’s


Nestor Aparicio  21:36

familiar with Neighbor Care here, right? Like it as well.

Wendy Bronfein  21:39

Yeah. And they and they also serve as like long term care facilities and nursing homes. So that’s the relationship to the pharmaceutical that then kind of translates well to when my father and I started he came from this, you know, pharmaceutical regulated background, which is very set you up very nicely relative to the regulations in the world that we live in, in cannabis an understanding how to properly handle a drug and work in a regulated business. And so, but when you bring up the point about opioids on the on the cannabis side, in the past five years in the MediCal program, that’s been a huge discussion amongst all of us licensees. And what we see on the dispensary side, because there’s so many patients who are coming in looking to get off of opioids and using cannabis for pain management. And Dr. Leslie Apgar, who’s in Howard County, had a dispensary there and was extremely effective in working with patients to migrate them off of opioids using cannabis products. And there are other prescription drugs as well that we’ve heard I mean, even like we developed a product called Good night, that is a pulse release technology in a in a tablet, that doses 30 minutes before you go to bed. You take it 30 minutes before you go to bed and it just gives you a first pulse immediately. And then it pulses three hours later to help you fall and stay asleep. And we trialed this product with Maryland patients and validated it before we brought it to market. But it was all around research of people who were using things like Ambien and Xanax and other drugs to help them sleep and wanted a solution that wasn’t a prescription drug that didn’t necessarily lead to kind of the the dependence of it and or the hangovers in the morning from taking medicine. And so I think there’s a lot of ways that cannabis is really tied to improving quality of life. You know, I think the cannabis consumer and patient has a little bit more acceptance towards things being better and not perfect, right? Because the pill the pill world, if you will, is like, you know, looking to just like opioids, like I just want to erase the idea of pain. Well, pain isn’t necessary

Nestor Aparicio  23:59

and unnecessary. And that’s the sizing of everything right like the dulling. I mean, we’ve all been on one of those after a surgery or something and I feel dopey I feel not functional. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t think your plant has has that feeling that you don’t feel like yourself. And I think we’ve all had that.

Wendy Bronfein  24:19


Ya know, I mean, and there’s ways to consume cannabis where you can have, you can maintain clarity of mind and feel improvement in your body. You know, for those who don’t understand that we could definitely kind of dive into this another time but the endocannabinoid system is a system in your body like the circulatory system and the respiratory system. That’s why the plant does so well because plant provides phyto cannabinoids that speak to those receptors, and the receptors are all over which is why cannabis is a little bit different. Like I think oftentimes we think, Well, this is a medicine I take because I have a headache and this is a mess. Listen, I take because I’m nauseous and you know, a myriad of things. But in cannabis, it seems we could both take a five milligram and I could be taking it for a headache, and you could be taking it for nausea. And it works for both of us, because those receptors are everywhere. So it’s going to what works. What we Acurio have tried to do is systematically taught idea, herbs, excuse me identify different conditions or symptoms, that people are coming into dispensaries trying to solve and make targeted products so that it becomes more normalized. Because if you did walk into a drugstore, you would say, my stomach hurts, I should buy a Pepto type product, right? So if you can walk into a dispensary and no, like a good night, I have a sleep problem. I need good night, it makes it much easier. We’ve done the same thing with a suite of Gi products for nausea for appetite stimulation, and for Crohn’s, IBS, IBD related issues. So we’re constantly trying to take the generic sector of cannabis, which is just sort of like flour, vape 10 milligrams of x, and make much more targeted products that are about exactly how you want to feel or what you want to fix.

Nestor Aparicio  26:12

One of the I would say, going back to Richard Nixon, nobody did any research on this, it was like, it was only in some universities behind closed doors, and nobody was allowed in to see the plans. And then you fly to Amsterdam, and you’re like, Oh, it’s a whole different thing going on over here. The amount of research that hasn’t been done, right, like we are, if we’re at a 24 hour day, we’re not even till 1230 in the morning on research for what the product in the plant can do. And, and these type of things that maybe you didn’t even dream about 10 years ago, when you’re out in Denver saying, hey, what can we do with flour? What can we do with the plan, but the science behind this? We’re just scratching the surface. I mean, Maryland’s only had a program two years, right. Like, in studying this, that must be the exciting part for you that 10 years from now. I don’t say we’re not getting it right now. But you’re gonna get it better.

Wendy Bronfein  27:01

Yes, so So the idea with research is that we are stifled, we being like, the industry and America as a whole because of the schedule one status because cannabis remains a schedule on drugs. So we’re big proponents of cannabis being D scheduled. And there is research that comes out of other countries where the plan is legal, and they’re able to do stuff, but here it’s very restrictive. And so there’s been things that we’ve chipped away at at Maryland. So about three or four years ago now, we helped get a bill passed in the legislature that allowed for academic research that provided some initial needs of the institutions to have the coverage to be researching the plan in this state because they’re in the state and it’s legal in the state. In the adult use bill that passed last year, that legislation went even further, to give more protections and direction to institutions, as well as give licensees like us the opportunity to more do more formal clinical work in partnership with these institutions, because the institutions have many resources in in people and in technology that can be very useful in conducting this research that our agencies don’t have. And it’s an area that they’re also interested in. And particularly because of all the medical stuff, there’s a lot of IP to be created there and a lot of an ecosystem that Maryland could really take advantage of from an economic perspective, particularly on the therapeutic side. So you know, we are just scratching the surface. It’s why an organization like us has has devoted capital to doing these types of product development and research, which is very expensive. It’s much easier for like a Pfizer or you know, a Johnson and Johnson of the world to do that. It’s not very easy for a cannabis company. But we think it’s important to get products that are validated and to really chip away at the stigma and say this is highly useful and like without this we’re not going to be able to change the conversation right we need the facts and figures that show how useful the plan is. I feel like I’m

Nestor Aparicio  29:20

back on why when I when I have these pineapple chews at night at the doll factory terpene infused choose amongst many, many things that are friends of curio and foreign daughter offer. They are sponsoring our 25th anniversary Wendy brown fine is here. She is the Chief Brand Officer of all things, curio wellness, you find them out in Timonium, also a location up in up in the Oakland area. We’ll be talking more about that. We’re going to be up at the Hollywood casino up in Cecil County next month on on the big day that the ravens are over in London playing a Tottenham against the Titans as well. Wendy, I know you’re going to be recruiting a cast member here. I know lots of folks, Nina lots of folks over there also coming on educating us teaching us different things, not just sell On the product but selling the concept of good wellness and um things that are available. And as we say, you know golf clubs in the golf club bag are tools in the in the bag to make your life better and to heal pain and I would recommend it for everybody out there do the research, we’re trying to do the research round you don’t leave anything out when because we could sit here talking about this all day and I’m sure we will. But anything in September I need to know about other than it’s a really good month for baseball football around here.


Wendy Bronfein  30:28

It’s a great month for that for sure. The the only other things shameless plug that I would put out there, were the official wellness partner of the new CFG Bank Arena. And if you come by our store, it’s a no purchase necessary thing. But we often have concert tickets available for raffle so you can just walk in, fill out a slip, drop it in. I think the next one coming up that we have tickets for is citize. So if you’re interested in that concert, you’re looking for a chance to win tickets, step one by and dropping a slip. And that’s

Nestor Aparicio  31:02

John Mayer here I am John, I want to see you John.

Wendy Bronfein  31:06

Yeah, that one I’ll be there too. But that that’s we usually do them about a couple of weeks out from the show. So you know, time you set your calendars. You know, I

Nestor Aparicio  31:15

went down to Janet Jackson with some friends and I was actually guest of appeal. We dealt with CFG bank that night, and the mayor was behind me and I’m dancing, get my bags off off do my thing. I looked I looked just behind me and there was a young man wearing your shirt wearing a curio shirt. And I’m like, Hey, do you work you’re carrying on I knew your relationship. It’s like no, I want to tickets and I’m like, okay, so I did see a very, very happy Jackson show. Right? When do you take care of yourself, keep educating folks out there keep people safe as well. We will continue to chat with you all for anybody out there it is our 25th anniversary curio wellness is sponsoring that the logos are going to be up we have our our 25th anniversary cupcake. It’s a big week around or the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with window nation and our friends at Jiffy Lube. Bringing us to fade Lee’s on Friday with our Coppin State partners as well as next Thursday will be a Coco’s pub. I’m wearing the shirt in Lawrenceville. More than just crab cakes. I might even have the coconut shrimp next Thursday as well. Lots of gas, lots of fun. We got baseball we’re going to be at the nest on Friday at the Baltimore Convention Center habits of beer and some hotdogs. This is some music. It is an Adam Jones tribute weekend. I have the deer Adam Jones blog going up to Baltimore positive as well. And Luke is getting ready for baseball big weekend against the rays and football against Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. We’ll see how the Ravens do with these injuries this week. If you’re on the WNS D tech service brought to you by Coons, Baltimore Ford, you will get the breaking news and the injury reports as they happen throughout the week. I am Esther we are wn sta and 1570, Towson Baltimore talking Terps and terpenes. We’re Baltimore positive stay with us.

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