Getting ready to fly once again with the Eagles at Coppin State

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Coppin State president Dr. Anthony Jenkins and basketball head coach Larry Stewart join Nestor at Faidley’s for the Maryland Crab Cake Tour as the kids get back to class in West Baltimore. WNST is proud to enter our 10th season as the flagship for Eagles sports and basketball.


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Larry Stewart, Dr. Anthony Jenkins, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n s t tests Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively in my favorite location in downtown Baltimore sort of the home of Baltimore positive. The home away from home. I keep saying at some point this is gonna be the last time we’re here. It has been here and I can see right set since 1782. It says right outside the world famous Lexington market word families so brought to you by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation and Jiffy Lube. We have new sponsors around your new season, and the same old friends and it’s our 10th anniversary as the flagship for Coppin State University. I I wore my band The Eagles belt today. I’ll get that in here. Dr. Anthony Jenkins down as well as head coach Larry Stewart. Stu is here. I did not know that we were that this early on. When I woke up my back hurt. I saw Dr. Steven le chiropractic I came in and I was feeling bad about myself. The Orioles lost last night and then and then mascots show up and I go That’s right. I had no idea that Ruffin was surprising us here and I would put the mascot on the air but the mascot doesn’t talk.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  01:03

We are one of the three baddest birds in Baltimore. You have the Eagles the Orioles and the Ravens. Alright, that’s how we do it in this

Nestor Aparicio  01:11

city. So I never know how the shows are going to go and you know, Robin sends me notices. Hey, you know, what are you going to talk about? So I live out in the woods now. Right? And I went to Dundalk. Hi, all right. And I’m a I am a Hall of Famer at Dundalk. I’m very proud of that. That Dundalk, OWL say you go and I can tell you that I knew nothing about owls until I moved out to the country. And in the middle of the night. I hear who who and I’m like, and I started talking about owls and looking up as owls are ferocious. They are ferocious and I had no idea because I always thought little hoot owls they were smart and you know, whatever. And I didn’t know but eagles are a different breed man. We got Eagles up by MC falls iron side tavern right up above where I live off Loch Raven. And there were nests of Eagles up there training the little ones to flop be a

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  02:03

proud Eagle. We were top of the food chain.

Nestor Aparicio  02:06

Right? I know you are that the Philadelphia Eagles when they want to go see I mean Fang brings you Philly guys comes with you, man. So I go back to compensate. And I found these pictures of me with Fang and all the players from the specialty in 1997 98. That era? Yes. And you know, I’ve known you from the beginning this whole thing, and one was here and we have one. But you coming back? This is a real homecoming. I mean, you told me you had plans for this university. Last time we got together. Tell me about this relationship. So we’ll talk some basketball. And then we’re gonna talk about the university in second segment. Well, listen,

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  02:46

you know, it is an honor to be here. First of all with you and continued success on all the great things that you have only five years I got a cupcake and everything. 25 great years and we’re wishing you 75 more. All right. I didn’t say 100

Nestor Aparicio  02:58

I’m just trying to get through the winter. I’m trying to get through the World Series in the Superbowl. So I’m trying to

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  03:03

Well listen, it is a pleasure to be here with you. But a pleasure also here to be with my head coach. You know, Larry Stewart is he is bringing energy back to cop and basketball. He is truly the right individual at the right time for what we are doing at coffee. It is a phenomenal time to be an eagle it is a phenomenal time to be a cop in State University. And Larry just brings another component to that. You know this this guy, as you indicated, you know he was a cornerstone to cop his greatest moments. And so when we look at from a historical context, our conference championships are run in the in the NCAA tournament. The biggest upset in NCAA history, the biggest upset among HBCUs in the big dance. This guy was a part of all those things. And so we have an opportunity now as you talked about a a homecoming coach is coming home, we’re going to run this thing back and I’m excited about the foundation that he’s building for our basketball program. It is about chess and not checkers. We’re gonna win under coach but we’re also going to build a signature program that gets us back to where we were as a threat. In D one basketball stew back

Nestor Aparicio  04:23

in the 80s I got sent by Jack Gibbons when I worked at the evening sun you know up to North Avenue I’m Dundalk kids if and I’m trying to find a gym and the gym is about the size of failures right like literally you can touch the ceiling most of you guys and that you know Jim, tell me about the first time you sold a new gym and like maybe your role or part of that as an alum just in general because the first time I came over 10 years ago saw what you guys he built over there and we swab that we’ve done all these things with you guys over the course time but but I think people when they go in and see the gym they’re like Man, this place has arrived or arrived at some point. But for you you were here before Any of that existed?

Larry Stewart  05:00

Yeah, it’s just, it’s just exciting to see, you know, again, you know, when I got recruited to come to Kaplan, there was no gym, right. And so we played our basketball games at the Community College of Baltimore. And so to see where we are now, you know, just you know, 1520 years later, it’s just amazing to see the growth that the university is going through.

Nestor Aparicio  05:21

All right, well, I’m having a little tech debt problem, my headset, but you guys, all right, you know that we’re all having tech problems. Alright. I will then now we’re now we’re working good. Good, good. Okay. So for you taking the gig and being a part of this, give me the last year of both of your lives, because it’s been about a year and a half since you and I got together we were trying to get at us right together. That’s correct. We were over at State Fair. Yep. And you’re trying to get kids back on campus. And we had virtual, we had all of these things stood out, we’re together. And when he came in us, it doesn’t feel nice to be normal. It’s like a Friday in September. I feel like I need a sweater. kids were in school, there’s traffic, it was traffic, and then it felt normal again, but this last year for both of you and making this transition and what you want the basketball program what you want the whole athletic program to be. This was a coming out party for the bringing alum back i i think it’s gotten everybody’s attention. Who’s ever heard of Kopan that you’re back?

Larry Stewart  06:13

Yeah, yeah, you know, this this past year has been very exciting. You know, it’s exciting to be back to a place that helped me grow. You know, it’s exciting to see the excitement that’s on campus. It’s exciting to see the excitement in the eyes of you know, the players, you know, they’re coming in working hard in China for this upcoming year. And we’re just looking forward to just running it back.

Nestor Aparicio  06:32

Well, for you this time of year, kids back in class, and I guess the energy on the campus, I mean, that must change when you’re there in summer. Oh, yeah. And just looking out and seeing nothing. And then seeing the vibrancy. It’s it’s like the beach summer, I guess. Right.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  06:48

Yeah. You know, you know, summers are not what they used to be in higher education. It used to be that summers were kind of a downtime. Now, summers are just as busy as fall and spring. Really, you have summer school once you finish the spring semester. Commencement is you go into summer schools, you got athletic camps, you got new student orientations. You got all of these things you got STEM camp, no quiet days, no quiet. July know what the July but it doesn’t compare to the start of the fall semester. When your incoming students come to you for the first time your returning students are coming back to you. It is an exciting time. And so, you know, we are just thrilled with the energy that we have on campus right now. It has been building we came out of the pandemic. And we were trying to make sure that we could continue to expand access, help new students come to Coppin and are continuing students finish. And that’s what we’ve been able to do very well. But a part of the excitement is that students are ready to get back and get engaged and our men’s basketball and women’s basketball programs, which are our capstone sports, they play a huge part in it. Right. They are excited to see what coach is going to put on the floor this season. And coach is being modest, you know, and, and, and to be modest, you know, in the, in the old gym, where they used to pack it. And it was, you know, sweat box, right. We have today the best basketball arena in the MEAC hands down bar, none, no one can touch it. Yes. That’s the House that this man helped build. Right? Because that momentum coming out of the late 90s, into the 2000s. And moving forward. Those are things that people still talk about. I was on the airplane. And this was last year, right at the height of COVID. had fallen I was I was traveling, I had to travel. And I always wear copping gear when when I’m on a flight to airport because the copy looks good, right? So I have no other choice than to look good. It does look good. And I was on the flight and there was a gentleman sitting next to him and we were talking he just started talking about basketball. And he said, kaput, I know Coppin State. I said, Yeah, you were a Baltimore, Maryland, you know, incredible institution. He said, You know, back in the 90s, they had a run, and they upset the University of South Carolina. I said, Yes, we

Nestor Aparicio  09:17

said Pittsburgh. Right. And he igloo and

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  09:20

this gentleman then said, I went to the University of South Carolina, and I still haven’t gotten over it but but but that’s just like saying UMBC did the Virginia Pete That’s right. You know, but that’s the type of legacy that coach has helped implement at the university. And so him coming back. People feed off that alums feed off that right that’s why they are going to pack the nest and support a coach and coach doesn’t know that I’m about to do this but let me say this to Eagle nation out there to all of our friends and supporters. September 21. Is coach’s birthday. You want to Give coach a great birthday gift for the whole year. Pack the nest every home game, show up, support this man and support our student athletes. That’s what I’m asking Eagle nation to do day in and day out.

Nestor Aparicio  10:11

I love that you call it the nest because I’m going to be at the other nest at the convention center tonight. They have a new location that convention center overlooking the state in that they’re trying to get folks down for the playoff games. And they call it the nest. They named it after me right. So I appreciate you naming your arena. Everything’s getting named after me lately. I don’t know what it is. Birds, owls and the Eagles and the orange bird thing here. I tell you what we’re at fade Lee’s it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery A Dame is now on the scene. That means that means the fried oysters are gonna start coming and they feed me down here. Lexington market Dr. Anthony Jenkins here, from Coppin State as well as Stu Head Coach Larry Stewart, Fang, and what’s left behind in this legacy. I want you to talk a little bit about the last 20 years of your life and caring cop and where you go. Right. And you say, oh, yeah, I remember that team. And you played the NBA for Yeah, yeah, yeah. But when you come back to Kopan it’s so much different than it was. I mean, I’ve been doing this for years. So I remember, I get Fang. Yeah, you know, you know, I call him because I’d have somebody at the paper. They’d say, hey, cop and beat somebody on the road down and see 85 fangs, I have to find, Sid, I call the hotel ring, the hotel room 11 o’clock. And because we didn’t have a reporter on the scene, I was waiting for you to call me. I think referred sounds a little bit like saying, you know, I spent so much time with Fang that I can imitate him. But you too, right? I mean, what was left behind by all the years and and you know, we all know, sometimes the glass was half full. So with Fang, sometimes it’s half empty. Because he was always fighting an uphill battle. Right. I mean, literally, it was always it doesn’t. It feels like maybe you’re not going downhill here. But it feels like a different thing than wood. Fang had to go through point. 30

Larry Stewart  12:08

Yeah, most definitely. You know, Fang had to be frank, if he wasn’t who he was, then we would not have had that success that we had. And, you know, a lot of us owe a lot to him for giving us the opportunity to, you know, not only to get an education, but to play the game that we love. And so, yeah, things things are totally different. Now, you know, for him, like I said, he had to be who he was, you know, in order for us to accomplish what we have to account for change your life, right changed my life, you know, it was for him, and the hard work and the things that he had things that he put us through those, you know, three to four hour practices each and every day, you know, there’s no way I was going to be able to, you know, walk into an NBA training camp and, you know, make the team and do the things that I did you know, I ended up you know, a lot of people may not understand or know my story, but I literally only played two years of high school basketball. I played three years in college basketball. And I was able to turn that into an 18 year professional career. And a lot of you know, it’s due to a lot of people that I know, mentored me back in Philadelphia, but also a lot of it has to do with Coach fan and the things that he instilled in me, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  13:11

first time you met him, he come in your house, or do you see me in the gym or?

Larry Stewart  13:14

No? No.

Nestor Aparicio  13:16

Did you remember the first time you’d be saying,

Larry Stewart  13:17

Oh, most definitely the first time I literally the first time that I met coach fan was on my visit. He was really good friends with a mentor of mine who through the Sandy Hill League and John Hart net, John Horner literally put four to five of us in the car we came down 95 We went out to beat Triple C we watched them play with Whitesville booth player, we watch their organ and play. Literally after the game. I met coach friends met Coach Derek Brown. Coach John harness had learned this as we’re going to college, we got back on the road and next thing you know, I was down here in August literally, that’s how I went any thought

Nestor Aparicio  13:53

in the world that you’d be the head coach at a team one day in this beautiful gym. And you know,

Larry Stewart  13:59

there’s something that you know, I’ve been working towards and you know, I say all the time, God is good, he’s blessed me with a lot of different things. And so, you know, I just kept my head down and you know, in the back of my mind, you know, this is this is home for me and you know, why wouldn’t I want to be here know, to help help these young men, you know, teach and grow in and help them you know, to try to reach their dreams and do some of the things that I did and so it’s always been in the back in the forefront of my mind, you know, that I wanted to be the I wanted to be head coach, number one, but also wanted to be the head coach at my alma mater because you know, I’ve done so much for me

Nestor Aparicio  14:29

part of mentoring whatever on campus you see something of yourself and and young people I think as you get older, certainly for me and hiring and trying to bring people to do radio and you say all that, that I remember being like that, I would think on with what you’ve done and the journey you’ve been on seeing these young people, you see a little bit of yourself and

Larry Stewart  14:51

almost definitely you see flashes in each and every one of them. You know it is it’s just an exciting time to see it in their eyes and see hopes and, you know, of them being able to accomplish their dreams. And, you know, I also want to, you know, just say that, you know, my staff, you know, was all Coppin. And so, you know, I wanted to surround the players with nothing but the history of cap. And, you know, each and every one of us have been successful at our own times during our tenure to cap and so I wanted to surround them with as much support as I possibly could.

Nestor Aparicio  15:21

But a little while, 25 years ago, I gets on a plane remember, I wish they beat the Texas people were offended as well, I mean, would have been twice as good to make them angry at that point. You’re the one that gay, they gotta love. History and and with young people. These kids are born in this century, and they don’t have any, you know, so. So finding that history for the university. And I know what you’re trying to do overall with education, bringing recruiting anyone to the university in any way is the same. Hey, we’re The Little Engine That Could right and we are

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  15:54

ya elicited. When when I arrived at COP, and, you know, one of the things that I said one of several things is that we were going to introduce and reintroduce Coppin State University, we were going to introduce ourselves to those who didn’t know us, and there are some out there who don’t know us, and then we’re going to reintroduce ourselves to those that have an outdated understanding or perception of Gold’s Gym universe like me, right? Yeah. Right. We are a small university that offer our students a large university experience. And we are very excited about that. And, you know, one of the things that when we talk about our rich storied history, I want coach and the fans, and you know, everyone to understand is that I don’t want coach to go and try and chase what they did yesterday, right? This is his team. I want him to build it the way he wants to build, right? I don’t want him to compare himself to fame or anyone else. He’s at the helm now. And so he has my full support, and our entire athletic department and making sure that he builds the team. And the legacy that he wants to build. A part of that that happened then, is a part of his fabric, it is a part of who he is, he will always feed off them. But I don’t want him to go and chase yesterday. I want him to plow ahead and make history and build a legacy that he’s proud of. So that at the end of the day, where fangs name is on our floor now, Steve’s name may be somewhere else who knows, but that is what the opportunity is out in front of him. And along that journey. He’s going to transform a lot of young men’s lives, because not only do we have the highest six year graduation rate for our student athletes of anyone in the MEAC at 89%. That’s better than Howard, that’s better than Morgan, that’s better than Umes. That’s better than Northfolk. That’s better than Delaware State that’s better than South Carolina State, this burden off the ranch. Alright, we are graduating scholars, because we understand. Everybody may not play in the NBA. Everybody may not slam overseas, so we are preparing them for the rest of their lives. And that’s what a quality education is all about. And stew plays a significant part in that because it’s just not always about the academics. It’s about the mentorship and the fatherhood. And this is what a coach of quality brings. And I know Steve’s going to do that for our young men.

Nestor Aparicio  18:23

You know, last year I was fortunate to get invited to Cal Ripken seniors event that he has with Jay Bilas is a part of it. Scott Van Pelt. Gary Williams is a part of it. They bring coaches down the coach came down from Villanova. Jay was here as well, last year, just talking about NIHL. And then I heard Gary Williams talk again about six months later at a networking event and just saying guardrails and where we are, I mean from a president of a university and a head coach from where it was five years ago and what it had been for 50 years prior to that to understanding. I don’t understand it as literally as a fan. And as someone that’s watched sports forever. I know it’s changing things. I know, it changes what college football looks like for me on weekends, for your sport, and certainly for mid major MEAC where you’re trying to put more teams into the tournament, get more funding, more money, all of that. How does it affect a 17 year old kid and his parents to say it’s the wild wild west now because it feels like the wild wild west from where we were three years ago?

Larry Stewart  19:29

Well, I mean, for us and where we stand, I mean, it doesn’t it hasn’t trickled down to us yet. But it is coming. You know, it’s coming from shore. And so, you know, I, when I go out and recruit I just let them know that you know, it hasn’t really hit where we where we stand right now, but it’s coming in the near future for sure. I really don’t understand it. I’m not really a big fan of it. But I understand this is where we are in today’s world. And so, again, it hasn’t trickled down to to the All major schools yet, but I do feel it coming. What I’m

Nestor Aparicio  20:03

seeing is it’s not just a basketball thing or football thing. It’s really a social media celebrity influencer thing, too. If you had the right gymnast on a team or the right softball player or the right bowl, or even if you have Bolingbroke, I mean, I’ve had all of your coaches on over the course of time, I mean, anything that would link to being value that somebody would want to hire you,

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  20:27

you know, so I used to sit on the NCAA, the NCAA President’s Council, and we should talk about this quite frequently. This generation really ushered this and now it was, it was started some some time ago, right with the whole band started. So so so that’s what started the tsunami movie, this generation, and the popularity of YouTube and all of these young influencers, those things just sped it up. And so the NCAA tried to get out in front of it. But it already passed us by right. And so we were slow to read, or they were slow to respond. And so now we are in a situation where we’re still trying to grapple with and get our arms around, what does this ni l thing really look like, at multiple levels?

Nestor Aparicio  21:17

Sure. I’ve talked to Towson people for all of you. Yeah, it because you’re all recruiting sort of kind of in the same way in the same kids in the schools, and whatever they believe what you know, once you get that into a 17 year old, their parents mind that, yeah, my kid’s gonna get 100 grand and go to college. You know, that’s a whole different platform.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  21:35

It is. And I think that what we what we still have is we still have some parents and some young people with the understanding that hey, where my child goes to school may not afford them that I don’t even if it’s Alabama or kaput, not everybody is going to get a big nio deal, understanding that in many situations, you’ll have one or two superstars who could bring everybody else alone. In fact, I actually liken it to the old commercial when I was small. I remember seeing this this actual commercial with Dan Marino, and he used to do isotoner gloves. Yeah, all right. And there was one commercial, where he brought his entire offensive line, right. And he basically said, I got them a gift because they’ve been a gift to me all year, and he got them gloves, basically saying he’s been in good hands all year. Without Dan Marino, those guys would have never been in that commercial would have never made any money, they would have never been been brought along. So at some institutions, whether it’s the star quarterback, or the star point guard, or the star forward, like at LSU, right, they can bring the whole team alone, even if the rest of the team are not bonafide superstars in the way that they are. So in Li is changing the game in multiple ways. It’s just not about I can recruit you get this deal. You can make money if you come play for me. But it’s also about hey, you got that superstar player on your team. They could I could benefit from that. So all of those pieces are in the mix. When coaches and Aedes and students and families are looking at where my son or daughter is gonna play their next level of scores. It is a it is a complicated situation. And we’re just trying we’re building the plane feeling it and all of those things simultaneously. And you see young men and women with everything from a local car dealership commercial deal where they may make $10,000 to someone he’s given a crab cake right? Give it a free freak you know crab cakes to doing Jim were making a million dollars a year. It is a very interesting time to be a student athlete at the collegiate level.

Nestor Aparicio  23:50

I think I’ve admitted this to both to you privately, maybe not on the air but all the pictures I have from 1998 When use 98 was the year right that you guys wanted was 97 that was 9777 97 So So 1997 I had Fang one you guys all one. And we had the whole team come out to the studios had pictures of all this and we’re eating pizza in the studio. And I say that’s a picture of all of us breaking the rules. Because I because I I worked 12 hours in pizza and I fed it to 19 year old kids and I was literally breaking the rules. So that that’s crazy right like when you think about it, and where we are now and by the way he slid that LSU thing in and I’m not working with notes here. Are we ready to talk about this the big story about the about the home game and the lady side we can talk about that or

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  24:43

no but you mean the

Nestor Aparicio  24:44

the big upset that’s coming? Right did that thing that you were talking about where he SP Tigers che There you go they tell me about what making bang pots and pans and having one event that everybody knows where your gym is finds their way over a Um, you know, we had Steph Curry here a couple of weeks ago, when when there is that kind of thing. Um, ever more LeBron played over Morgan one, right? You guys are doing something here that’s going to be sort of unprecedented, right? We we have a real star from Baltimore in the game, not in the men’s game yet but in the women’s game.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  25:17

Yeah, I mean, look, this is this is historic, right? No national champion has ever traveled to an HBCU to play a home game on that HBCU turf? Yes, it is special. Because, you know, Miss Miss Reece, Angel Reese is coming back, and so forth below. That day, she’s a basketball player. She’s the enemy. That’s why she can she can stop any, any any other time. But, you know, we’re excited because I think it’s a great opportunity to elevate again, women basketball, right? In a different perspective

Nestor Aparicio  25:55

has happened. Well, come together. Well, she wanted to play here.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  25:59

Well, our our athletic director and their athletic director had conversations, our head coaches had, you know, conversations. And so again, it was about, you know, what can we do to honor her and her success? She’s from Baltimore. How do we get her and LSU to play copying and copying going there was not something that we were really interested in. Right, we felt we could have a bigger splash for her and for LSU and and for us, if they came here and so that’s that’s really what the actual thought process was. And then they started making the sausage which I know nothing about all the actual details Sooners that make it but but let me chop it is but you know, still would would would you know, also agree that competent is no stranger to playing big time, talent. We beaten big time talent that was fast game. I mean, whether whether it was Maryland, whether it’s Georgetown, whether it’s University of South Carolina, Kopan has a record of beating big institutions that very few can match. Right? So this is just another chapter in our history of taking on a giant, right. And in some people’s eyes. Like I tell my team, I was talking to the coaches, listen, the rim is 10 feet off the floor, and in Baltimore, like it is at LSU. Right? The course the same size, right? That doesn’t change. What changes is, are you prepared to take on the opponent that’s in front of you, that’s the only difference. They dribble, just like you dribble, they shoot threes, you shoot threes, right? It’s about discipline, game plan, and being in that moment, and I think that our ladies are going to be really ready for this opportunity, that opportunity,

Nestor Aparicio  27:53


Larry Stewart  27:55

This is what you live for. This is what you practice each and every day for and it’s and it’s when you go into these type of games. It’s just a mindset, you know, you have to be locked into, you know, the things that you’re coaching, the things that you that your team has been doing up to that point. And it’s just a mindset. Like Dr. Jenkins said, it’s a basketball game, you know, they got to do the same things you got to do and so, you know, you come in there with a micron mindset and have the confidence and you believe in each other anything is possible.

Nestor Aparicio  28:23

I remember when Steve came down to my studio to Lord Baltimore back and I was 1360 Back in the 90s. So we Fang Mitchell, Larry Stewart is here he’s new head coach of compensate. They are a partner. We’re celebrating 10 years of partnership and the flagship with compensate and that game will be on AM 15 Seven it’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery Dr. Anthony Jenkins also down here with us. We are also sponsored by window nation 866 90 nation we’ll give them a shout out as well and newest sponsor Jiffy Lube for all that we’re doing here, it’s also our 25th anniversary basketball team. Tell me what you got. I gotta get you a you said 930 got practice and I tell you what, you didn’t screw the coach up on practice they find you for that they find you so I gotta get you there all times. Tell me about your team

Larry Stewart  29:08

no just excited team we have a lot of different you know a lot of different weapons a lot of guys who could do multiple different things on it so on the court have a mixture of some older guys but a lot of newer guys and so just trying to get them to blend in and be together but no it’s gonna be exciting time You know guys are bought in they’re excited. You know they’re starting to believe in each other they’re starting to believe in the things that we’re saying to him and so just looking forward to just

Nestor Aparicio  29:31

running it back this year. You know what you’re in shape you’re getting out there mixing it up still

Larry Stewart  29:35

Yeah, you know just in my it’s in my nature man. You know, I’m up every morning at 530 you know doing the same things getting that same workout in that always do and so I’m just used to being this

Nestor Aparicio  29:44

way stepping outside so in threes maybe

Larry Stewart  29:47

yeah, do every now and then but I don’t want to show off too much. You know, I gotta keep the confidence level high for the class. Yeah, I

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  29:55

watched some of the film I no

Nestor Aparicio  29:57

doubt about it. All right. He’s gonna be coaching them on up buttocks Jake is gonna stay with us. We’re families. We’re really, really appreciative. Everybody. We’re going to be Coco’s next Thursday. Got some great guests lined up for cigars coming by my old pal John Morgan, who wrote the book on the Raven stadium getting built 25 years ago and financing wrote all the book on the Colts leaving and the Ravens coming so he’s gonna be joining us at Coker soapbox about Maryland lottery. I had the new ravens scratch offs. The very first ticket is 001 appreciation Ross, John, Doug, everybody over to Maryland lottery Ross is going to be on the show too. Next Thursday at the at Coco’s we are here at fade Lee’s nice smell crabcakes

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  30:36

shrimp salad smelly.

Nestor Aparicio  30:38

We’re gonna do fried oysters just as the season I saw crabs on the way back, the world famous legendary fade these were still in the old Lexington market back for more with a compensate President Dr. Anthony Jenkins. We’re gonna bid

Larry Stewart  30:51

Stu Thank you. Thank you for having me on anytime I do appreciate it.

Nestor Aparicio  30:54

A Jew is our word a word that’s the five ad ie when you get all the vowels out. That’s our word.

Dr. Anthony Jenkins  31:01

By those season tickets. Yes, good.

Nestor Aparicio  31:05

Once the big game

Larry Stewart  31:06

with Angel 1220 2312 2023 equals tigers and

Nestor Aparicio  31:11

biases before Christmas. Oh the boys playing anything.

Larry Stewart  31:15

We are off so that we can be in attendance to cheer on Eagles

Nestor Aparicio  31:19

waving a towel. All right, I see blue and gold everywhere. Back for more word fatally stay with us. The doctors gonna stick with us.

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