The legend of North Carroll Panthers baseball program and supporting Golf Classic on October 5

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On our 25th Anniversary celebration Maryland Crab Cake Tour stop at Greenmount Station in Hampstead, we once again learn more about the history and legacy of North Carroll High School. Let two ballplayers tell you about keeping the Panthers spirit alive in Carroll County on the diamond – and greens.


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Nestor Aparicio, Griffin Bass, Shane Guevara

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back. W n s t test Baltimore, Baltimore positive I am a halfway through a 25th anniversary celebratory beverage. We’re at Green Mountain station where Hampstead Carroll County doing the Maryland crab gate tour and the 25th anniversary. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. We have the instant lottery scratch offs. These fellas don’t even know it. But as long as they’re of the tender age and legal age, thank you. You get a mustache, I’ll give you one. You get 57 You get 50 H and your pewter bowl where their marital lottery scratch offs. It’s a lottery. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery which inspired my 25th anniversary celebration, our friends of winter, nation, 866 90 nation, make sure you check them out. It’s a one year anniversary of me getting those windows a year ago and they’re fantastic. It’s been a great week to have the windows open. And I’m in Hampstead and I’m next to Green Mountain bowl where you can do ducks or 10s but never candle pens, because that’s such a New England thing and we don’t like them. We got the OTP next door, bed parks and the bed parks MD app that the folks here have going at crabcakes and all that stuff but more than that, whenever I’m enhanced that there’s this community thing, and I feel it in the same way when I’m in Catonsville Ramadan doc I did the show in a Costas and drug city. People who know people what’s at the Barbra Streisand luckiest people in the world. But when I’m here, you know Him and He knows you and Delmon comes in and Delmont knows Chris, but he doesn’t know Dave, but Dave knows everybody. And Dave’s got the ball and Alan Yeah, did all that. And then you guys sit down and you’re like, Yeah, I know. Chris. I worked here. So we are here to represent the North Carolina Panthers and their baseball club. Doing a big hootenanny. What’s the name of your event again? Which of the classic

Griffin Bass  01:41

Panthers first? Pretty good if

Shane Guevara  01:43

it’s classic? Yeah, well, it is. Golf. Classic,

Griffin Bass  01:47

we should say the golf ball classic. It’s coming up is gonna be October 5, Thursday. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:51

this is a golf event for a baseball group.

Griffin Bass  01:54

Correct? Correct. We’re trying to raise money we’re trying to raise money for we’re partnering with the Manchester Manchester volunteer fire department so we’re splitting the we’re splitting out all the all the donations all the funds that we make from the golf tournament, we’re splitting with them have this coming to us for our for a baseball team, you know, umpires jerseys, just you know, equipment kind of things. And then the rest is going to the fire department.

Nestor Aparicio  02:11

You guys get great names. I’m gonna read your names right next they wrote down for me here because you know you I don’t know these guys, but I’m getting to know these guys, too. Great. Griffin bass. Yep, that’s you. Yes. And Shane guvera.

Shane Guevara  02:23

That’s me. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  02:24

Your parents have a sense of humor about Che Guevara.

Shane Guevara  02:27

As you said, growing up I have people like

Nestor Aparicio  02:31

it almost sounds like you’re like you’re like I’m waiting for Alan fun. Like, put me on this. It’s a great name. It’s our 25th anniversary. I haven’t told this story. So I want to tell you Jeff a fun name. And I’ve My name is Nestor Aparicio. I used to say it like on an answering machine. I hated to saying my name. And now I have to say it. Oh, we got a lot of syllables. It’s a fun one to say. Yeah, just go with this now. Since I was like 35. Most people’s call my wife calls me next. Everybody calls me nice. So I did a March Madness competition. And this, this isn’t one of our stories of glory. But it’s pretty funny. Because this is the beginning of the radio station. This is like 9899 2000 turn of the century, you guys alive that you’re young.

Shane Guevara  03:12

I was I was.

Nestor Aparicio  03:16

So we were sort of innovative and sports rate is before the internet was really sort of grown up at all was it was like sort of you got mail dial up at that point. They still had payphones for you young guys. Right? So we, well, I’m gonna say we had fax machines, okay. And this is part of the story. So the March Madness pool. Now these days, you have apps you just go on you bet you do whatever you want to do, right. But back then we had a contest. It was a million dollar. We bought we bought the insurance for this thing, right? So that fax is all come in. And we had a guy named John, who left us a few years ago. He’s a beautiful guy was an intern for us. He was the official grater and he would get all the fat we would do we lose 1000 sheets of paper. I mean, on a radio station, like people would make their picks and they you know, they made the whole bracket back in the day. 60 fascia. Yeah. So the brackets come in, and the first week and everybody gets wiped out, right? So and nobody’s really winning a million dollars. Okay. I mean, so I think our grand prize was a whole, like, it was probably worth five grand or so because it was a significant amount of money if you Yeah, definitely. It was gifted or gift cards at 40 Different places are probably worth three grand to start with. There was a cash component, there was a man cave in a blonde, we gave, it was a big grand prize of stuff, right? Might have been a trip at the time. It may have been like a trip to the Caribbean or sub Gotcha. But it was it was a nice prize, the grand prize, right? So all these people enter, everybody gets wiped out and we get down to like, the next week and I’m on the air to an afternoon drive every day. And they gave me the top 10 people who were winning the competition, you know, had Duke in the pool or whatever. And I looked down and this kid’s name and so I want you to say I’ll write it down for you. And then you can say it out loud. And then I’ll have you. So you’re old enough to say that name out loud Dickon counts ticking down, sticking out like is that? Is that like simulated the dick goes in yoga or, you know, Hey, would you you know, like, so I’m like, that’s not a real name. And for two weeks, I said, Whoever thought they were being a wise ass and put a fake name on the pool. You’re winning. And you’re getting nothing because you you’re not going to have ID no way this this guy’s real. So this goes on the first week, and the second week, he’s the clear like, he’s gonna win. Yeah, he’s got like three of the four teams in the final for whoever do Kentucky, whatever was favored, you know. And the guy calls my partner Hennessy, who’s running the station, like I’m taking counts. And I said to Steve, I’m like, getting off to the station. So we’re on live radio in the studio, and a guy, he won the grand prize. That’s awesome. I just kept saying ticket counts sticking council that counts. So he showed up and he literally was from the eastern shore. He listened to stations from Easton. He had a license, he showed me his license agreements taking counts. So when you say you’re Shane Rivera, I’m like, that’s a professional wrestling. You’re Cuban to write Mexican? Well, I’ve been to Cuba so you know, the whole Che Guevara things great. So you guys are up here. Tell me what you love about the community because you’re

Shane Guevara  06:43

up here. Yeah. in Hampstead, so everybody just comes together.

Nestor Aparicio  06:46

You have a whole North Carroll wall behind Yeah, exactly. Everything in here.

Griffin Bass  06:51

Yeah, I mentioned I’m a Manchester guy. But you know, I’m I was. Yeah, so we in look at that we came together even though we’re kind of we grew up I guess what?

Nestor Aparicio  07:00

We did the show last week. And I get into this every time I’m in Dundalk. I did the show on the wrong side of Dundalk twice last week on the Patapsco side, which you would never want to go into that side. Certainly not Sparrows Point. But I’m from Thunder. But we always had done on Tasco thing. Yeah, like I dated a girl from Liberty up here many many years ago back in my single day in the 80s before you either review or created and but she was a Liberty groan that was like a new school then there’s like Francis Scott Key. Yeah, North Carolina, South Carolina. That was it. I covered I covered high school sports in the 80s Carroll County was like, just for school. Yeah. And this is before all these Seneca valleys came along. And river hills are all newer names for a guy that covered high school sports in the 80s. North Carroll is venerable. Right? I mean forever, right. Yeah,

Griffin Bass  07:45

yeah. Yeah. And that’s kind of I mean, so it was really it was really disappointing for the town, you know, when the high school got when this high school was closed, but you know, that, you know, we all kind of stayed together around you know, with Manchester Valley and the baseball team kind of just stuck around to they kept the name North Carroll Panthers. They’ve been around what’s this doesn’t five baseball for doesn’t for me. Yeah, he was originally nowadays. Yeah. Now the head coach at Manchester Valley, varsity.

Nestor Aparicio  08:09

It’s crazy story. Right. Yeah. Well, I mean, a lot of schools don’t end right. Exactly. Right. I mean, I know of a few like animal the county had your Brooklyn Park Rundle and the seat and Keo he both are gone now Towson Catholics I mean smaller schools based around religion are based around does something he was too small to make it work right. Yeah, the school but we’re talking about you know, a Carroll County School that there’s a history to tradition that if ever closed on dock. You Johnny Oh, we just rebuilt our school man. Our school. My high school was 100 years old when I went there. And it was 100 years ago. And we rebuilt and it’s like, beautiful. Your Manchester

Griffin Bass  08:52

Yeah, mansions are pretty new now. And but yeah, this is kind of a way to you know, for anyone that misses North Carolina kind of a way to kind of come out and support us at our golf tournament. You know, and keep supporting North Carroll baseball but North Carroll just sports we’re just so you know, a group of guys from the from the community from the Hampstead Manchester area.

Nestor Aparicio  09:09

And what do you do? Give me the whole deal. Carol

Griffin Bass  09:13

The best way that we’re North Nesta Carol pan and Carol Exactly. Yeah, that’s the best way to best way to sign up. It’s $130 a person the deadline is September 21. We hit this October October 5, Thursday October 5, so it’s gonna be beautiful weather October I mean, it’s one of its Piney Branch. Branch branch golf course up in Upper kill Baltimore County one of the best courses I mean in the state really. So it’s gonna be it’s gonna be a lot of fun. We’ve got a ton of Raffles we’ve got prizes. We’re, we’re big. One of our big sponsors the reef foundation, so we’re gonna have some donated to Ed Reed jerseys, signed signed every Jersey son Lamar jersey. Yeah, memorabilia. Yes. Justin Tucker signed memorabilia. We’re gonna have ravens tickets to give away a bunch of Raffles. Yeah, well, you know, I pretend to be

Nestor Aparicio  10:00

Well, last week I had Tom Pierce on classic five a golf sponsored me. So that’s, I’ll go through them all I’ll forget one. Clifton Park Mount Pleasant Forest Park, Carol Park and Pine Ridge. That’s pretty good. You know when I was young and sexy like you guys, I had a golf ball a little bit. I was a baseball player from a baseball family and I felt like golf the ball didn’t move. You know? It makes it a lot easier than like tennis or baseball rugby, but young people golfing that’s good this Yeah,

Griffin Bass  10:28

I mean, this is this is torn. It’s open to everybody you know. So we do have we do have a first first first place prizes.

Nestor Aparicio  10:36

It’s going to end Carroll Yes,

Griffin Bass  10:39

exactly. Exactly. Firstly surprises me a free forum at Piney Branch again great golf club for another free second place is free foursome at Bull bull a rock bully rock

Shane Guevara  10:48

which is like the nicest post record yep

Griffin Bass  10:52

yeah free forum at Oakmont right down right down the street here in Hampstead. longest drive. Yes. The a free free tailor tailor made em for driver for the for the longest drive a putter an odyssey stroke putter for the next week. Oh yeah, I need that putter then you need it. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. I’m gonna show down. Closer to the pin a free wedge and again a PS five we’re getting ready. You know what I will go for what’s out though. Well, should we give that away since we add that I

Nestor Aparicio  11:22

think we should add cheese, blue cheese and

Shane Guevara  11:24

bacon crumbles

Nestor Aparicio  11:25

always um, it’s not it’s not a wedge for that and it’s just salad.

Griffin Bass  11:31

We got a Yeti cooler to give away as well. I mean, so so. Don’t spoil. We want people come out Shane, Shane

Nestor Aparicio  11:38

Rivera and Griffin bass are here. We’re at the green mount station in Hampstead. The sign behind me says so. I’m gonna have a crab cake with Karen whenever she gets here as well. You worked here?

Griffin Bass  11:48

I did. I worked here for like good five years. I started when I was in high school. This is like 2017 Rio TB I started or I think that was like the OTB just open when I was kind of winding down my time here. Every

Nestor Aparicio  12:01

time I come to like one of these little like op Mayberry communities like Hampstead. I want to be here I want to be Yeah, exactly. It was so

Shane Guevara  12:09

funny story. I actually worked at the bowling alley. When I was 14 years old.


Nestor Aparicio  12:12

One of the lady owned it Yeah, the cars

Shane Guevara  12:15

Yes. That was her. Okay, yeah, Miss Kay, I used to work for her and then I left to go on pursue better opportunities. And then when I was 10 I was actually pretty good. I couldn’t do dog. Talk. I cannot do duck. I’ll get it every time a third of my heart breaks my heart

Nestor Aparicio  12:34

to hear kid from Baltimore grow up here right and have an opportunity to pull the proper way. ducked into the proper way and do it like they do it all over the woods. You guys You’re raving Oreo fans. Oh right. Yes, you should.

Griffin Bass  12:50

That’s duck pen is the way to go for dog pins.

Shane Guevara  12:55

I was terrible at duck banjo. I had to use a bumper it

Griffin Bass  12:58

seems so hard. It seems a lot harder because you know smaller ball it makes it makes it more difficult three rolls out.

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

So I’m missing. Yeah, but so I’m missing a thing. Ah, that’s the so that makes that story every two or three years on the air and because you don’t know me, I’m going to tell you this story because it’s one of the legendary stories of my life. My childhood friend is a guy named Danny Wiseman Hall of Fame bowler. From Dundalk won many many tournaments. won their their their Masters Series. He’s in the Hall of Fame. We grew up together. We traded baseball cards seventh grade. All during our childhood. I bought duck pins where David Richardson who owns scrim Apple, yeah, did his bowling. We st Bowling Center East Point fair lanes. I grew up right across st Dundalk. And it was an only it was a duck penthouse. There were no 10 pins. I duck pinball every Saturday morning for the time I was four years old. They took the summer off but I was in Highland towners until I discovered girls maybe I was 1560s. Robbie doesn’t use I bowl every Saturday my life. Don’t pin bowling. And I never touched the 10 Pinball. You have to stick your fingers in it. Yeah, we have a finger as you can see. It’s kind of interesting when I was on the playground, but so Wiseman would was we were in school and we knew he was a good bowler. Like he was like a state champion kind of bowler in high school. He was a big deal. He would get his picture in the paper and win tournaments. He always had his hair slicked back and these funny blast looking things look like he was rolling skate. So Wiseman for all of that time, we would give him a hard time hey you don’t dunk pinball? We’re having all the fun. You’re doing that with the adults do right? He goes out wins his first tour. I must have been 19 When he wanted me 20 We’re talking late 80s He started winning right away he went camper on tour on TV every Saturday all over the country bowling against the legends Mark Roth man welterweight like all of that right beaten these guys. Pete Weber. Oh, that’s dang so So Danny did this all during our lifetime right Danny’s a retired bowler now he just left to move to Florida a couple months ago, is huge Oriole fan just just a great human, but we’re fly for life for friends. And I had never 10 Pinball in my life. And Danny would come on because he’s coming to town and go to win another tournament. Sit on the show, he come out to the station sit in, kinda gets you 10 pin bowling dude, I’m like, I’m missing a finger. You’re the world’s greatest bowler in the world. I’m never you know, like, I’m not gonna go out with you as you talk pinball with me. So every year we did and I talked about this in the last segment, we did our duck pin bowling charity event in early March at Penland Dundalk, and that was also a duck penthouse small little duck penthouse in Dundalk. And my buddy owns it owns a loonie. So Steve, literally, Steve owned Finland forever. turn of the century we did this event there every year. We had a lot of celebrities, wrestlers, football players, celeb celebrities stuff like Oriole stuff like that. So that we did the tournament for maybe like 1012 years, probably from 95 to maybe, oh 708. We did this every single year. And he came Wiseman came because it went through he wasn’t on tour. He came most of the time. So most of the time we have this 10 pin Hall of Fame bowler who could not hold on pence. He become enrolled off pins and he looked like you know he could be competitive. But it wasn’t what he did. It was awkward for him. He said it’s going to screw up my four. All right, but he would come out and Bulldog pens and he would always say to me, you got to come you gotta come to you. 10 bids. I’m like, it’s a hassle like that. I’m not gonna do that. So finally my son got old enough. So and this was in. I want to say this was 2001 that we did this. So I was 34 He was probably 36 My kid was 1980 90 So we all my kid was in high school senior high school. So a 102 is exactly what my kid takes an astronaut from school. We went out to Brunswick bowl and Perry Hall. I know that right? Yeah, I live right. I lived in Paris all the time. So my son with peril High School, grad school. We’re gonna go bowling with Danny Finally, all these years. Yeah, Danny’s been trying to get me to temp and I don’t know what I’m doing. You know? Where’s your kid? He’s a celebrity. Hey, John, how are ya? I got I got your ball. I brought your balls, you know? So he brings all this stuff. And he’s got all of these towels. And she you know, just like, and he’s like, trying to pick a ball for me. And I’m like, I’m rolling with his head. I found the house ball that was light as a feather. My fingers stuck in it without it falling as a pink. Yes. Okay. It was totally pink. It was it looked like it looked like bubblegum. It looked like bubble gum with a whole winter right there. So I grabbed that. I’m like, All right, I’m gonna roll with this with Danny’s like, no, no, no, you need Iris over here out of his he has his bags names on all the stuff. It’s all he’s got a towel and valet and bro cream and he’s fire shirts because he was he was that guy. He’s a star. So we’re out there and I rolled seven straight strikes and I beat him. I beat his ass and I talked about it 22 years it’s like Rocky one No, no rematch. And what I got off like 60 pins and he’s like, Dude, I need to strike out to beat you. This is crazy. And I don’t know how to score. He went he framed this before you had phones. He framed it signed it and every time he comes on I get to beat him up

Griffin Bass  18:35

that’s great. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  18:36

I’ve never bolt and pin sets I don’t blame I think it’s huge why it was insane the first game I rolled I beat him and then I retire Yeah, no I wrote generic games 143 on some of them will brag about but that’s the one of the best stories I have in my class. So I brought 10 pins once in my life and that’s it.

Griffin Bass  18:58

When else we can create their own story like that they can hit up our golf tournament or October 5 And then they can come right up right up the street degree mount bowl and Greenmount station and create their own Yeah, cremate created create their own bowling story for him. What’s your favorite thing? Agreement which I like the shrimp delicious. That’s my that’s why it’s so silly shrimp salad with the crab cake inside of it. And then you can put it on whatever you want for bread. You can put it on a wrap. That’s that’s my favorite thing to go to.

Shane Guevara  19:23

Besides crab cakes besides the crab cakes? Of course of course. The Smithfield so oh yeah there you go that’s that you get on the wrap though and you got bacon Smithfield rap Yeah, Smith rap.

Nestor Aparicio  19:33

These guys were here rapping for me representing and Carol Panthers Yeah, Tom has nothing to do with bowling and everything to do with baseball and Hampstead and golf.

Griffin Bass  19:41

I came up I forgot to mention that I didn’t lead off with free beer Beer is included with the with the offering up to $3 a person that includes beer includes food sold out already. Now you won’t be long after what after this

Nestor Aparicio  19:54

position like this? Well, it’s nice to have you guys by appreciate, like talking to like normal Pete What do you guys In the real world, what do you do?

Griffin Bass  20:01

I’m actually trying to break through a through a wall in radio right now actually doing doing well. Yeah. Behind the producing stuff. Have I worked for a press box? Oh, yes, yes. Well, the radio side Yeah. On the radio side doing they’re doing their radio show. Beautiful. Yeah.

Shane Guevara  20:15

And you do roofing.

Nestor Aparicio  20:16

So, really cool roofing is our sponsor, so I’m not gonna say, Well, I mean, maybe they do big corporate jobs, and that’s what they believed in the show this morning. I’ll probably be with me next week. We’re going to be Ocean City broadcasting. I just got a word, Senator Ben Cardin to be with us next Thursday. Governor Westmore will be with us next Friday. Chris Van Hollen, other senator is going to be with us on Friday as well. Her back from Brooklyn, and we’re gonna have a whole bunch of people on as well as we talk tourism. We’re gonna talk about oysters. We’re gonna talk about the bay and saving the bay and important things. I was gonna be doing an oyster tour. This month. I decided for the 25th anniversary. I’m just going to do it a little later on. I’m going to do an oyster tour. I’m going to make it good. I need to put a little more time into it between the Orioles being good free Kevin Brown football season crabcake tours 25th anniversary romello and out squats and Carol It’s October 5 Is your event right?

Griffin Bass  21:11

Exactly. Exactly. Because you had Rita Foundation, body and rhythm StateFarm Kiko is a pizza and Reisterstown all of our sponsors games.

Nestor Aparicio  21:19

Pizza All right. Send me some

Griffin Bass  21:23

good pizza. Can’t wait can’t wait to see everybody out there. We’ll

Nestor Aparicio  21:26

pepperoni Oh, yeah.

Shane Guevara  21:27

All right, my

Nestor Aparicio  21:27

my new friends. I’m like I need more young French Griffin bass here. Shane Rivera with the greatest wrestling names this side of picking counts. Give me a chance telling ticking count story and Danny wise story. So I like you. It’s a barrel of crab cake towards what we do. We’re storytellers. 25th anniversary. We’re on the road is all cursor friends at Raskin global letter. It still is not. This is a great crab mal Anna Yeah. Annegret right. Good habits. Its patented. Leonard had to wait six months to get these from made made in the US ma those are incredible, rapid While he’s a thinker, he also has investments. He’s an investor. When donation 866 90 nation puts windows it’s been one year for me and our friends at the Maryland lottery. Celebrating 50 years. We’re celebrating 25 years. I’m celebrating almost 20 years of doing this crazy show up here. in Hampstead. We’re cream outstation next to the OTB sandwich next to the green male bowl where they’re having disco bowl night, and I let my hair out when they told me they were having 80s hairband night and September 23 So I’ll be out here for that. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570 Towson Baltimore back for more from Carroll County on the Maryland crabcake tour. I’m gonna have a real crabcake broiled.

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