When it’s all Greek on your 25th Anniversary

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The WNST 25th Anniversary celebration is just getting underway but we began our fun at Costas Inn with Dennis Koulatsos and the only member of the Triantafilos family who isn’t too shy to tell the amazing Dundalk family story of coming to America with a dream.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

We’re back at wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively This is such a big deal. Because Dennis is here. We’re Costas we’re in Dundalk. So brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We have we have a winner Finally here we have a winner Costas. Mr. Calvin stadium $2 winner today. Mr. State Oh. And he’s gonna teach me how to play the piano as well. Dennis was tardy today. I’ve been tardy you put a show together your shows on the air you’re here you’re running around. You look good. I feel good. Looks like you smell good.


All these beautiful people. How can I not look good? It’s great.

Nestor Aparicio  00:40

I want to dress better I feel under no never looked at 66 polymer throwback Love it. Love it all good. How are you? Fantastic. I don’t know that you and I have ever have we ever done radio next each we have it’s been a while. I know you came in we had the senator Metzker we did we had met Scott ago and you came in today? She did remember that? It was great. Well, he’s uh yeah, he’s just one of the smart guys do guy

Dennis Koulatsos  01:03

senators are though they tend to well I

Nestor Aparicio  01:05

hope taller. Linda bombs. play smart this year. You do all that? You had never been to cost this for your ASIC sort of bias and don’t Yeah, drove pasture. Yeah. neck of the woods on the way over here. Murray. I brought peach cake. Is it true that you’ve never had beach gain never had peach kin demands never had peach cake. Never

Dennis Koulatsos  01:23

had peach cake. Never. And I’ve never had a conscious crab cake until just now. And it was delicious. Delicious. Of course. It was phenomenal. Fantastic.

Nestor Aparicio  01:31

That’s why Kathie Lee and Hoda will come down here and I run into Bucky lassic And it’s the reason crusade is crap last year and all that. So listen,

Dennis Koulatsos  01:38

I’m a fan and I will be back just just

Nestor Aparicio  01:42

did you get a Greek salad?


i Well, next time.

Nestor Aparicio  01:44

I’ll introduce you some Greek people here. See he slides me beer in the side door. Not a cop. He came over he looks at me. Is this a Greek thing? I don’t know my name is now he just looks at me. He goes and I go and Eric comes we don’t say anything. You don’t have to go he looks at me he goes and I’m like

Dennis Koulatsos  02:03

that is a lot that had a lot of mean different meanings by the way that look

Nestor Aparicio  02:07

when my wife does it what does it mean? I don’t know.

Dennis Koulatsos  02:09

That’s not a good you’re in trouble. You’re in a doghouse in the Jen house

Nestor Aparicio  02:15

she’s up here on the set drinking my beer. Like she couldn’t get around there’s because she had you can be a part of she can that’s why so this morning I drove down Hartford road. I invited owl who believe it or not Laurie Piper served flower to owl she was in the business of the baking business for many many years. Nice. Have you had any the family peach cake? I’m going to share this with Dennison you. Alright, so what would you know? Would you know anything about peach cake? Or does anybody talk about it other than me or no?


I love peaches. And to me I love cake. This

Nestor Aparicio  02:51

cake is more bread than cake but I love it sweet. Okay,


I love bread.

Nestor Aparicio  02:54

All right, so I’m gonna show it to you. I know you see me eat it on the air. This is phenomenal. This is like sweating. These peaches are sweating. That’s great and what the way they serve it over there at the Fenwick and that’s my favorite. But you can go to Woodley, you can go to Simon’s it’s delicious. Looks. It’s old school bakery, you can only get it for a couple more weeks. And so it’s seasonal. It’s like eggnog. They take it away. And they give you this special lemon brown sugar. Yeah, use brown sugar. It’s just a little lemon brown sugar, little narrow little bits. And you don’t have to be too perfect with it. I feel like I feel like Julia Child looks amazing. By the way. I feel like Duff from kick off so I’m not gonna put too much sugar a little bit because FedWatch it’s summertime. So I got a knife here and I’m going to cut you off piece because you see me munching on this here and when I tend to like the the crust a little bit so I’m gonna give you a piece of the crusty take piece right here. All right, and I got I had plates all I got some plates over here. Look, we’re Costas they do it upright. I want you to enjoy that. Okay. And while you’re eating that, I’m going to tell you that I picked up a watermelon just north of Easton on 50 week and a half ago and my wife gets these plastic bras that go around the the like a Tupperware thing. And I’ve been scooping out the watermelon every morning. I’ve been having a whole bowl of watermelon. And what’s happened is inside the watermelon all the juices now, like lining up and my wife has some designs on some vodka with that with that, how about a straw she’s thinking and a straw and maybe a little bit. My 25th anniversary Dennis is here. He sponsors the WSD tech service for things like when Jack Flaherty is trading at the trading deadline if you’re on that SEC service and of course you can hear three to five on Thursday, and of course the Sunday from eight until noon except when he goes along and then he displays all day Sunday like he did last week. So we’ll do that again. And it’s usually me and Luke and all that stuff. So you gotta have some peach cake. I want you to go make sure you get there. These are fresh peaches. So the reason they don’t make these peach cake in this way she got a napkin for you right it’s good. It’s good after rific Why don’t want you because he’s beaches to go squirt. And they’re gonna dribble you’re gonna need a you get a peach that doesn’t squirt send it back you don’t I mean like you cannot say that on the air is that is that legal? I just said it so learnt on dock we say we get different rules here they didn’t alright different when you cross over with going in you come over back river neck bridge. So the peach cake so you’ll see what this peach this peach was on a tree a week ago, right? So it’s not like Libby’s peach cocktail. And it can note no offense to that. But this is fresh peach cake. And a lot of folks have never had it. They don’t know because you can only really get it in July and August because it’s seasonal. That is amazing. So that’s it that that you know why oh my god, I act the way I do.


Oh my lord. It’s so good. It’s time here. This is life changing.

Nestor Aparicio  05:51

There’s anything better than the Orioles will lead an afternoon game in Toronto. Drinking free beer. Have a 25th anniversary. Nope. Having friends over ham crabcakes is great. They even got silver Queen core here if you want that genuine taste summer, fresh ripe tomatoes. Man. That’s a summer we don’t eat together enough you’re missing


out. All my life.


No here

Nestor Aparicio  06:16

you’re never gonna go down. Wandering never getting out Harford road again. Stopping to Fenway peach cake

Dennis Koulatsos  06:22

is life changing classes in crabcakes silver corn crabs everywhere by the way only keep

Nestor Aparicio  06:28

the best sponsors you notice. Oh my god. We fish this amazing. You got anything sports you want to give me because we we you and I talk sports twice a week. Every year? Why do you sponsor this show?


off my game that because of the food I’m still what? Why?

Nestor Aparicio  06:43

Why do you put up with me? Why do you endure me? Why does Mr. Kuhn sponsor this? And 25 years into this? I mean, I mean this like you told me to consider gratefulness last week you gave me a little gave a little speech in our segment. And my wife would tell you, I’m up late. I’m up early. I’m been going through all this stuff over here. And I’m grateful every one of those signs came in 30 boxes, and people came and helped me hand them out. Every one of those shirts there were hundreds and they’re all gone in the community books. I printed 10,000 copies of each one of those books, and I have 100 left. All the events we’ve done all these things, but none of that happens. If the Maryland lottery win donation and coons Ford, I’m going back into the night. Emerald Tavern and Harvey people that sponsored me gave me $100 A week. Pet Perella the late great so me my sponsors we’ve lost pet Perella gave me $75 A week and a $25 pizza card to have shrimp scampi pizza at his place to promote his place in 1992 I mean like literally that’s how this this thing was a barn raising literally Radio Free Dundalk, Dennis.

Dennis Koulatsos  07:50

Well, the reason is because you’re the most passionate sports fan analysts in the history of the world that’s why you have passion and that that’s that’s what bought me that’s what sells you love sports. You love the Orioles you love the Ravens. You love the Colts.

Nestor Aparicio  08:06

Why did the Orioles in the Ravens not know that I love them? Why would they? Why do they fear me? Because they be out hoping that you’ll stop sponsoring me. They want me to go they want me to be gone. Don’t look at him. You look at him. He’s gonna bring you beer. This is my every time. Every time I ever look at, he looks at me. And he’s like, and I’m like, and the next thing you know, I get a beer.


Oh, he’s a legend like you. He’s a legend. He’s a legend in the Greek community. He

Nestor Aparicio  08:38

won’t come on the show in Maryland. Come on. Up. Come on. I’ve been trying to

Dennis Koulatsos  08:43


get him on and we’re gonna talk Greek he and I, he he brought me

Nestor Aparicio  08:47

a beer. The other night we came in. We didn’t have any electricity on Saturday. So we ate out all day. It was 100 degrees. We started in your side of town. We started over at El Guapo. Then we went to the local and Whitemarsh and then we came over here to watch the Oregon we didn’t have electricity. I couldn’t watch the game. So we planned at seven o’clock to be here. We walk in at seven o’clock. He comes over I said look, I’m doing a show here this week. You got to come on the show. He’s out. You see he’s disappear. Right? He just didn’t

Dennis Koulatsos  09:11

die. He’s back in the kitchen. He loves us. He brings me

Nestor Aparicio  09:14

a beer. He sets it down in front of me. I’m watching the game. I said I’m doing the show here. I said, I said I’m doing the beer. I said, I’m doing the show here. And I said will you do the show on Thursday? He hands me the bear. He said good luck with that. That’s right. He walks by and he just brought me another beer. And he won’t do the show. I want to hear the stories of his coming to America. These courses. Well, there’s some Greek prime


will tell you did like Burgos. His daughter first Christine Christine just went by.

Nestor Aparicio  09:49

I can’t believe that you’re the only Greek I’m going to have on a Costas to represent this institution since night since 1971.


This is as good as it gets Nesta right here

Nestor Aparicio  09:59

we’re free. beer and a good friend revere the best part of this show today for me and this is heartfelt This is going through all of this stuff that I’ve gone through and I mean this like as I’m sitting here wearing a Jim Palmer jersey, that the Orioles are relevant again they are like I’m sitting here on August 3, and the Orioles in the ravens are irrelevant. Sports is sort of abandoned me a little bit obviously with Behati and Angelo’s I haven’t abandoned it and the see the city to see was sick and Eddie both here were an Oreo hats. Yeah, when the Orioles are in first place. And we’re laughing we’re laughing at the free the birth sites were like this is old. This is why I’m not going to share it. Yes, absolutely. Should I do is Sinead O’Connor?


Yeah. God rest her soul. Wherever she is,

Nestor Aparicio  10:49

say a prayer in Greek for Peter Angeles. Here we go right here. It’s two hexes over there it is. Free the


NASA collab Peter Angela been freed.

Nestor Aparicio  10:59

They’re free NASA Kalapana peach cake too. All right. Kick is

Dennis Koulatsos  11:02

amazing. Is that all mine are to have to share it.

Nestor Aparicio  11:06

I’ll let you how much peach? What have I told you about portion control? What have I told that

Dennis Koulatsos  11:13

much about that as much as you want? It’s what you said to me. Hi, Christine.

Nestor Aparicio  11:19

Will you come up and represent the family?


Yes, how are you dad? We’ll

Nestor Aparicio  11:24

do it. Brothers in Bimini somewhere son and himself after working 25 hours a day. You sit down for a minute and just talk about your family. He wants to honor your family with you. It’s all Greek to him now what will you put us in the middle with Dennis should keep that on? I got other headsets Dude, I got other headsets here. I do this professionally. I do this professionally. She here’s a problem. Everybody’s shy. You know, just talk just


talk. Normal BE YOURSELF BE

Nestor Aparicio  11:52

you. You be you. Are you know, you know the owner. He will come on. Come on. Bring me beer. Every time he looks at me.


He’s gonna come over and said I just asked you to offer a drink and you’re sitting down now on Java. What happens?

Nestor Aparicio  12:07

He comes over to me Do you know this? Look, he comes over to me. And he goes, and I go and next thing you know, I get a beer. It’s a great thing.


That’s what he said. You will understand. My name is Nestor. I’m trying to call you and then we’ll call you


drink Drink Drink.

Nestor Aparicio  12:23

How do you say that in Greek? Oh, boy.


Oh, now you’re really a person dishes. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  12:31

Where’s your brother’s yes on himself


thing Bahamas? Yeah, finally, finally getting some rest. Yeah, right he deserves

Nestor Aparicio  12:41

your brother has this reputation and I’m being serious. I go places people know I know him. Right. And the other guy that and I mean this George foetus at drug city also Greektown guy. When I go places and people hear sponsors and they might say this about Dennis Chu, but specifically your brother and not your other brother. All right, just been disrespected. We love we love love Nick. People come to me and they’re like, Pete might be the nicest man I’ve ever met. And and I heard that a lot and then I hear that more about George lately because there are drugs that he’s a new sponsor, and I play there as people come up they’re like do you let the nicest sponsors you have like local awesome regular people we don’t do Walmart right we do.


Local because we treat people like family. They are like family they are family. We love everyone in our

Nestor Aparicio  13:33

parents about that.me at the bar Absolutely. Your keeper I want to ask you this because it’s been here since 71. Give me your first recollection of this business. And the first time you’re a little girl and you smell crabs and crab cakes here and what it was like and what it’s like today because I’m celebrating 25 years you guys did your you guys did your your your big plan and your big 50 A couple years ago and it was starting to play he kind of got cheated out of it I thought a little bit for it. But when I see local businesses pizza John’s a great example in Essex a picture of this humble little thing a meat cheese they’re all my signs Ameche zone images my favorite restaurant world I don’t know disrespect any other restaurant it’s my this my place my it’s my fancy place it’s been that way from the beginning right. And that place began as a carry out with four seats and a bathroom that was in the middle of the dining room. Right and I see this vision for what I’ve tried to do over my lifetime what your family second third generation your there’s always a member of your family in this building Heartland every single time I’m here, and I don’t even know what this was when my dad my dad drank beer here. My dad would come home late some days with Mr. Tom Joe Thomas has his workmate just to drive him My dad never drove and he said we’re gonna cost us today and he bring me some steamed shrimp home and my mom that kind of thing. Aw, fix it. Hey honey, we’re gonna be late. I’m gonna bring you steamed shrimp and a crab game from Costas. And you know my mother. Well, you know, you know my mother so oh my god was this this room looks new ish to me. So this side


is actually now about 30 years old. I was pregnant at the hostess station up there. My daughter just turned 30 So over there growing up I was a little kid running around was just the box, just the bar, and my mom was just she was back there and


Nestor Aparicio  15:26

we’re sitting in the parking lot at the time, or part of the parking lot and


this is part of the parking lot. Yeah, yeah. So it’s amazing. There was Bethlem steel coming cashed your check sit at the bar have their drinks line of people out the door cashing checks that was a huge business check cashing

Nestor Aparicio  15:43

this Jimmy is beautiful because it is it’s it’s never changed in the 30 years, but it’s a real crab house, right? Like when you know, it’s a real crab there’s paper it feels like the tables calm with paper right here pretty much and that unto itself is that’s just Baltimore No, that’s just such a Baltimore thing.


It is so we had crabs I think early on and then he didn’t have crabs and then they started the crabs again before was right pit beef we had to carry out we call that the pits. I started working in the pits

Nestor Aparicio  16:11

and the amazing thing about pit beef Anna and God bless the chaps people also good Greek folk, you know and I remember going over there you know getting sandwiches in route 40 and bull Rose Bowl and oyster roast. And as a kid I see this all the time. I thought crabs were like pizza I just thought everybody had them everywhere. I didn’t realize that they were special to here Oh yeah. And things that are so local pit beef is that pet peeve hippie if you don’t get you can’t get pit beef 20 miles from here let alone somewhere in Virginia Beach. You think you’re gonna get pit pet


feet was huge. We did the boardwalk fries. I mean you just have to evolve a little bit over time. You know you got to change things up a little bit started steam crashed

Nestor Aparicio  16:54

and weapons here. Okay, and the cream spinach is a part of the oysters rock you like oysters? Give me an order of Oysters Rockefeller. I want him and you’re going to dinner

Dennis Koulatsos  17:07

Yeah, that’s long story. Long story just long story but I had to come here and honor you

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

Jake for you give me the peach cake back. I got that’s my

Dennis Koulatsos  17:16

dessert. You can’t take my dessert.

Nestor Aparicio  17:20

You can’t eat you’re putting it to eat you me No, no, no, no no this song

Dennis Koulatsos  17:23

eat dessert first and it’s a Greek thing you wouldn’t understand every

Nestor Aparicio  17:27

time I come in I see that thing I don’t know how to pronounce that. Dr. Booty let


your booty grow let


let your booty grow because if enough of your booty will grow there’s no doubt about that.


We’ve heard some different versions of that

Nestor Aparicio  17:40

peach cake from from Fenwick ever in your life it’s


been a while

Nestor Aparicio  17:44

well you’re gonna have some Karen came over Karen was the bath Karen with the peach cake was a little bit like my cat when I bring home ROFO chicken like she’s knows like Karen came over she’s like those boxes with like different Fenwick. I bet they have peach. And I’m like, yeah, and Dennis. I bought the peach cake for Dennis. And then Dennis doesn’t show up. I communicate it’s a great thing to show up. Why don’t you run back a true communicate? Not


everybody that’s not my parents. But yeah, so

Nestor Aparicio  18:15

close. I came to give him your peach cake. Whoa.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:17

That’s why kept texting me. I’m cutting. Do not give away my peach cake.

Nestor Aparicio  18:21

Whatever you do. You were like David Lee Roth, you didn’t feel Tarney? Not at all. Not at all.


I’m here in the flesh.

Nestor Aparicio  18:26

Well, I’m glad that that I got you on because your brother never wants to come on your other brothers. Like I don’t get into late. And then your dad’s like, I don’t speak English. So you know, he gives me that he gets a look though he speaks on how many horses is your dad? Because I didn’t know your dad owned. Now I’ve peed in his bathroom 100 times and I see the pictures. And I bet it was a year or two ago that Pete said to me, you know, my dad’s like, has a couple of 100 horses that I want. And I’m like, and I the only reason I knew your dad had the horse thing for me. I came in here on a Sunday, this last Sunday year ago between the Derby and the Preakness came in on a Sunday to watch the Oregon game. And I came in and your dad comes up to me it’s like 1130 12 in the mornings. It was early in a Sunday. And he say you hear about Baffert. And I’m like, No, I said I had him on the show. Last night. We did a zoom we did 30 minutes. As far as the suspended he cheated. And I’m like, why would he run the patient? He can’t You can’t disqualify him until I get the piece on the radio the piece on and so we I and I went back in the office and we started talking about horse racing. He loves your dad’s introverted he doesn’t brag about all and he will come on the show


parrot. BlueCare. It was our baby she’d go wire to wire we had blast. Go to go to the racetrack. Most of the time getting the winning picture but not always. Not always. Actually not most of the time. But that was fun. A lot of farmers

Nestor Aparicio  19:52

in the horse business man that’s unbelievable. Yeah, he’s pretty much out of it now


but he


he still likes loves to go don’t worry about it. Just something People don’t talk about

Nestor Aparicio  20:04

wink wink ladies debate baby somewhere in the old world. He just got back from Greece. This guy here. Oh, nice.


We went to making those arrows and


it’s been a long time since then. But yeah, very nice to go back great.

Nestor Aparicio  20:16

Do you brush up your Greek? Can you talk about your mother right lawyer? Do you have no problem?


Not No, I

Nestor Aparicio  20:22

gotta go. I can send you to Greece to go but everybody


speaks English over there. Everybody does. Now

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

everybody speaks English, everybody. Germany if you’re older you do elder people don’t younger people. Everybody speaks English. When you’re in Spain, anywhere in Europe. It’s kind of like that.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:38

The United States 50 years real quick. Yeah, they do. But how did he say 25 years? They could spend the Karanja 20 Well, thank you. Yeah, yeah, we’re

Nestor Aparicio  20:46

silver anniversary.


Yes. That’s right. Like that.

Nestor Aparicio  20:50

Get you some Oysters Rockefeller I know people here crap place I said Oysters Rockefeller. They’re just gonna appear

Dennis Koulatsos  20:59

but I had a phenomenal crab cake here was that was great. They did they here No, it was great.

Nestor Aparicio  21:03

Next time you’re in you do the cream spinach here.


We were coming back. We might be back tomorrow.

Nestor Aparicio  21:08

The cream spinach. Oysters rockets topped with that. That’s why I said they’re cream spinach is special. We lost.


We lost creamed spinach to it as long

Nestor Aparicio  21:15

as it has it has.


No we’re coming back. moreto thing that the oh, we might come back tonight. All right.

Nestor Aparicio  21:23

I want to thank receipt. I don’t want to forget anybody. Tom Pierce, my wife for taking the day off. Do you have to go and work? Are they yelling at you? I’m


gonna go. Okay, you’re gonna show me

Nestor Aparicio  21:35

two minutes. Okay. Because look for being our guests. You you get a lottery ticket, or friends or Windows. 90 nations ready to sell some cars.

Dennis Koulatsos  21:44

Don’t tell me what you do. For Baltimore. 6970 Security Boulevard, call me for 10 to 180337 I’ll save you a ton of money

Nestor Aparicio  21:52

did receive offer to do the thing you need to do the

Dennis Koulatsos  21:55

receptionist. I love her say, I can’t believe I met him. He said to

Nestor Aparicio  21:59

me 48 hours ago, one day, do you know how well do you know we’re sick? And I laughed at him literally Monday morning. And I said I can get proceeded to any and then received to shows up. And you showed up late which was on time, right? Because

Dennis Koulatsos  22:15

you showed up early on purpose. You wouldn’t be dealing with risk. That’s how we do. And you know what he’s gonna draw me and make me 50 pounds skinnier too.

Nestor Aparicio  22:22

All right. So I’m gonna head over crabcakes come from because you’re the one doing it. Right. You do all the work here. Oh, yeah. Right.


All the heavy, all the heavy lifting. You can


order them right from the website. Costas. n.com, go right on there. Or you can call 410-477-1975. Nice. I’ll put it right on there.

Nestor Aparicio  22:41

Thank you and Mr. Coons and everybody that keeps this place percolating on behalf of Mr. Stadium, whom I love. Who’s been laughing at me for the last three hours. Still should have cast me and I’ve I forgiven you. I say my heart to forgive. My wife and my son would say I’m not a forgiving human being at all. But you I have forgiven. I forgive. All right.


Look, he’s gonna fire me now. No, he’s not. He can’t replace you. Well, you wouldn’t

Nestor Aparicio  23:14

do that. He looked at me. He’s gonna bring me another beer. Because my wife who’s driving it is our 25th anniversary. And my thanks to everybody for making this happen. Congratulation. Nice. We’re gonna come back and do it twice. We’re going to be a drug city all day Friday with a whole different set of people who love me. In spite of me. We are WNS ta 5070, Towson Baltimore, and we never stopped talking. Baltimore Swartz Creek it’s all Greek to me.

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