The beauty of Baltimore when both teams are winning

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Now 25 years into talking about sports around the clock, it’s rarefied air when the Orioles are in first place and the Ravens are expected to join them in the fall. Long time public relations executive John Maroon and original WNST producer Andy Mueller join Nestor at Drug City to discuss how much fun sports can be for a community like Baltimore.


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Nestor Aparicio, Andy Mueller, John Maroon

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back to WNS, G Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re positively at drug city to sign over job routes head says so we’re in the tasting room where we are tasting parts of drug city and we’ll talk about that in a minute. Man of the lottery sponsoring everything we’re doing here Chuck’s bringing in he’s a soda jerk he doesn’t mind being called that I’ll be honest with you down here drug City at the fountain so you don’t down here friends at the window nation. Also bringing it together the one year anniversary my Windows very happy to have my windows open lately. Good weather. nice breeze. My cat likes it. It’s awesome. 866 90 nation a way to find them. And a big thanks everybody costs us for making Thursday. Awesome. I have my Raskind global. This is a special crab mallet. You guys from Syracuse. New York Jets fans. He’s surrounded by people know what the hell a crab is. I gotta get Bill yurman and Rodney up here to talk about it.

John Maroon  00:50

I’ve been eating crabs since I moved here in 95. And love it. Um, so back.

Nestor Aparicio  00:54

Have you ever seen one of these? This is this is a crab mallet with a beer opener on the side. I mean, that is

John Maroon  01:02

that is ingenious. I

Nestor Aparicio  01:03

mean it Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone would have come up with that they would have they would have made a million. So appreciate everybody. It cost us we have friends. On the program. We got the Baltimore County Executive Johnny O’s coming by a little later on. We’re gonna find Ray Bachman at some point, but we couldn’t get raised. So we got Andy. The original producers at wn St. Andy joined us in October 1998. We went on the air August 3 of 1998 Marut doesn’t I don’t think you were in the basement. I have pictures of you with Ray Miller and Mike Tomlin timberland. Tim

Andy Mueller  01:34

went to the barn. Yes.

Nestor Aparicio  01:37

Football Coach. Right. They came out to the barn. But Ray Miller in my studio, I have pictures of you bringing him over the lake Great. Ray Miller, right. Yes. Yeah, the rabbit, the rabbit. So I don’t think you were there for the original buffet. But I had pictures of Mike bordick in my studio with his kids when they were little. So guys used to come over all the time. So maroons, and oh gee, he’s in the PR game. Now he’s given up vanilla milkshakes on on desks of Redskins coaches. Listen,

John Maroon  02:06

can I give a shot the trucks like Chuck said he’d never heard of it never been here. It’s amazing to your peers.

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

Here’s what you need to do. Well, you’re right.

John Maroon  02:16

This guy just that sort of jerk Chuck he just made me a cherry coke. And a cherry coke. It’s awesome. Peter

Nestor Aparicio  02:21

made me a damn thing.

Andy Mueller  02:22

And a cream he made for me.

Nestor Aparicio  02:25

Cream hold you going the egg cream Ronnie. Bowie Rodney brought me in I feel bad making him wait but you’ll be wildly entertained by this segment. The brought me one of these Pineapple Upside Down pies that I I’ve had in little slices and he brought me to whole pie so I’m gonna be pi for a month

John Maroon  02:43

and real shout out to the gianopolous family. Oh, of course. Absolutely.

Nestor Aparicio  02:47

We couldn’t get Pete or nick or cost us on the show. So we had the best member of the family Christine joins us today so we had her on for a little while. We’re truck city I wanted to say this about sports because we dropped dropped off from this the one thing you grew up in sports All you ever wanted to do is be sports radio guy. All I ever wanted to do was be Oscar Madison or John Steadman. I don’t What did you want to be when you were a little boy? I had no idea I worked in sports for a lifetime idea

John Maroon  03:14

but I got lucky so NBA right was your I started at major league baseball and then went into and then went to Cleveland Indians the NBA the Baltimore Orioles Washington. He did three out of the four never hockey never Hawk Okay, well I heard that’s great. And then cow let me cow was it was never you know is never a passion when I was growing up. I liked sports like every little kid, but I didn’t even know there was an opportunity to work in sports. It all came when I went to St. John’s University and I needed an internship for my last semester. And the late my late Dean Bernie begged Elaine had was really well connected and he got me an internship at major league baseball unpaid in the summer of 86 or 87 and it led to my first job from Phyllis marriage

Nestor Aparicio  03:57

with my first well then you got out of sports that it’s some degree Macau Oh, I’m

John Maroon  04:01

out of sports for the most part,

Nestor Aparicio  04:02

do you okay so but but now as a fan, I mean, you’re showing your jets thing on the back of your phone. You’re all geeked up about the fake opportunity that they think they have to win this year.

John Maroon  04:15

I can’t wait to take your money I can’t wait.

Nestor Aparicio  04:19

I’m not betting on Lamar Jackson against Aaron Rodgers. I’ll take Aaron Rodgers in that bet you’ve been listening to the wrongs

John Maroon  04:27

of the Ravens bad respect we don’t even play each other tomorrow said the Jets are making the plane

Nestor Aparicio  04:33

Lamar can navigate mahomes Herbert whatever that thing is in January to beat three of those guys. I love knowing him Joe Flacco will build a statue form you know what I mean? Because I think it’s got it was hard already. And you believe that you just made it a lot harder by bringing

John Maroon  04:50

putting putting aside the differences of his team specific teams. The AFC is crazy, right insane. Like the NFC is a little leaks and And AFC is just loaded and stacked it’s gonna be a war. It’s hard to see somebody getting past Kansas City it just is but you know the Ravens the Bengals

Nestor Aparicio  05:12

you got chargers think they’re the Jaguars, Josh Allen and the bills

John Maroon  05:17

Yeah. Fear so it’s it’s crazy you know so it’ll be a lot of fun to watch look from a Jets fan perspective it’s the first time in a long time we’ve been able to be excited so well allow me that

Andy Mueller  05:28

you can bet them 100 Oreos I say you can pay them 100 bucks but honestly with with sports betting right now I bet you need the jets to make the playoffs would pay more than 100 bucks right?

John Maroon  05:39

But it would be less fun to get

Nestor Aparicio  05:41

guys on this gambling thing. Did you want to throw me out Kevin Byrne would have thrown me out anyway so I mean, it was a different time you know? Did you ever think this would happen? I think it’s really dangerous John I mean you spend time in sports I there they’re ringing this kid up for gambling on games the NFL kid this week and I just there’s always guys making hundreds of millions of dollars and there’s always somebody on something and he could affect something in a college basketball game where you’re you’re playing a cop and God bless that wouldn’t have but but this is dangerous aligned

John Maroon  06:15

on everything is so great right now that it does bring bring concern I think it’s you look at the gambling for sure there’s that you look at the NFL stuff with the college athletes. I think there’s just a lot of gray and nobody knows how to define it. Football conferences are running college football I don’t know if it’s good bad or indifferent time will tell but I think there’s a lot of a guarantee and I think there’s a lot of a lot of uncertainty and a lot of room for corruption.

Nestor Aparicio  06:43

Well I mean in the case of Siemens Syracuse behind to just pay the guys legal instead of doing it the way they

John Maroon  06:48

look St John’s is my alma mater and I got to hide Rick Pitino and we’re bringing we changed the whole roster and and Al had a lot to do with that micro poli the founder of Vitamin Water is the biggest St John’s University booster he brought in PITINO he there’s one guy left from last year and

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

sketball team last year, the St

John Maroon  07:09

John’s alum it’s very exciting. But there’s just there’s just so much out there that nobody knows where the rule ends and begins and you get all these players being suspended like Calvin Ridley got suspended for the NFL for a year for placing a bet on a game had nothing to do with his team and like I don’t it’s just very vague and hence open through a lot of

Andy Mueller  07:32

urine you gotta catch all issues you got P ro sitting out there going wait a minute Yeah, right right

John Maroon  07:37

now least when you can, the only argument can make there is the rules were very clear that yes, they’re not clear now that’s what always bothers me and makes it a little scary to me.

Nestor Aparicio  07:47

I did a connects event and networking morning event. I’m sure you’ve been to some of those and Mike Titian has guys over there and Ryan Ripken spoke to hit you. Was Ryan’s great, I had lunch with Ryan a couple weeks ago. It’s great. Count be proud cow, you did well. But I heard Gary Williams was the speaker the month before, and Gary’s up and it was no offense to Gary’s like an old man. Like he’s like, they’re gonna put guard rails in eventually or sooner. And I’m like, Who?

John Maroon  08:13

I mean, who’s gonna put guard

Nestor Aparicio  08:15

rails in on capitalism? I don’t know, you know, if my kid were 17 and can dribble and dunk or could, God forbid be running back at this point, like you would start directing your kid right away to saying, Well, how are we going to get used to be how can Little Susie get a scholarship now after Angel Reese? It’s, you know, how can Susie get money for being a soccer star on her campus or a gymnast or, I mean, it’s not just about the football players, I think there’s going to be other opportunities above and beyond just being the best basketball or football player.

John Maroon  08:47

Well, you see it too, right? You see what the gymnasts young woman? I think she’s at LSU Levine. She’s making millions. She’s a gymnast, but she’s an attractive young woman. She speaks well, she’s getting a lot of deals and she’s making literally millions while in college. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. But I just think to your point, who’s watching all this, who’s kind of wondering is the NCAA has lost a lot of its mojo, if it even has any more football conferences are running. So I just think the whole thing is just, it’d be very interesting to see evolve. Historically, this world has a way of hitting hitting a tipping point where it reverts and goes back and kind of self corrects. Our world does that and I hope that that happens right now. I’m still as interested in sports as I ever AM. It hasn’t dissuaded me. So I would imagine that’s going to be a part of it is if people start to get turned off by it, I don’t see that I see the opposite game. You know, gaming is going through the roof.

Nestor Aparicio  09:48

Well, baseball and football, all the sports but baseball specifically. And we’ve all been around baseball forever. And never thought about it and how to bet on when I’m in Vegas and I see. I don’t even know really and I’m thinking why would I bet on a starting pitcher? I mean like I that’s not really the effect on the game and now you could bet on every pitch and they’re gonna have bet McDonald and and on it and Palmer if you’re broadcasting you’re talking locking for was giving his insider picks last night on the internet for the Jets Browns preseason game that there’s no one guy was a journalist and this is where we’re taking journalism. This is where we’re taking broadcasters. This is where we’re taking Big Papi with the hose. This is where we’re taking Terry Bradshaw and how we long on Sunday. I mean, everybody showed me the Greek Well, look,

John Maroon  10:33

I mean, I don’t know if anybody here watches golf, but I do. And now a big part of what when they talk about golf is the odds and who is who the odds makers are picking in these respective tournament or major. I got my Barstool Sports app. I’m laying down some wagers. But you know, I don’t know how to do it half the time. To your point. It’s so complex, but you can bet on anybody anything right now.

Nestor Aparicio  10:55

But baseball sees that as a tub of money. That’s going to offset I saw Sinclair lost $75 million. He’s RS NS it’s over. It’s over for mass and in home team sports, where their next revenue stream isn’t in soakin more fans in the outfield for $40 They can only spend baseball fans especially with baseball where you want them to come more often. They had the $60 a month you know come down in price. That’s great. But that’s not a lot of revenue. That’s not the kind of revenue that they they were getting from cable television and the cord cutting and where can I find my game on from my teams playing there in the pennant race. I don’t have the apple plus I’m not given Apple my like all of those things that they haven’t even streaming in Pennsylvania loop covers the team for me can’t get the games. They haven’t figured any of that out but the gambling they smell money there. They smell growth that more so than chickens.

John Maroon  11:46

So I think the NFL has done a good job with the with the football streaming now it’s not everyone is in loving it right now. But they’re figuring out how to find new areas of money, new ways to tap into younger fans with the Amazon games. Now you got YouTube TV as DirecTV Sunday Ticket. I would never been like I knew how to work YouTube TV. I’m a YouTube TV. Because because I am. I was gonna ask for that reason.

Nestor Aparicio  12:15

I was gonna ask both you how we got married. My wife is a Verizon employee. We’re FiOS family and and for what I do for a living I mean free shout out the fires. They’re not my sponsor, but the speed of what I need to do video and audio and all the things I do. I need that and that’s what I and I discovered access TV, right? Cubans. So I mean, I have cable to some degree and that’s how I get the oral games when I get it. But Thursday night football, I’m looking for Joe Buck and I gotta fire up the computer. But tell me your experience on this because that certainly shows interesting

John Maroon  12:48

the day that happened. I called up DirecTV and they were getting flooded with calls. The only reason I had DirecTV was for the Sunday Ticket and he came rip my bike dish off and I got YouTube TV and I thought I don’t even how this works. YouTube TV is just like having Verizon It’s just like having Comcast you have all the stations. I would love your perspective. I think the thing they need to work on their guide sucks. And it doesn’t have actual numbers to you like scan channels. Channel it yeah, my thing I just talked to about it has been Yes, it has everything. It’s like you’re not going to say this is weird or I’m losing anything they have all the channels but again, we did it because we want to watch Sunday Ticket Sunday tickets so valuable. And you know, they had unlimited resources because they’re owned by Google right? Are they alphabet so you know

Andy Mueller  13:37

unlimited resources and they give you an unlimited DVR so you literally say there’s an episode of Magnum P I you want to catch but what I noticed is when you click Record it it records literally every time that show is on again. Every episode I probably have I think I did one Magnum P I reran now I have 600 episodes to watch anytime I want to. I

John Maroon  13:59

just lost focus when you said you were recording.

Nestor Aparicio  14:02

Tom Selleck, you know, boy together. John maroon is here. We’re celebrating 25 years and celebrating with an almond Smash.

John Maroon  14:13

Anniversary, Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke,

Andy Mueller  14:15

prima chocolate egg

Nestor Aparicio  14:16

cream, chocolate egg cream, I’ve gotten pie. Some really nice I want to give a shout out to Kevin grace my friend who wrote a book on Joe GaNS. He came to Costas yesterday and I was so in between like people giving me stuff and taking stuff at free the bird shirts and getting nasty and signs and all this stuff. And he brought me a bag. He’s like, I brought you something I heard you talk about on the air before that you want it and I’m like, Well, you know, and he pulls it out. The Orioles giveaway a lot of crap right and I had I had a Palmer statue at one point I think I had broke and I didn’t really have a place to put them so I was just like Robbie took them over for Robert. So I had all of this stuff at the radio station that I was trying to get rid of just downsized before it got wrecked bobbleheads truck Thompson bobbleheads, it said eight the miracle I like all that stuff that was cute at the radio station but it’s just, it’s time it’s just time for someone else to have it in their man cave. And completely I just lost train of thought of what I was talking about. I am very pleased anniversary anniversary. So Kevin comes over yesterday with the bag. And he says I heard you say you weren’t is the only thing I ever wanted that they’ve given away. I had a Felix pie a pie shirt. I had a while Bill Hagee I still have 30 I you know, I don’t need a Chris Tillman Dre. I just I didn’t need any of that ever. They’re doing Eddie Murray with ROFO this week. I love Eddie I don’t need to buy love ROFO I don’t need them. But the Jim Palmer 66 throwback. That was the the Aparicio arrow with the Orioles and the 22 the black Palmer on the back. I never got one of those. I never went on eBay to give somebody 75 bucks. I thought it would be kind of cheesy and like I wouldn’t want it on my skin. Like I don’t like those Hawaiian shirts. I touch them on like anywhere in 100 degree just i It’s not what I want. He brought it and I wore yesterday and then I started touching Jim Palmer a little bit you know touching all James Alvin and, and I’m like, It’s the nicest thing anybody’s given me a long time. So I just want to say that and I said to my wife, I’m too big for me. It’s it’s way too big for me. But it sort of drapes off of me and Palmer’s never done my show. And Palmer doesn’t dislike me like if I see Jim he’s Jim. He’s, he’s his own thing. You know, he has his own way about him with everybody. Right? And I love Jeremy Jim Palmer is the greatest Oriole ever. No offense to Brooks. No offense to camera cows guy, but Jim was the guy and I have this thing and I said that’s my New Jersey. I’m gonna wear it. I love it. I’m gonna wear the Palmer 66 Or because I’ve been looking at this Aparicio orange that’s kind of custom made on the internet. And there’s this there’s a Chicago White Sox 69 gray with blue and what’s beautiful. It’s not Orioles. Right? I might wear real aparece I have a jersey. But I need some fresh to the Palmer 66 gift. Thank you, Kevin gray. So people are bringing me nice stuff when you’re pregnant. I

Andy Mueller  17:00

think this is going somewhere. We didn’t bring you boy. i Oh yeah. There’s something in the car. I just have to bring it in. Right back.

Nestor Aparicio  17:08

It’s really good to see you. I love you both. Thank you. For everything you’ve done. Post our sports relation. How’s Cal doing what

John Maroon  17:17

we were just talking about? And I was just talking to he’s doing great. He’s loving life. Live in Annapolis. Oh, come on. I gotta get a crap game with you. And we’ll get we’ll figure out a time to have a crab cake with them. We’ll do just how to do it done and I

Nestor Aparicio  17:29

want to meet cow

John Maroon  17:31

how to win the 4000 By the way, his boy Ryan

Nestor Aparicio  17:35

I’ve never met Ryan Ripken. I didn’t know Ryan Ripken Ryan Rifkin joined me and my wife for lunch and watch the ball game together a couple of weeks ago, because he was just so friggin impressive to me at that connects event and I listen to one to five no fans. I don’t I follow him on Twitter. I just had found Cal should be real and I don’t know the daughter either. Rachel. I don’t I don’t know. He

John Maroon  17:53

just got married last weekend Have a Happy wedding. Colorado so she’s doing wonderfully. She’s been living there since college and nice her and her husband’s name. Cam din. Her and Camden got married last weekend. Can’t make it up. There’s a PR guy. Today, man. These are facts. And Ryan’s doing great. And I Ryan when he was a three year old little boy just turned 30. And he’s doing all the right things right post playing career and doing a lot of different media doing his own thing doing a lot of different broadcasting opportunities. He’s got podcasts going on. He’s speaking he’s just launched a fantasy football league with the iron rooster is out of control. So Andy,

Nestor Aparicio  18:34

you’ll appreciate this. What’s the most important thing other than listeners for wn St. We start

Andy Mueller  18:41

with sponsors.

Nestor Aparicio  18:43

Right? Okay, so good answer. That’s why you worked for me. That’s why I love you all these years. And that’s why the guys that want to fight me that they didn’t never understood it. Like, I don’t know if you really understood it as an oral employee and it 90 For

John Maroon  18:56

sure. I did not for sure. I didn’t notice my pre entrepreneurial days. I did not understand the critical nature of that.

Nestor Aparicio  19:03

Okay, fair. Right. So, and I have had all these young people when he went he and I talked for an hour before you got here about everybody wanted the microphone. I mean, literally, I’m 28 years old. I own a radio station. You see all this media out there. The next thing that happened is credible people like Andy Mueller would send me a sense of Hennessy at the time, a resume I went to Syracuse I’m a Journalism guy even though me Yankee fan, like I

Andy Mueller  19:29

want to do this too. I didn’t say even though I’m a Yankee fan, but even though my basketball

Nestor Aparicio  19:33

coach cheats like so, but I also had people that knew a lot about sports that wanted to take the microphone. Bob Haney being one of them is an encyclopedia, right? So all these people came into my life. Some of them had off the field issues. Some of them had personality issues with me some of it but they all have one thing in common. They all wanted to grab the microphone, eat it. Everybody wants to eat the Hi. Nobody wants to frickin make the pie. Like seriously like, and it was so easy the microphones there it was, every people could call in and be a part of it. And they thought I’m a good call or I could be a good host and, and I was such a prick about all the hiring I did. And Luke’s the only one to survive. Look, the first lady came in past every quit, he knew everything. And I’m like, You’re and he went to Syracuse to he was prepared for it. But how many people that came in that just wanted to be a part of it in that sort of way back in the day. And Ryan Ripken meets me. And we’re not your mom as we get some nachos. The Orioles are on. And within the first five minutes, he said to me, I got a sponsor. I said, my wife’s eyes on it. She’s like, you love him? And I’m like, Dude, I don’t have to teach you about sponsors. I had people that were with me 15 years that didn’t really understand that this was the basis of what we do. So I that was my man crush on Ryan. As it he’s like, Oh, I know. I need sponsors to pay for myself. And I thought yeah, you’re kind of how your dad built the iron birds and like, and I’m thinking oh, you grew up in this because I probably didn’t know all of that until Oh, I’m gonna be an archer. I’m gonna have a stadium and we’re gonna have to have a name are

John Maroon  21:13

we paying for all this shit? And look, let me say this before we let you next guest down we’ll get out of your hair. But first of all, thank you. Secondly, congratulations because I think people don’t really understand the amount of hard work and hustle that it takes to do what you did with NSD and you know, we it’s never ends it never stops. Your energy level continues to freak me out and amaze me. And you know whether through personal tribulations like we have a Gen Z Gen struggles. You’ve just kind of see the CEO and all through stay true to yourself. And I know our our clients that work with you like classified golf in the restaurant association, Maryland among others. They just enjoy engaging with you. They appreciative of the hard work you put in so seriously happy anniversary and for as long as you want you can do this. I wish you nothing but the best.

Nestor Aparicio  22:03

I put together a new wn st media kit for Baltimore positive yet this really cool 25th anniversary. Thank you Jessica phallus hard for design man. You

John Maroon  22:10

need somebody I know. I know. Just Val’s his father in law. Glenn. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  22:14

that’s how I knew I started less than you related to grant. Yes. My father in law. Right. I think when went to Beijing with me, I found that it was

John Maroon  22:21

he was the I might have predated Glenn by a little. Okay. I don’t know when you came to China. Do you know

Nestor Aparicio  22:29

Maroon? And I went to the top of the Great Wall of China together. And Kelly’s dad was there, Bob. And we took the there’s a toboggan that was never could bill, you’re mature. If I told Bill, you’re, you’re building a great wall, trying to know if you ever go there’s the bargain at the top you can like, That’s bullshit. That’s a high school. You’re making that up. And it said to bargain. And I looked at it I’m like, and we’re at the top of the Great Wall

John Maroon  23:01

of China, the most amazing structure ever. It’s insane. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  23:04

and then we get on this toboggan, and you literally ride it like a coaster in Hershey Park.

John Maroon  23:12

And it’s it’s like Disney into a gift shop or they’re selling all sorts of tchotchkes

Nestor Aparicio  23:19

is a true story. And there’s two Mongols who meet you in their teeth are all missing and they’re in these robes. They look like just something from the fifth century and they had the swords and they want they don’t speak English they want you to take a picture and give five bucks right? So since that happened since 2008 There have been a dozen people on my Facebook who go to China do it and they are the same guys

John Maroon  23:46

that was an old time that was an old base was with us That’s right.

Nestor Aparicio  23:52

All I know and man I could do this with you for hours. And I don’t kiss your ass Oh count a kiss cows is but I met because I love cow and I made it on the air yesterday I was always afraid to senior I never really get intimidated me to say I was never a cow but I was intimidated by senior and I was intimidated by Mike Flanagan at that time in my life. But this the China thing you go over there and you’re a part of it but we’re on the plane and we get out of Dulles and we’re gonna fly together and rooms very skeptical of me because he’s PR is protecting cow and it’s the era where YouTube first started that YouTube did market China it was shut down tick tock works if you want to be a bit of the Chinese government but I had a camera and I was taping everything maroon comes halfway through the plane Mason I are together my wife we’re watching our plane on the little United thing go over the North Pole we’re about to go over the North Pole maroon comes up say hey cows week if you guys want to come back and do the pre interview come on back and play it back sappy cow and there’s all this plain noise you can hear because I’m hold the Kim and and have probably you would have killed me because it didn’t have perfect audio is the audio guy right? Why did you take a lav mic you exactly All right. I have this interview that sits on YouTube and your YouTube TV’s have me and Rick mace interviewing Cal Ripken over the North Pole Yeah,

John Maroon  25:10

that’s right the nonstop to Beijing week

Nestor Aparicio  25:14

30 minutes Macau Rifkin, me and Rick about him with I mean God I see the video there’s little girls yeah and think those girls are 17 years old and they found a home and a cow played Quick Ball baseball, wiffle ball kind of with a softball with it and be in China they abandoned their daughters. They only get one child if you have a daughter. You give her up. So this was like an orphanage break your friggin heart that you can talk about but like we did all of these things over there if you remember

John Maroon  25:43

we got all these kids a bunch of coats and coats it was really it was an amazing

Nestor Aparicio  25:48

oh my god we cried every time we got in the car at the yard. This is true. We got in the car, the oarfish PJ sir off, we had a van like 12 you remember this? We were at the State Department. Yeah, we had a 12 person van. Jeff Wilkinson, the renegade guys were there all those guys were there we got in the van after the quick ball thing and we’re balling on toys or sobbing in the back. It was thank you for doing that job he’s cool. He’s cool Yankee sock

John Maroon  26:21

Yeah, we’re not arguing this. Why are you looking at me? I just grabbed

Nestor Aparicio  26:27

the last place

John Maroon  26:28

New York last place New York yet yeah all

Nestor Aparicio  26:32

right. That’s where celebrate 25 years I’ve done this on a radio had to live 25 years to get them in the last place. Alright, so brought you by the miracle lottery winner nation. We’re truck city. My thanks to John My thanks to Andy for coming early, staying late drinking chocolate egg creams and ramen smashes and he was like gonna order Root Beer who comes here in order just

John Maroon  26:51

I gotta get excited. Cherry Coke. I get my ability

Nestor Aparicio  26:56

to pie man. We’re gonna get dangerous. We’re gonna get delicious. We’re a drug city. It’s all part of our 25th anniversary. Stay with us.

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