Putting the local McCafferty championship love on the table at The Beaumont

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When the Maryland Crab Cake Tour rolled back into The Beaumont in Catonsville, Nestor finally got the third member of the McCafferty family talking about his father’s famous restaurant in Mount Washington and his grandfather’s famous Super Bowl V title as the head coach of the Baltimore Colts. Talking crab cakes, steaks and eating local in The ‘Ville.


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Don McCafferty, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, W N st Towson, Baltimore. Baltimore positive we are. We’re in the window at the Beaumont here at EGS in Mellor in Frederick road. I’m surprised he still will have the chairs out here because they were out of your lake in Maine in June. Before the break, it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I still have I have about this many to give away today. And then by August the third we’re gonna be over cost this I have books, shirts, hats, things, giveaways, flyers, pictures, stuff schwag there’ll be giving away in addition to fresh Maryland a lot of scratch offs, our friends and window nation have also put us on the road 866 90 nation I am a one year out on the eighth of august of getting my Windows put in. You buy two you get two free summer long deal. You get two years 0% financing take advantage of that. Actually two years 2% financing. Sorry about that. Let’s get that right. Danny’s here I eaten this joint. You know that one of the weird things a State Fair came first and you know this how are you by the way great brother do we’re gonna do a sports today we’re gonna do a football. We’re gonna do a little Kingsville history. We’re gonna do lamb chops. We’re gonna do that airline chicken. But this has been an unbelievable thing to witness with Don Mohler and I walked into state fair going on five years ago. Now it was a friendlies. Trying to figure out what a diner was going to be. Evans been on the show 1000 times he’s out fishing today. So you’ve been, you know, put into this position at the Beaumont. But between the Beaumont getting open and guapo getting open, and now the new location underneath El Guapo. There’s like this total barcade speakeasy thing that I haven’t totally witnessed. I was there during the building stages as I was in here, when this bar was being built. This is really been an incredible thing for Catonsville. And I think you see it and feel it in here in a restaurant that wasn’t open for lunch. This time last year. That’s now crushing it for lunch. I’m witnessing a burger over here. People come in all sorts of people walks. The state fair thing is used its way over to the west side of the ledger. It

Don McCafferty  02:00

absolutely has Esther it’s been a real pleasure to be here and State Fair really started us off and it was our first location really known for its big whiskey list. And that was the place to go first. Our chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. I mean, the whole list was great. And then open El Guapo which is our Tequila Mexican, Mexican tequila restaurant 300 plus two kilos on the bar there and see see that he had cleared Okay, see. And that that’s been a big draw for us. There’s been a lot of tequila folks out there. It’s the number one spirit being consumed in the nation right now and that was great for us. And then the bow mountain just seemed seemed like the next logical step. You know casual fine dining great steaks right down the street from truths, great wine list and craft craft cocktails.

Nestor Aparicio  02:44

We stop it all the time. I don’t know that I’ve sat at a table more than once or twice with my back in recent years. I’m always at the bar. It’s it’s a limited bars, no TV or distractions. You know if the Oreos are on apple plus or wherever they are, you know, go to the state fair. I grew up I’ve watched soccer watch World Cup. Oh gwap boy, Jane Miller and Rob Roblin join me it oh Guapa Johnny Oh, stop by. I mean, I like all the places but there’s something about like, dinner for me is here. Breakfast for me is stay fair. Nice. salutely


Breakfast in town. blogpost

Nestor Aparicio  03:19

a place when you drink bowl game. I watched football watch NFL games in there last year. Like I watched Monday night game watch a Thursday night game and they’re just sort of off the beat but is he had some tacos and rock a couple today was


absolutely the TVs and rocket and then downstairs is the newest adventure we’ve got going on. As you said earlier. barcade is a great way to describe it.

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

We didn’t know what the hell that was. I mean, Evans I barcade I’m like once a bar cane so what’s the bar?


I mean a barcade imagine you know go back to that. The ad style arcade thanks Stranger Things that meta is Miss Pac Man in there. I miss Pac Man. Well, we have Miss Pac Man on a on a wall. It’s not the old school original table top where you sit across sit across from each other. Yeah, that’s an old classic example. We got all the classes and if there’s a golf simulator, you can go play 18 holes of Gee, we’ve got golden tee but it’s an actual full on swing golf simulator. You can go play 18 holes down there. It’s

Nestor Aparicio  04:12

not top golf. It’s bottom golf. No, it’s


bottom. Basement golf and they’re doing it. They’re doing it right. It’s it’s been a lot of fun. Oh, it’s been open. We’ve been open now. About six weeks down there.

Nestor Aparicio  04:21

See Evan took me and my wife and I it wasn’t open yet. Because it was still like setting stuff up getting the bar together. And every Monday, whenever it says that sometimes it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, but it’s usually not like these places get open that well because he gets these joints there.


Everyone’s was eager to get the space opened especially we were kind of sitting on it for a few months during the transition of ownership and

Nestor Aparicio  04:46

was it it’s like a basement underneath of El Guapo it’s crazy. The latest


business down there was a poster had been there for many years but in in the years has been a bowling alley I’m told an old movie theater so it’s very big. Why Add space that about 75% of which has been allocated to this bar Kade and the other 25% It’s not quite open yet but that is going to be our cocktail speakeasy bar so it’s going to be a you know, I was right about the speakeasy true speakeasy where he you know, it’s going to be hidden doors you need to be walked back and craft cocktails very, you know, Swank seating areas, couches, that kind of stuff. It’s going to be a

Nestor Aparicio  05:22

great upscale part of the Beaumont is that we’re just going to be it’s like the basement of the BOMA, but you have to cross the street


Yeah. You know, we’ll have someone walk you down there and get you in the right area and you go back great place to do dessert finish you know finish with a really stellar cocktail. It’s gonna be a strong cocktail program down there all you know all classics and I’ll craft coffee Nick

Nestor Aparicio  05:42

made me something here. I’m have cranked up and it’s


the mind sour mic.

Nestor Aparicio  05:48

I showed my wife. I sent a picture because we had dinner on your dinner the night. Did you put her on to that mind Saturday on the night we tried to do that because I want me to Cabernet which was delicious. The Zac Brown


Zac Brown cab is for chicken fry. Right? And, you know so the cocktails we do here really kind of on a whim we’ll try and change things up here and there. That that particular drink to me was a twist of a knee works our traditionally made with whiskey. Also helping a friend of ours out who’s one of our reps.

Nestor Aparicio  06:17

I don’t know that I like whiskey. I’m going through this and I’m going to be a drug city on the fourth and George down there unbelievable spirits selection and whiskey selection over there. Bourbon rye, rye, all that stuff. I drink tequila at home. I drink rum on airplanes. Like literally when I fly I’ll have like a Roman diet with some live little Cooper Lee Bray kind of spin. Absolutely. I get off the plane in Vegas and a rock Do you know after three of those going across Kansas 38,000 feet, but like I am much more inclined to drink a beer. I’m much more inclined to drink red wine and white wine. But I don’t know what the gateway is like, you’re like tequila is the number one like the tequila gateway for me was Julio Bermeo. In May of 1994. When I went to see Joe Smith play out in San Francisco and I wind up with this tequila connoisseur that poured tequila at my wedding. And so I get tequila, like, honestly. But in the last 30 years, it’s sort of caught up and at one point was all vodka, vodka, vodka, vodka.


That’s the 90s 90s Vodka, you know, early 2000s We kind of started this whiskey trend. And then Agave spirits really come quickly after that. But you know, whiskey is is still I think the heart of the American spirit. Right. That’s what what most it’s still what most guests are ordering here and, you know, on a regular basis,

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

and to lead people drink whiskey than I do. Well,


sure. But, you know, we’ve got a lot of great whiskies here. We can lead you into, you know, as a gateway. And so, you know, I’m happy to take you through the bar listed.

Nestor Aparicio  07:43

Daniels with my wife on my 50th birthday, because we played Nashville, Nashville. A couple years is 9018. There’s ATMs before the play. And we took a trip down by 30 people’s boutique trip. You know, it was just sort of like, hey, it’s my birthday. I don’t want to take 400 people to Nashville. But the day after the game, we did a special bus that took us down to and I drank the Frank Sinatra I drank you know, I went after it all. So you tried all the goods and I actually like on that day really kind of liked it. I think the thing I don’t like is scotch. I think Scotch is like a different level of light. It


definitely isn’t. It’s tasty. Like

Nestor Aparicio  08:22

you gotta have a real taste for it. You know, you do


and it’s got a lot of that smoke inherent to it because of the Scotland’s full of people. peat bogs. That’s the the fuel they’ve got there to cook the bar a lot about this. Yeah, I’ve got a, you know, an encyclopedia of crazy and mixologist, officially, well, officially, I’d say yes. You know, I’ve got a little bit of chef and a little mixologist, a little bit of accountant, you know, it’s what it takes to run a lineage, lineage.

Nestor Aparicio  08:46

Absolutely. Given your last name yet. McCafferty. Don Mokona on that means something to people here. It does this guy my age. It means your dad in mountain Mount Washington. Absolutely. And steaks and the piano and the cartoons on the wall that I think the beef jerky. I think those cartoons live down at LUNA del C.


There’s a couple a couple of folks auction those off I remember seeing one year a big wall of them years ago in Hunt Valley at the demons ribbon.

Nestor Aparicio  09:22

I remember that I


looked at the bison Wait a minute I walked over the manager said you want to buy one of these it said no I’m quite sure you bought it from me actually. And

Nestor Aparicio  09:33

so they’re iconic. I don’t know the artists name but that artists set up in the cafe


did he set up a Saturday it was Saturday evenings now this is I was in my early teens so I don’t sit there what are you doing? They’re washing dishes bussing tables, whatever dad needed, especially when the Greek

Nestor Aparicio  09:47

audience who’s of the era of the 90s and that if they had a steak or I had I don’t know that I ever ate it mccaffrey’s for dinner. I always had lunch there. And I had lunch there. 30 times I’m gonna tell you people I had lunch with there.


I mean, the lunch menu there were so great. We had my favorite sandwich. I mean, I still with a steak somebody else had the sports when was that shave prime rib with gravy and they had all you know, it was a it was a great place in the hamburger. I still have not had you know, found one that’s topped it. And you know, luckily I still have the recipe so I can make you know, can make it when I need to. But really, yeah,


Nestor Aparicio  10:22

I got a grill now. Fire that thing up,


you know, but it’s, it was a great experience for me. I’ve been in the restaurant business my whole life. Be surrounded by Dan from Gilman and bus tables, wash dishes. And that’s where I got to meet all the greats old. You know, we had the radio show every Monday night with Josh Lewin did the show in your place. We also at Tom met Tom, Maddie and Bruce Laird. Shoot Jeff. And it was great. So I’d come down and sit out. You know, I always aspired

Nestor Aparicio  10:50

to have a show at your dad’s place, because that’s where BHEL did their thing. And I was very competitive. But my 25th anniversary is coming up. And I’ve done things I’m really proud of a few things I’m ashamed of that I’ll still admit to doing. Because some of them were fun, and some of them were deserved. But when I went on the air, it was December of 9192. April 92. I was on the air five months with Kenny Albert in the ballpark was opening right? Yeah, the Colts were gone long gone. Your family’s name meant something. Mount Washington was kind of a very calming neighborhood or with a tavern there, right. Like


this opened up and you had that old deli there had been there for 100 years, but you know,

Nestor Aparicio  11:27

and light rail was just kind of doing right just coming in. So it was the upscale it was before Ruth’s Chris was Ruth’s Chris, but it was after the Chesapeake. Would you say that the Chesapeake closed down. Your dad got some of those customers. Ruth’s Chris in the downtown dining came back, you


know, back in those days, early 90s. Really, I mean, if you look at old old Baltimore dining, as far as to fight anyone, it was very few and far between of, of of those staples, and we still have the prime rib to Pepys. You know, the old house nerds. These are these are staples back in the 90s. And there wasn’t that many restaurants where you look now Baltimore’s got a ton of really fabulous restaurants.

Nestor Aparicio  12:05

We’re almost a foodie town last year with over Coco’s just to like vet food people can roll around this town and just I roll ready crab cakes, but like I had your lamb chops. You do this corn thing here. You’re putting specials on, you have this fried lobster tail here. That’s among the greatest things that you can get in the city.


I mean, literally, it really and it’s, it’s funny how easy that thing is, but it’s we just have such a fabulous chef Sharni has the best flour and a chicken fried, like a chicken flour to toss that in. And it’s just the spices are fabulous. And she’s great. So, yeah, super easy, but it’s amazing. It’s good quality food done simply but just done right. And whiskey and Whiskey, whiskey and a lot of other things. And I love doing cocktails. And so you did a rum cocktail for me. Sure. You know, we can do whiskey cotton, we’ve got gin cocktails. We I mean, I truly love this channel, you know, somebody hit me and I said, Oh, iwrc something else. And I’m going to try and recreate or, you know, improve upon that. And it’s the it’s the font of the job, right? Every you know,

Nestor Aparicio  13:06

well, I’ll tell you this. I grew up in Dundalk, and not even on crabcakes. But just on dining, right? I’ll see some names that people are coming to concerts and the third or down the drug city. The fourth Graceland in was a place we ate when I was a kid. Cities are places on the east side that were the steak and lobster, crab Crab cakes. Like all of that the place you want to go on your prom date. You know, whatever that would be and whatever your community would be the film are in was over on in the chesco area on an overly area. These were all like places our parents when on a Saturday when they were trying to get smooch the right way with their wife, or going out before they were going to the club Venus in the 70s or whatever. And then like in the 80s and 90s. And I guess I fell into this because I’m a kid of that era, right? I’m a kid of the Michael J. Fox era. Oh, the chains, whether it was chi cheese, nobody wants to go to El Guapo. They wanted to go to cheesy cheese. They didn’t want to go to the grace linen. They wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse. You know what I mean? Like the chains Chili’s, man, I go through all of those. That sort of is I don’t want to say it’s sailed, right? But it’s Applebee’s is a punch line. Even though you can go there and get a fine burger and get wings and price point like all that you can get at any airport in the world. Chili’s all that. But there’s something about Beaumont and state fairs. And as I start to travel and as I don’t I’m not a foodie, I just I look for places with great food or epi I value anything. I eat i in everything. So it makes it even more fun for me but when I travel, it’s these places that are this size now and tell me are you 80 seats. How many are half that


you’re 40 I am 4044 with the body full enough we’d count if you count the bar seats here about 52

Nestor Aparicio  14:47

I said 80 And that’s all wrong. i Yeah, it’s a and I said Ed is gonna be number


Yeah, and Ed is a small number, but 50s are smaller, even smaller.

Nestor Aparicio  14:56

This scale ability from the and down and change because plenty of places out there I mean my friends and mothers and loonies and these other places that have bigger places that do entertainment do all these things. What this concept is, I don’t say it’s new it’s sort of old right? This is the original dining I’m gonna have a small boutique store specialty chefs in the kitchen every night Don is at the door every night when he’s not here Brad’s here next year Pete that same people are here and it’s neighborhood and your it’s going to become your favorite place if you love it


and and really the thing that is that we get such a great opportunity to do here is really showcase our hospitality and really walk in this place I want you to feel like you’re walking into in our living room you know, this is a you know, we want to have a great experience I want everyone to be happy I want and that starts with the staff you know, we hire the best and make sure they’re doing you know, they’re doing great, they’re

Nestor Aparicio  15:51

happy to be here he’s happy she knows after the


end it goes down and it trickles down from that you make sure you’ve got the best purveyors you make sure you’re buying the best quality food and spirits and then at the end of that you’re gonna trickle down to the very best guests experience period and we’re really able to do that on a smaller scale here because you know we know our guests we know them very well first name know their kids names and what they like to drink. So when they walk in the door, it’s not just oh, hi, welcome it you know, it’s Hey, Hey, John. Hey, Stan, you know that welcome. It’s good to see again. Here’s your cocktail. Dennis

Nestor Aparicio  16:25

favorite place, Dennis is over Coons, Coons, Baltimore for security now. And he rolls right down rolling and he you know, it’s been a stay for a minute, but he loves coming here for lunch. So I mean, one day, I’m gonna get him in here for a big fat burger, but he’s over in Greece having a good time.


Well, you know, you can blame him right.

Nestor Aparicio  16:39

I’ve seen the pictures, you know, water, white tassels, it’s all good. Now McCafferty is here he is managers at the middle


managers restaurant. Yep. All right, Pooh. Bah. poobah? Yeah, that’s,

Nestor Aparicio  16:52

well, it’s fairly crabcakes. So we’re gonna get the crabcakes out here and get through all of that, but just the music, it’s state fair. And what Kingsville has become, post COVID. Right, like, destination e musicae. I almost came down two nights ago to see John Patty’s band. Yeah,


they were doing great. I walked into that kind of not knowing I said, Oh, look, who’s here, you know, walked in, had a beer and watch the show.

Nestor Aparicio  17:13

Always wanted to be a big ol guy.


It was, it’s been real exciting for us. I mean, especially, obviously, as you call it, the plague COVID change this industry. It turned it up on its head. And we all had to find ways of, you know, figuring out how to make it work for us and come out of this with our own identity and figuring out where we are. And State Fair really, really knocked at home with this live music during COVID. We were delivering food for outdoors. And then having that big tent put outside. So everyone can sit out there socially distance. And then we just start with

Nestor Aparicio  17:52

Ariad it became like most small places these well oiled machines. Yeah, from kitchen to door.


To door, 15 minutes later, you come in, you’ve got a bag of food, wait, that’s a

Nestor Aparicio  18:03

beautiful American story and places that have remained open. And that’s most of my restaurants, right? But there was a period there for everybody that there’s a book in it for every man, every business, I’ve been in


this industry for my entire life. And it really changed that change that day. And you know, what does that March 3 March 13. That was that was the day that you know, the restaurant business? Well, no, it died. And we all had to kind of really jump back up and figure out how to get back out there. Because it’s such an important part of social living, right? And we wanted to go out once a go, you know, have a drink. So what made form they want to clean up? These are all important things, but how do you do that safely? And how do you do that? Well, you know, in keeping with with times, and it’s been a challenge for sure. But it’s a fun challenge.

Nestor Aparicio  18:48

No, absolutely, man. You know, for me getting out and talking about these stories and places that are open places that are thriving, communities that are thriving and what we’re trying to do for Baltimore, general sense, you know, I was a Coco’s and larva last week and families downtown two weeks ago and we’re trying to get it all together the food community and that the part of the crab cake and the crab the crab was on the menu or your dad’s place 30 years ago, and it’s and it’s sort of you had when I was in here an hour ago eating my airline chicken you’re talking about an oyster event. Yeah, you’re having here that we have the bay and it’s such a unique and when I say unique, it is unique to us. It


truly is and you know that that oyster venues speaker we’re just gonna be partying with the worst recovery partnership and you know, they’re like I told you earlier, probably my my favorite nonprofit and state of Marin, what do you love about them? Well, their job is to restore, you know, the body of water that put us on the map that it’s our lifeline. It’s our lifeblood, it’s our and what they do is they take you know, these old oyster shells and they repurpose them they replant baby oysters on them and and put them out in strategic locations around the

Nestor Aparicio  19:52

oysters oxygenate the crabs and that’s it. Oysters no crab, crab


and adult oyster filters. 50 gallons of water a day. That’s a lot of water, you know to get filtered Imagine having a bag of 200 of those guys, right strategically placed throughout the harbor. And that’s their job and that’s what they do. So restaurants like us, when we serve are always tours are served cooked, we save those shells and we have bins that we saved the shells in, they take come pick the shells, and I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

seen down Hooper’s Island, they’re all piled on me and they hide out in front of old store,


you know, four or five stories of oyster shells baking in the sun. Then they can inoculate them with new new babies, and it’s pretty impressive. Pretty impressive system and I gotta

Nestor Aparicio  20:31

do I gotta get I’m gonna do oysters my 25th I mean, let me get one thing, you know, I mean, trying to figure out ravens season an actual Oriole pennant race.


I mean, listen, listen.

Nestor Aparicio  20:41

Good. We’re gonna my 25th anniversary of football season coming baseball season, it’s real, all these things happening, but I am committed to doing something oystering in the fall, I just haven’t had enough bandwidth. I wanted to do 25 in 25 days in September, I’m gonna wait it out because like what I wanted I think I can eat oysters 25 different ways Oh, absolutely in 25 days like beyond raw or with this or with that topping but like how they’d be charbroiled how you would always Rockefeller, how you would add a bacon spinach of butter. I


mean, our million different ways of doing it’s a beautiful, beautiful thing for a kitchen to work with. There’s so many different options. It’s a pretty much a blank slate, you know, and then it’s laid upon who the chef’s making. It’s really it’s a really one

Nestor Aparicio  21:27

fried oyster. I don’t see in my life but like I’ve never ordered it in a restaurant because I’m always more interested in the fried shrimp or the fried chicken or the scallops or there’s it’s just was further down than it is and my list


oysters are are inherently a Baltimore food and you know like I said earlier that the oyster canning business put this the city of Baltimore on the map and that that was the first industry in this great city and that that’s why they’re so important to to our lifestyle and who you know who we are.

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

I’m glad I invited you on the show. I knew you weren’t not see I thought we’re just gonna talk with football. We can talk football to talk football. shots coming over she when she gets here we’ll break Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We’re Catonsville work the BOMA. What would you tell people the Beaumont is as the General Manager of Beaumont.


We’re in a great casual fine dining restaurant that we focus strongly on steaks, great cocktails, great wines, and just having fun.

Nestor Aparicio  22:23

And the signs right outside the door your argument I could put it on. So all you need to know is right out there at Beaumont. We’re right here on Frederick road. He’s Donnie. And so explain the lineage of your family and your I think you’re younger than me. I’m 50 No, I


Yeah, you’ve gotten quite a few years so you

Nestor Aparicio  22:41

are not on the planet when your grandfather won the Super Bowl.


Oh, no, unfortunately, I was not born yet and he had passed before I was born before I was born. And you know our so

Nestor Aparicio  22:53

your grandfather is to you what he is to me, which is just now it was on the planet at the same time. But just a legend, a


legend. You know, I’m named after my grandfather. I’m Donald William McCaffrey. The second you know, since I was born, you know, after he passed, I took that that suffix to the second but I really, I grew up my grandmother, his wife, June McCafferty, was probably the biggest sports nut you could ever imagine. She knew more about the Orioles baseball players on the field than any when you were kid in the 80s 90 till the day she died, knew more about the sports teams in Baltimore than any pro analyst on the planet. Right? This woman knew sports. She was a model that my grandfather married when she was in her early 20s. And he was coaching. And you know, he was the head coach of the Baltimore Colts Old, old easyrider and I got to grow up sitting on Johnny used knee and already dominance knee hearing the Old Glory Days stories and, you know, holding them in your dad’s restaurant, you know that we did the radio show and I’d sit there and hanging out the guys and you know, hearing stories about my grandfather and hearing all this stuff. And I tell you, you know, that’s the craziest thing is all my whole childhood I grew up seeing still frame photos, my grandfather hearing stories about him. And it wasn’t until the Ravens made it to the Superbowl, or the week before the Super Bowl in 2000. I was at home, scrolling through direct TV and just going down the channels and having to land on the NFL Network. And it was a replay of the Super Bowl five New York Jets versus you know, or the Dallas Cowboys versus the Colts and that was the first time I saw my grandfather walking in, you know up and down the field in motion and it was really a treat. How old were you transcended I was 18 Alright, 18 and I had never fished out video or now you know back then it was there was few and far between right we didn’t have much yeah, like well YouTube maybe just been coming, you know, up and coming around. 99 2000 right, which dad

Nestor Aparicio  24:50

never pulled. You said here’s videos grant.


I sat I saw a lot of

Nestor Aparicio  24:55

pictures and stuff. So I brought some stuff. So I have this Part of my catalog here this is a, this is John Steadman book the Baltimore Colts Pictorial History so I don’t know that he’s in this but I’m sure he’s in this. He is the mike linguine piece it’s just not the same. Although Baltimore is still pined for Johnny, you and the old Colts are glad to have the Ravens. We were glad to have the Ravens so absolutely. So yeah, I don’t know how this story welled up in here but it got ripped out. So it’s Sports Illustrated. It’s the way I keep my old clippings but so I’m doing this 25th anniversary a little bit if you’re coming down to cost this on the third I’m giving away everything that’s not nailed down. So get nasty shirts free the bird shirts hats old stuff. I’m not giving this away or any my John Steadman stuff, but you know, it just I pinch those because I was wondering when it was made, and I saw the the modern pictures and fixes Mansky and Ernie Accorsi and Chuck Thompson and Fred Schubach and, you know, there’s a 78 cheerleaders


and the band the Colts band, right I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  26:00

John, I mean, yeah, I could get John over here. So I was trying to see if there was a picture now see, I probably was at this game here. There’s there’s plenty more light Oh Mitchell. out on the field together. I went to these all these games in the mid 70s. So George coons we got great pictures. Joe ermine and Joe Nemeth getting sacked by Fred cook as part of the sack pack there that did you go to coach games or not? Well,


so I went to I was too young to get a quote. I was lucky enough I was standing on the sidelines of when the Colts replayed Super Bowl, three against the so I was lucky enough to meet Joe Namath in the locker room. I was on the sidelines sitting next to Bubba Smith and it was a flag football match versus the old old jets and old colts and this is probably a 90 I guess 94 somewhere around that ballpark. And it was really special to be able to see there you know see the old guys and they had a great game and I got to stand on the sidelines sitting next to Bubba Smith. Hi, you know Hi tower from the movies and it was pretty impressed. Super

Nestor Aparicio  26:58

Bowl five. There you go. This is the one right. January 17 1971 2pm. At the Orange Bowl. United’s getting crushed here right now by George Andre.


I mean, how tough was Unitas that guy? I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  27:13

Earl Morrow comes into the game here. fumbled Dwayne Thomas. Look at this man Jim O’Brien kicks the ball just number 45 of the of the Cowboys colts 13 cowboys 1313 13 And that was good that 1613 And there it is. That’s Shimon O’Brien. We’re carpet weird fake grass. They played on that day, but 1973 or 71 Excuse me for that. So anyway, so colts memories now this is my so I have this. I have some Stedman stuff, right. I have some but this is my colts heirloom, you know, I collect rock and roll belt.


Oh, yeah. And you’re wearing a great one today. By the way.

Nestor Aparicio  27:56

What are you wearing today? You already saw it already saw Well, I’ll


let you tell me and well

Nestor Aparicio  27:59

I’m wearing two cars today. So I wore this for for Gina shock because she’s Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and a little bit of a new waiver. So that’s my cars belt buckle today so you can check that out. So I wore that and I literally ran back into how I pulled the car out and I stopped pamphlet was everything. Okay, I ran back in the finest book and there is not a picture of Tom Cafferty in there. But this is this is my cold man. You know is there anything more beautiful there’s


nothing more nostalgic than that that is

Nestor Aparicio  28:35

I love it that is so anyway I have a right to a Hall of Famer give me the middle finger and Johnny Cash outside the way they brought their dog they got a service dog. Bring them in. So inviting people out here you guys never close anymore, right? Like now I’m worried like Monday lunch I’m like Are you open your open open Wednesday lunch open right? Always open


1136 days a week group and 11am on Sundays for brunch? We have a great brunch menu. Great cocktails. Chardonnay does a a wonderful pancake french toast if you can believe that. What she takes a pound cake batters it

Nestor Aparicio  29:14

griddles it allowed me to nap if I come to well.


It’s got enough sugar to keep you up and fall down and express her martini and you’re in good shape.

Nestor Aparicio  29:24


Well, Donnie, I appreciate you man. Come on, obviously, Tom Cafferty I can’t believe if I if there’s an indices in here to find the picture of your granddad but I I thought for sure there’s you know, Brian, but you know, that’s good. But do you have any heirlooms? Now I have tickets on


Tundra memorabilia. Yep, absolutely. So I still you know, still get to see pictures of my grandfather. Right.

Nestor Aparicio  29:47

So here’s the deal. Next time we do the show together. I’m gonna bring in some new bring. Bring some good swag show Intel. Absolutely. Show it to show and tell brother. All right, man, general manager over here. There’s a real Baltimore Colts connection over here. crabcakes coming in I got Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tina shock here. Listen, she she’s sitting at the table over there. I put her band together. Okay, unlike the Simon Cowell of the house of shock, she and I have literally not spoken a word about it. We have not spoken to each other since she hugged me and stole my crab cakes over Costas. We did a Christmas show over there. She came and ate my crab cake. Did the show we had the tree. Next thing I know I had a guitar player for her a bass player for a drummer for her no crab. Now she has a band well, and I’m buying her crab cake. I love it. Jean Jacques from the Go Go’s gonna be up next. It’s Marilyn crabcake tour, all presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery giving these away here will be a Costas on the third of August. The reason Jean is not doing in DUMBO. She can be back on the west coast. So she wanted to come out today. Ray Bachman was supposed to be lay a say keep ray in your prayers. He busted his knee up send him a note and on Facebook. I think he’s going to be okay but he’s in a lot of pain. Ray was supposed to be here lay these Ray when I got the cafeteria we


had fun. We have fun time

Nestor Aparicio  31:03

around here. Ray get better soon. We’ll see you at the 25th anniversary has taken on this incredible life. And I’m so happy that I’m going through all of this old stuff. finding reasons to have like things like this. It’s hard to tell stories because it’s the thing we’ve done better than anybody around here for 25 years. Our friends are asking global I’m going to Chris in this. This is a special special I liked that


mount I noticed you got to let her Baskin rolls I mean that’s what Baltimore rolls was getting

Nestor Aparicio  31:33

back from Alaska. I wonder if you use these on Alaskan stone crab claws but we’ll find out on August 3 over costs. Yeah, I think so. And our friends at winter they should of course I have the wacky hat I’ll put it on because Jean has got some fun clothes on to she’s all rock and roll up her and went down. When did they should 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free special financing plan it’s hot out there if your windows are sticking like mine were they were 39 years old replaced the last August it’s just was a great thing to do when the nation 866 90 nation right back for more at the Beaumont I would show you the airline chicken that he ate it. I would show you the Mayan sour but when I drank it, but I do have some water here and Gina shots gonna join us. We’re gonna grab a crab cake here les might get some fried green tomatoes. They’ve been fried oyster for you to try them from Dundalk. So we’re gonna eat whatever you put in front of us. You know? Jean Jacques, one of my all time favorites, and one of my bucket list guests who’s become a friend of ours. I can’t wait that. I always say tell the story of the house of shock. I don’t know the story of the house shock other than Hey, Ed Lauer J Swanson, John Allen. Steve porch. They’re in the band. We’ll learn more from Kingsville which is the music capital of


Maryland Music City, Maryland baby Music City Maryland.

Nestor Aparicio  32:45

Can’t do better and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer stay with us. We’re Baltimore positive

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