It’s never the wrong day to have your first Faidley’s crab cake

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Our pal Bill Cole joins Nestor for a 4th of July weekend summer Faidley’s crab cake and a chat about downtown Baltimore’s future at the new Lexington Market. Red, white, blue and Maryland crabs for everyone!


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Nestor Aparicio, Damye Hahn, Bill Cole

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about W en SG Towson Baltimore Baltimore positive I got my Baltimore positive bow tie going on. We are positively at fadeless it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery be given these way we’re not open yet because we get here early in the morning because you know you bring stars out like Bill cold roof you got to make sure that the security and the doors but we will be open for business here. We will be having some crab cakes before it’s all over with as well as some shrimp salad which they they put the jumbo Texas shrimp salad now like on the blackboard in the front. I had never eaten it here until about two months ago. And now like I’ve had it six times I keep stopping by Todd Schuler your buddy put up a who has the best shrimp salad and Baltimore thing for a little bit. I vote for fatally so all it’s brought to you by the Maryland lottery bill is gonna get that one because I think that’s the lucky one are friends of winter nation are gonna make me aware of the fun floppy hat matter of fact, my hair looks pretty good to me this leave this on and wear it for now. And of course we’re gonna be celebrating 25 years here at wn St. Raskin global has given me the crab mallet on August 3, you’re invited to Costas on August 4 at drug city you’re invited. We’re gonna sit around and tell old towels and get old get nasty shirts and I’m gonna actually get this Yeah, that that it has a

Bill Cole  01:17

I know that’s what I’m investing. Isn’t that awesome? That is a

Nestor Aparicio  01:21

Raskin comes up with a salty functional tool. There it is. Look at that, man. You can open a beer with that. And rascasse It’s a patented item and they were on backorder patent pending. Oh, and I don’t know where else this would be useful to have a mallet. They don’t Malik crawfish in Louisiana. They do they don’t think they do. Right.

Bill Cole  01:43

I don’t know. I’m not a I don’t want to disparage Leonard’s awesome tool.

Nestor Aparicio  01:49

When I go over the cost is they bring the beer to me. I don’t get to open it right. You don’t I mean So cost is definitely a backyard tool. It’s a it is a backyard tool. Belt calls here from cole roofing. He sponsors this mess. They Amy’s gonna be your lead. She’s got the general manager, the new Lexington market. We’re in the old Lexington market. Like forget the Orioles today and the Ravens. You know, forget me running for mayor and you think it was a good idea. You’re in Lexington market. The old Lexington market there’s one 1/50 of the market left this is it right? I mean, the other 98% of the market is in repair, shall we say? Dave, you just gave you a tour that I have not gotten I only know where the bathroom is here. But you made an admission to me You came in here and looking all Spry feeling good today. Early in the morning, it’d be 90 degree day in Baltimore City. Fourth of July weekend I got my red, white and blue. We got red, white and blue bunting here. And you said to me, almost in front of damy have never been here before. And you’re looking around you’re like, never been here before. And I’m thinking really

Bill Cole  02:49

well. So part of it is the lack of comprehension of like this being in the old space and the new space and like seeing this but seeing it this way, is not like Dennis’s

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

family when he came here from Greece, his family, they had a stall right on the other side here. And he like grew up here as a little boy. Sure. So like him coming here is a different thing with it, then you do have you have no association?

Bill Cole  03:15

Well, I’ve been I’ve been to Lexington market before and in the old days, like I haven’t been to the new one yet, but I don’t think I you know, like you don’t comprehend it. You’re just kind of like, like, I didn’t come here probably as an adult necessarily with a destination in mind. A lot of people

Nestor Aparicio  03:32

I have witnessed in my time in living downtown. People use this as a bar before Oreo games for crabcakes sure, like I mean, if you’re coming downtown and you’re going to an Oreo game, and you want to get something good to eat right. This is we’re three blocks from the from from the Cal Ripken you know, the big eight in the back, right. So like and for the Beirut statues. So this is a place for that. But I came here as a little boy with my grandmother and I I’ll never forget it. I smell the look of it, the Coca Cola sign that was there from smoking, the bandit, all of that stuff. But I lived downtown 19 years and any time I had a tourist in friends in from out of town, I would walk them across the city here for lunchtime. And we would get a crab cake and a stall and see Bill and see the answer. So I mean, I was at twice a year three times a year fadeless customer for 20 years before I knew damy like the which makes it thrilling for me to be a big big like drug city. You know, like it’s thrilling for me to be here. But I think this is going to be the last I think I don’t know, but I think they’re going to be in the new market soon. We’re gonna find that in the last segment. So you’re seeing the end of the end.

Bill Cole  04:48

Yeah, I don’t want to I don’t want to reveal the climax at the end but Okay, fair enough. But what I will 100% vouge is the smell right like you You smell that smell? And then you look and you can just see the legacy and the the years and I don’t know, it took me a second to acknowledge and appreciate that I live in a place that has places like this, right that everybody does. They don’t have this in Phoenix. This is pretty magical, right? Like just if you appreciate history and you just appreciate the human movement

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

these crabcake I

Bill Cole  05:29


find that hard to believe, but you know, I can’t

Nestor Aparicio  05:31

Well, today’s gonna change your life. I know. They ship all lump takes anywhere in the US. We’re fadeless it’s Maryland crab cake tour. And I guess the thing about the Maryland crab cake tour is I’ve known you a long time I’ve never maybe I’ve asked you to come down here because I’ve been doing the show I’ve been doing this thing longer here than anywhere at this point this is my my barn now for modern vernacular I mean I’ve had video shot at this table with millions of views I’ve had former governors here current governors here former mayors here three or four different mayors here can I mean I that you know branch of Pyro was to everybody study here right talking about things you just have a roofer NO NO NO NO very significant roof for Bill call for Call Roofing Gordy and I didn’t bring my coffee mug down here don’t don’t beat the angry but to say that we have unique things here. But then there’s the full word part of this which is you say you haven’t been to the new market the new markets you could throw a baseball from here to the market literally it’s I don’t know 40 yards away you’re gonna walk over there and you’re gonna see the the the bakery from little Italy’s in there. You’re gonna see fried chicken, you’re gonna see the Harka ice cream in there. You’re gonna see all local brands, you’re going to see a beautiful bar, you’re going to be able to go get pastries, fresh fruits, all the things you could get in here. You could get their pork chicken got their own joint they park chicken moved and he was storefront on the other side.

Bill Cole  07:04

We need to backup just for half a second. The tarka

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

ice Guzzi

Bill Cole  07:08

RAM, they have honey Graham. Thank you, dude, you’re

Nestor Aparicio  07:11

just yards.

Bill Cole  07:13

Well, so selfishly, I have it in a grocery store out in Harford County that I can go to Target ice cream and honey Graham, if you I just want to reinforce this concept. If you have not had it, and you like ice cream, it is again another life change the

Nestor Aparicio  07:30

divine it is I

Bill Cole  07:32

would agree with that. Unbelievable.

Nestor Aparicio  07:33

They sell it a drug city. It’s so if you come on the fourth of August. Well, it depends. And I’m going to end I’ll have to talk to to you know the guys over there about this. My wife went over there last week when I was up in New York and she said, Hey, I’m going to drug city. I’m gonna get some booze, which she does lottery tickets this week, because it’s for under a million dollars and she’s trying to win. She said to me, I had she had a $4 winner. That’s what she said to me. And since I gotta find out a $4 winner off that ticket. And I get home from New York. And I’m home and like ice cream. I go in I said to her, where’s the honey grant? Right? She she got the power to the people, which is the coffee and cream gets good. She also she likes the roasted strawberry because it’s tar now now I’m not tart roasted strawberry, but shinmin

Bill Cole  08:23

flicks and chill. I mean to that, that you are the key lime into that.

Nestor Aparicio  08:30

So the cherry the cherry chocolate chunks. That’s good. So I go into the freezer and I’m like, where’s the honey grant? And she’s like, they were out of it.

Bill Cole  08:43

They I have run into that two times ago. They did not have it. That’s I had to go to the mint flicks and chills.

Nestor Aparicio  08:52

Well, I’m just a backup plan when it comes to ice cream. It’s all good. Because here first time it families for you in Lexington market.

Bill Cole  08:59

I feel bad that you keep saying that. Like I feel like a bad citizen.

Nestor Aparicio  09:04

You know what, I want them to feel bad. Because they should feel bad. They should come down here get a crab cake. They should come to a ballgame. They should we should get in the game all of a sudden.

Bill Cole  09:14

I don’t know we should get her a truck that she can just come out to some event in the county and like feed people. Families crabcakes and then

Nestor Aparicio  09:28

that’s their new load location.

Bill Cole  09:32

I did not know that. This is we educate. That’s great. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  09:35

Baltimore positive, wise conversations. They’re moving after Gainesville. They’ve had the space out there. They’re building it out. It’s gonna be a beautiful second floor and Kingsville is really music thing. Yeah, so Evan has now opened. Are you familiar? We always talk business. You may be familiar with a bar Kade concept? No, neither was I. So bar k Ede is Dave and Busters for grownups memories to go over to Dela Rosa is to play that shirt goofy golf that I never played, right everybody. So, so they, Evan has this concept now. barcade okay, I don’t, I gotta get him on. He’s been so I’ve done the show at State Fair twice. Bomani hasn’t been on Evan Brown is over kittens will open in a new place. I don’t even know what it’s called

Bill Cole  10:24

barcade I’m in.

Nestor Aparicio  10:25

It’s on the El Guapo side. And it’s sort of like adjacent to the parking lot. We’re Bill’s music is it’s next to that. And it’s in the basement. Okay, so it feels like a speakeasy. Right? Like you go in, you could add a law and it’s an old old space, and you can access it from the backside. So I’m like the south side of Frederick road. Okay, so this is all happening. Oh my god. I didn’t even know the friars were on. Did you turn the friars on for us? Yes. She’s pissed that you’ve never been here. And she she’s excited laughing here and put the headset on so we can have some fun with you. She’s excited, because she’s usually right. This is why I do the show at 830 in the morning. And this is why Marty Geary texts me. And he says, Hey, are they even like really open because you’re invited me to a place that isn’t open till 10 o’clock. And I’m like, if

Bill Cole  11:13

I did this, a little worried about that this morning that

Nestor Aparicio  11:16

Amy demyan. So let me get her head set up and get her where she needs to be. And you’re on to and you’re on three, but it’s fine. So this morning, Marty, Gary hits me and he says, you know, are they open? I’m like, We’re fine. We’re gonna talk about fish. He has been the fishing gaming person on the waters of the Potomac River. He’s related to Moeller, he’s lives in Catonsville. She’s gonna right down the street. He didn’t know much of Gainesville place either. Do you listen to wn St. Cole?

Bill Cole  11:43

No, I don’t.

Nestor Aparicio  11:45

That’s all see, we’re gonna find that all these things about you today. So, on opening day, I was supposed to come in here on the day after opening day, which was the day CFG Bank Arena was opening with Springsteen, right? Like for the Eagles, April 4, Fifth, whatever those days were. So on the on Thursday, a little rainstorm blows into John Angelo says no. And it turned out to be like 80 degrees and sunny was crazy. And they moved it to Friday. Right? So my show was gonna be in here from nine until noon. Suddenly Bill Cosby my show. So I was sitting down to do and she’s like, Well, you gotta come into the show. I’m like, Jamie, I’m not setting this up on opening day. And being here at 1130 in the morning, when you’re selling crab cakes, people drink drinking beer eating oysters, wires. Oh my god, I’m not doing it. And I came in here at eight lottery is the lottery. Can I still do a promotion at this show? Sure. You get tickets. I papered the place in LA at $100 winner in the back that day. This place was ashes and elbows in here on opening day all morning long. She’s her hair’s on fire places crazy. We’re serving shrimp salad. And I said to her, I don’t need to be in here when there’s people here, too. It’s too crowded. I’m just gonna get

Damye Hahn  13:01

a little space in the corner down there. And then he said, Now, why would I want to be in a corner? I

Nestor Aparicio  13:07

mean, I want to be your where the cursive writing the John W faintly see from Robert is this my last show here and we’re going to be back here again in the month.

Damye Hahn  13:14


You’re going to be back here. They haven’t even started our space yet. For God’s sake.

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

It gives you another chance to come back twice. I

Bill Cole  13:21

didn’t want to tell you I didn’t want to. Climax I’ll save that for you.

Nestor Aparicio  13:25

So let’s pretend we met on a plane or Danny Han is here. She’s proprietor her family. Nancy’s her mom bills her dad that’s bill when he was younger and sexier. But he’s still pretty sexy. I saw him at the at the crab races we we got it. We got to go. He and I as usual. Monster makes the crab cakes here on Saturday. So if we get on a plane and I would say I’m the wacky radio guy and you’re the roofer guy who fancies yourself new age, and you are the proprietor of this thing that’s moving the kittens. What would you tell him about this crab cake? Because he sponsors the crab cake tour citizen Maryland lottery winter nation, right ever. And I can’t believe I need to throw a holiday party with these crab cakes just to make sure all my clients, all of my friends know about this, because you’ve never had this. Okay, but to change your life brother.

Damye Hahn  14:14

Yeah. Well, that crab cake was was invented by my mom who is still making them. She’s 87 years old. Wow. She still comes in a couple times a week. But it’s yeah, there’s three simple ingredients. It’s it’s Maryland crab. It’s crushed premium saltines because my family has been here for generations. In fact, this business has been here since 1886. But my some of my uncle’s work for Nabisco. Okay, so the premium saltines were the ingredient that mom used you know for this crabcakes that’s not a sin. I thought that was a sad thought these roles Oh, the premium saltines are key the crab cake, I mean because they don’t have a whole lot of they don’t add a lot of flavor. It’s not like a rich cracker it adds a flavor. This adds no flavor and so that you can really taste the crab meat. And then it’s her secret sauce her secret sauce you know you can buy it the sauce separate or you know in the crab cake but the

Nestor Aparicio  15:13

secret sauce the only thing I know about it is it has some mustard in it. And I hate mustard but I love this crab cake. I don’t get mustard on anything. Like right back when used to make fun of me. He called me 12 year old because I got ketchup relish from hotdogs, because I don’t like mustard at all. But I like honey mustard and as my palates change Dijon mustard, which I if I’m hinting anything, I think there’s Dijon mustard in this in some way that slurried up with some if I’m guessing was the Shire and I’m guessing some mayonnaise of some kind. It has some creamy ingredients to it, but not a whole lot maybe. And I’m just guessing, but this is we’re not supposed to reverse engineer that.

Damye Hahn  15:50

No, no, she’s she’s designed this to enhance the Maryland crab because the Maryland crab does, it has mustard in it as mustard in well, the mustard is It’s fat. And it is it looks like mustard and it has kind of a mustardy flavor. So she she did design this crab cake to enhance the Maryland specifically the Maryland crab meat. And it’s been famous ever since the day she made it,

Bill Cole  16:13

I don’t want

Nestor Aparicio  16:14

to see only one like that I

Bill Cole  16:16

don’t want to miss the opportunity to emphasize like from my impression it is we make things historically, from the things we have. And it’s like salt of the earth. And somehow you know, generations later everything is become so fancified and and like fake that when you get like the real deal. It’s like magical were back in the day. It wasn’t magical. It was like this is what I got. I got attackers from my buddy and I got this and I just doing it together and it tastes wonderful and I don’t really care whether you like it or not, you’re eating today. This is what

Damye Hahn  16:53

you get. And everybody had a crab cake recipe correct. We’re all the people picked but people make crab cakes out of what they had leftover from picking crabs. They made a mothership. That’s what they did, or they made some crab soup. But this kind of a crab cake as an entree didn’t really come around until the 70s

Nestor Aparicio  17:12

was sort of poor folks thing their comedies and through it the working man’s

Damye Hahn  17:16

right yeah, you throw them together we made we made more crab cakes out of claw meat that were our little you know dollar crabs back in the 1960s you know whatever and special was a straight Peck so special was they would pick the crab pickers would pick the body and the lump and put it all in one can Okay, then they you would have the body meat was called the regular. The special was the straight pick where they picked the whole out, throw it all on one can. And then unusually they kept the lumps for the top. And then the jumbo lump or it was called back then it was called backfill and in the sound restaurant and so the southern pickers were selling more to New York and Philly to the famous restaurants. Then the Maryland Waterman were and then all of a sudden, the Maryland pickers are like hold off. We need to get this crab meat sold, you know up in New York and Philly. So they started changing to lump and jumbo lump because the southerners it just sounds better back then. Or long.

Nestor Aparicio  18:30

I was in New York the other night I was at the Grand mystery Tavern in New York.

Bill Cole  18:34

Never pulled the back fin because if you know what the back finish the back end, right.

Damye Hahn  18:39

New York didn’t know back then was the lump sounded bigger, of course, and they were selling more. So the they they changed the grading terms. And that was probably in the 80s that they started changing the grading terms. You can still find cans, you know and they were metal cans with the snap on metal lids like our metal oyster cans. You can still find cans that say regular oil fall regular Baroness

Nestor Aparicio  19:06

oysters, Maryland House fresh oysters, sea crest, he got the job of will fortune. Marcos brand BNL oysters all these the open they look like paint.

Bill Cole  19:18

Can you imagine how many visitors come in one of those cans?

Damye Hahn  19:20

And so Meredith and Meredith they were one of my family’s favorites. Would they they they actually never took a foreign picker and went out of business. Sorry. Oh, okay. They never took the foreign pickers in the 80s when everybody else was switching. Because they weren’t enough. There weren’t enough people down on the shore that was willing to do the job and they went out of business.

Nestor Aparicio  19:42

Well, I want to eat oysters because she made me a fried oyster. And I had hadn’t had a fried. Where would I go to order at any restaurant? I mean, there’s something on the menu that I would order before I would order a fried oyster. I just so I had never she brought me one like a year ago and it’s sort of like it’s sort of changed. My world now like I’m because it’s an unexplored I’ve had chicken. I’ve had cheeseburgers I’ve had Stan, you know, like, that’s a new thing for me. So I’m gonna explore oysters on the 25th anniversary damos here, Bill Coles here with the families. It’s all brought to you by our friends to Maryland lottery. I’ll be giving these away all summer long. I’m going to be Coco’s in a couple of weeks back at cost us on our 25th anniversary I’m at York City on our 25th anniversary moving to twirl around at a unbelievable time over experience West I was about a mile away from here over Wilkins Avenue last week with Ricky ho he’s got this Godfather Italian cold got eaten food or

Bill Cole  20:37

confirm that it’s the longest continuous block

Nestor Aparicio  20:41

of it and I plugged you on that yes

Bill Cole  20:44

longest continuous continuously attached block row homes in America

Nestor Aparicio  20:50

Yes really? Yes Wilkins Avenue 2600 blockable and go on Wednesday and get the get the Godfather I will tell you that but at their crappy so if he’s crab cakes everywhere and you know I mean I’ve been having crabs and crab cakes for 31 years on the radio. I want to ask you about the famous crab cake right? It is completely there’s no other place that does it this way. So I don’t come get it check it for yourself you say what’s your favorite or whatever this is unique and

Bill Cole  21:18

so it sounds like my mother’s it’s just twice as big as

Nestor Aparicio  21:24

your mother but use that old special to know qual thing pulling it all together for you. I’m gonna have you on a little later on we’re gonna talk about summer and the video that

Bill Cole  21:34

before she goes Can I want to understand the Catonsville thing I want to know what’s going on and why you pick there and how you end up there and what it’s going to be for you guys tell that

Nestor Aparicio  21:43

you need to grab me because I can’t sit here

Damye Hahn  21:45

work we’re via our family is really west side so we’re you know from from my great grandfather fatally headed home on West Fayette you know, big old brownstone. And so the family family has always been west side and then the family kind of moved out to the Catonsville area my my grandparents lived in Catonsville pretty much their whole lives. My parents then moved a little further out to Ellicott City. So we’ve been making that Ellicott City to Baltimore run, you know, for the past 150 years. And

Nestor Aparicio  22:25

usually, it’s never ever been to drug city in Dundalk, because you just why would you go to jail? No, no, I don’t.

Bill Cole  22:30

I just I am a person and I’ve never been a drug city. So don’t hold that against you. But it’s an extremely Dundalk thing. Yeah. Extremely dunno. Like, Well, anyway,

Damye Hahn  22:43

so while we always you know, we, we had West. And so we were looking for a place to have a permanent restaurant for the next generation, my son, and you know, Catonsville just made sense that it’s, you know, it’s west side. And we were looking for a building that had a history like ours. So, you know, we’ve, our, our business was started in 1886. The Heidelberg family started their grocery store the same year. Wow. So this building that we chose was the Haidle box. Actually, I think it was the third grocery store they built the building in 1924 was finished in 19. I

Nestor Aparicio  23:33

didn’t know this you didn’t want to be in like a strip mall. If you could have been right I could have

Damye Hahn  23:37

and there’s been so many people over the years that have asked us we will you come in here will you come in there, we put these new places do so you know, it really didn’t fit our old place needs a room. It didn’t fit the it didn’t fit our story. And this my son found and my daughter in law and they said this is perfect. And I said this is a monstrosity number one and number two, it is fricking falling apart. Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how much it’s going to take of work and effort to get this 100 year old building restored? So we went down the path you know, he he went behind my back and run to my father and said gee, Dad, it’s perfect. Gee, Dad said by it right? Like shit. Thanks, gee dad. So because he

Bill Cole  24:29

put this crabcakes disappear, you cannot put a value on? I’m not a Catonsville guy, but we have friends there. My impression of the kittens will community is it is one of the most loyal groups

Nestor Aparicio  24:43

is that because of the chairs you saw out there three weeks ago for the parade this weekend. My wife and I saw three weeks ago. Oh my god, there’s 100 chairs out here. That’s Gainesville.

Bill Cole  24:53

I so you can’t it’s hard to put a value on a community’s loyalty. So you guys are Gonna do phenomenal out there and the fact that you were willing to make the connection to the history and I mean, I’m always a big fan of like, breathing new life into the old places.

Nestor Aparicio  25:12

And you’re gonna realize, so that’s awesome.

Bill Cole  25:13

That’s a great story. Yeah.

Damye Hahn  25:14

So we’re we, we went down the path in 2019. And of course, we we settled on the building, February 17 of 2020. Right, 30 days before the pandemic hit. And I’m like, that’s a book we

Bill Cole  25:30

should write by. Oh, yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  25:31

surviving the pandemic. No, no, like,

Bill Cole  25:34

so that’s her pandemic magic story, right? Everybody has one of these, like, you wouldn’t believe what I did two weeks before the pandemic, you wouldn’t believe where I was? Like, do you just these little one page stories? COVID. Yeah, no, it’s it’s wonderful. And

Damye Hahn  25:50

we spent we spent the following year literally cleaning the building out by ourselves. Because you, you know, everybody was close, the county was closing, everybody’s calling somebody shuts down. So it’s like, you’re not getting permits, you’re not getting any, you’re not getting anything. You know, we were going down the path of, you know, builders and architects and, and what to do with the building. I heard the

Nestor Aparicio  26:12

same story at spirits West, they got shut down. And they remodeled the place like that. You know, that’s, that’s a pretty typical, like, we all were doing trying to rebuild things, right.

Damye Hahn  26:22

We pulled out 500,000 pounds of debris each year. And it was a it was a group of about eight of us. Really good stuff. We did some great stuff, some groups. So we’ve got some great history to hang. And we had Mr. The oldest living hydel, Bach and antique he’s 92. Now 9293, he lives in western Pennsylvania. And he came down and really gave us an inside tour on the whole building. Because he grew up in it. He grew up in the grocery store. So then after that it was taken over by Plymouth wallpaper, which we’re going to kind of give a little homage to Plymouth art arts, the second floor of the building is going to be an event space, and it’s going to be called the Plymouth room. Wallpaper. Now, no all favor. It’s an all brick building. So

Bill Cole  27:12

but we’ve been we gave it the name that I think that’s very nice. So we’ve

Damye Hahn  27:16

been we’ve been restoring it ever since. And it’s probably going to take us we’re just getting to the point of permitting. We’ve got all the demo work done in the whole place cleaned out and all the environmental stuff that had to be done everything.

Bill Cole  27:30

So is there a target date? summer of next year?

Damye Hahn  27:33

The target date

Nestor Aparicio  27:36

for the fade Lee’s family here, right? Yeah,

Damye Hahn  27:38

so we’re working with m&t Bank, and we’re working with DCG builders, and we’re really excited foundry architects, and we’re really excited about the project. That’s great.

Nestor Aparicio  27:48

That’s awesome. That’s great, because you’re going to be interviewing her next segment anyway. Because I like what Bill sits in, because I show


Damye Hahn  27:56

more credit. never shut up. That’s why Bill always said how to shut me in

Nestor Aparicio  28:02

or a toxin. Give me a shrimp salad and about three oysters fried and I’ll be shut up by the Maryland lottery I’m giving these away. This is Bill’s lucky ticket number 18 I don’t know what was your literally jersey?

Bill Cole  28:13

Not at Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  28:15

I were $40 a mistake. All right, he’s gonna have number 18 also friends with their nation I got the fun floppy hat on that I threatened to wear that I’m threatening to wear again on our 25th anniversary a couple of weeks. It’s gonna be great summer around here. Fourth of July weekend. Damian I made a video a couple years ago about how to open a crab and it was Fourth of July wore this shirt and it went viral. So I got bill here today we’re going to talk about fish fishing cat fish preparing fish. I got something for you that just off I gotta make make notes. My wife wants to learn how to grill fish because we haven’t had a grill outside and I said you gotta Google that because I’m bringing home some some fresh I think I’m gonna get some rockfish better

Damye Hahn  28:54

get that rock that rock was gorgeous he was this big. I can’t eat that big but now we can we’re cutting a tree you’re not gonna I’m not gonna give you the whole thing.

Nestor Aparicio  29:02

Well my girls on Davies here Bill Cole’s here. It is all brought to you by our friends as well. Rasky global letter Raskin has the you seen this mallet? It’s got a bureau

Damye Hahn  29:10

in there Awesome.

Nestor Aparicio  29:12

Perfect path. Why did I think a patent pending like I could have been a millionaire if I would have thought of this right. Then you get to market it. I don’t know. We’re gonna be out all summer long through the Maryland crab cake tour. We’re back for more at the old Lexington market, not in the new Lexington market not yet and not yet in Katyn so but getting there soon back for more of Baltimore positive stay with us.

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