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Legendary Fancy Clancy Haskett tells Nestor about every beer he’s poured since 1974 at Orioles games


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Fancy Clancy Haskett, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

What about w n? S T Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we have moved out of Baltimore and up in Harford counties to call it Hazzard County back in the 90s a lot of fun I’m right in front of a royal farms been my sponsor for many many years just north of mountain road right here on Blair road on the way up to Bel Air we’re at the local and false and it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I have the 50th anniversary giveaways I just gave a table some tickets I hope we have lucky people their friends and when their nation if you’re feeling lucky you get Windows by to get two free just to the end of May you get 0% financing for five years when everybody no we’re get down at the end of that promotion. 866 90 nation, they have put me on the road to eating delicious crab cakes. And usually when there’s a delicious crab cake, there’s a beer not far behind, especially this time of year. It’s been 80 degrees out here today, as we’re here. And when I think of beer there’s the little Matty Bo guy with a mustache he wasn’t even a real guy like you couldn’t go see that guy other maybe study maybe you study was a real guy for sure. God rest his soul, not your mama’s. But this guy here has served more beer to more people with happiness and sadness in recent years, but better lately. The man of the hour. Fancy Clancy Haskell is here drinking a steady Eddy from our local friends at Union. Appreciate you Adam over there. It’s off set right now because we don’t want to dump it on set. How are you?


Fancy Clancy Haskett  01:29

I’m doing good. Nothing. Thank you for having me. Man. I’m enjoying myself today. So far. You have to crabcake showed that

Nestor Aparicio  01:36

I slipped over shoulder you’re like in the last bite of your crap. I

Fancy Clancy Haskett  01:39

had to finish it, man. I couldn’t just leave it there. I had to finish it. So they’re bringing me

Nestor Aparicio  01:42


the crab cake in the end of the segment here like the dinner hour. And Zack who’s the award winning chef, he won the Restaurant Association of Maryland chef of the year. And Lou’s gonna be here Luke from Scranton. So I’m looking forward to talking to Luke to we’re gonna tell a story about how this restaurant went up behind a waffle house and a Dunkin Donuts. Legit and award winning front to back but the crabcake was it it’s sold me in on it because it’s won some awards. I have not had it yet. Are you thumbs up in it? You’re gonna give me a thumbs up on a crab cake. I’m

Fancy Clancy Haskett  02:15

gonna give you a thumb. All right, I’m

Nestor Aparicio  02:16

just making sure because I mean you ate the chicken sandwich. And again, all respect to my friends royal farms where I get my fried chicken. But it’s an award winning a chicken soup. I’ll read it to you. Pickled brine chicken herb and buttermilk marinade, double crusted and flash fried. Frosty. tossed in a sweet onion, rosemary, hot sauce, bacon jam, b&b Pickles, a lot of pickles on that thing. Black pepper slaw, which was delicious. And when I took that sweet onion, Rosemary hot sauce, and I just sort of sprinkle I wasn’t all liberal with because it was spicy. And I drank water but what I did during the break is I got a special Shirley Temple ginger ale with with some big boy cherries here. But do you serve anything other than beer? Do you drink any? You’re known for beer you’re not known for these vodka drinks or any of these white claw? Any you’re a beer man?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  03:13

Well, only only when I worked at the Preakness, I worked at the Preakness from 7079 to to Susan’s I assured, I sold a ton of what was in it that year. But back back then it was the regular bourbon bourbon and then you have like your orange and pineapple and things like that. And and so so it’s got a mixture of stuff. I’ve had


Nestor Aparicio  03:35

five things put in front of me where they’re like, it’s a Black Eyed Susan. No, and I’ve never tasted one of them that I like No, no,

Fancy Clancy Haskett  03:41

it’s all the same ingredients every year is bourbon, Triple Sec. Orange juice and pineapple. Would you drink game? Well, I had a couple. Okay.

Nestor Aparicio  03:51

I mean, but But you prefer beer. I’m a beer drinker. Yes. So this is where you and I are going to get because we’re not talking baseball. And you know, I just love what you stand for. Right? Like, I mean, even at this guy squirt and people now and real fan Dan, who was tolet and Bill Hagee drove me around in a cab when I was a little boy sat my radio station for years and years before we passed. I’ve never really sat with you and your sponsor. We did things together. i We got a million pictures together a million years back. We were younger and I was trimmer back then. I’m trying to make it run a little while ago. But I’ve known you forever. Give me the rear give me the whole story for you. Like I think of you as a beer vendor beer drinker and a beer named after you now you’ve been on my road trip trick and beer on my show. I mean, we know each other Yes, but I’ve never sat with you and that’s it makes Baltimore positive. I’ve never sat with you and said we’re gonna start I mean, did you go to Memorial Stadium is a killer give me give me the background. Real quick.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  04:52


Back number one quick I got time. Okay, you got time. Okay. Well, the background is me and a friend of mine growing up we enjoy baseball. And now we wanted a way to watch baseball and pretty much watch it for free. And then we found out a buddy of ours was working at the stadium. So we ended up getting a job working at the stadium. So we can watch the game. What do you resist? Oh, this was 1974 Okay, I was 15 years old. Okay, so we was able to come in and watch the game and we watched the game and, and we we didn’t really work back then because we was 15 years old. You know, we get there. We got to work early. But we didn’t start work until like the bottom of the first seven. And then we were Yeah, I was pretty much my first year I was pretty much selling like caramel popcorn. Oh, when was adding the bricks back into brick? Yeah, they had this little shoulders at the Civic Center. They did it. They had this section out in left field called Birdland. And I used to sell caramel popcorn out and Birdland. And then we sold sodas and things like that I didn’t make much only maybe like maybe 40 bucks a game, but at 15 years old, 40 bucks a game a couple of times a week, that’s pretty much a game and you get to watch the game for free. So that was pretty good money. So that’s how that’s how it all started. That’s when I was 15. But as far as as far as what I do, what I’m doing now and the competitive toughness of the way I’ve worked now, that started maybe I guess around when I was like 18 or 19 years old. I started to incorporate my my track background into my working and then once I started to do that everything just towards you on track. I ran track at a Walbrook high school and then I left there and I went to Catonsville Community College and came to a community college I was all American and track and field and then I left there and I ran track in eastern Kentucky. What did

Nestor Aparicio  06:34

you run? What was your I was actually

Fancy Clancy Haskett  06:36

helped spread a sprinter? Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  06:38

Wow. Listen, man, I remember in a night seeing your legs, you know, being the strength. And you sometimes could tower the beer three, four D right. But


Fancy Clancy Haskett  06:47

back then it was 12 ounce cans. So we could we could carry like five cases at a time. And I set the stadium record and opening day 1988. So 40 cases of beer, but you got to remember that was 12 ounce cans. Right? And then we had to pour the beer

Nestor Aparicio  07:01

40,000 beers you don’t

Fancy Clancy Haskett  07:04

you don’t want to you we don’t want to count because it’s too many beers to count.

Nestor Aparicio  07:09


So you add ale you sell 1000 beers in three hours. So the long game, you

Fancy Clancy Haskett  07:15

gotta remember you gotta remember that day starts early to a 1988 1988 was the last year that Major League Baseball you could sell beer till the end of the game. The very next year, the very next year ended and seven All right, yes.

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

Well, Disco Demolition, probably.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  07:32

I think, if I’m not mistaken, I want to say the game went into the 10th ending at the beginning of top of the 10th inning or something like that. But um, we saw like, 4040 cases to be it again, opening day. 1980


Nestor Aparicio  07:43

All right, so 74 You’re doing peanuts. All right. So I was going to the games and 74 My cousin Louie played on a 73 Red Sox 74 After that DH Tommy Davis, Lee Mae came over Aaron Williams. I mean, all of that, right? Yeah. So and then the big trade happened with the Yankees. You know, we bring Tippie and Dempsey and Gregor those guys come over get Reggie Jackson. I’d like to forget Reggie Jack Welch. I

Fancy Clancy Haskett  08:11

mean, he’s only played one season but

Nestor Aparicio  08:13

he was a jerk to me and it did. He sent me and said Patterson went in the locker room 1987 He’s played for the angels and Dawn Aussie got him to pop out like he came in as a pinch hitter. But seven then he popped out and he wasn’t nice to me and I was

Fancy Clancy Haskett  08:28


you want to forget I was a kid. Yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  08:30

mean I love Reggie I want number 44 Berkshire literally okay cuz I wanted to be Reggie right? I mean, I love right Reggie was my God. I hate Reggie bars.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  08:38

That’s the only thing you want to eat Reggie bars. Lee Other than that, leave him alone. He was a Yankee. He was a Yang. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  08:44

yeah, well be and I think of him as the A’s and I would tell anybody this class he let’s let’s talk about this because I had a guy on who wrote a book about the 1973 baseball season. I had him on about eight weeks ago. And that’s the first season I remember because it’s five years old. And you think about bud Harrelson and Pete Rose and the trash in the outfield. The ray Fauci incident. It just happened in the All Star game. So but 74 Hank Aaron hit the big homerun in the beginning of the 74 season. That’s when I kind of came into the party. You came into it at the same time. It was something about the Orioles then that the A’s were the bad guys, right? I mean, the A’s were like Vita blue just died. Yeah, the A’s were the first team I hated. I hated all those guys because they beat us in 73.


Fancy Clancy Haskett  09:31

They snapped out streak we have run we won nine straight games in the playoffs until they snapped our streak and 9990 9090 72 Well 7374

Nestor Aparicio  09:41

We lose to the A’s and then all during the 7079 You’re a vendor during the 79 or before we have any beer then

Fancy Clancy Haskett  09:50

I was winning beer. I was old enough to sell beer. I wasn’t old enough to drink beer but I was old enough to sell beer. Back in those days. You could you could drink at 18 years old. I know that I remember that. So So what you

Nestor Aparicio  10:00


know, they moved it to 21 right when he was about to be 21.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  10:02

So I was I was definitely selling beer in

Nestor Aparicio  10:06

November 1 1964 was cut off. That’s right. Correct. Because you had a button that said that you weren’t born before that I can’t serve. And back in those days that was important for that, sir. Huge big button. The

Fancy Clancy Haskett  10:19

button was about six inches. Yes. Big button.


Nestor Aparicio  10:22

It had the date on it. Yes, it

Fancy Clancy Haskett  10:23

had the date on it.

Nestor Aparicio  10:25

You had left field. So I sat my dad and I sat in section 10 Section 11 Right in the fair side of the foul pole up above the 364 in the bullpen, and the bullpen was right to our left side. And where did you find the whole stadium?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  10:43


Well, back I didn’t I didn’t really concentrate on one particular area until later maybe around maybe around 7879

Nestor Aparicio  10:52

It felt to me like you guys just started section level walk all the way around. 31/3. Way back again. Yeah,

Fancy Clancy Haskett  11:00

we’re not when I was younger, I used to I used to cover the whole gambit on the lower left. remember

Nestor Aparicio  11:04

seeing you when I was a kid? I just you know it. You’ve clearly made me choke up till I don’t ever remember you not being there. Well, it’s like something out of The Shining. You mean like literally I don’t yet ever remember going to an oral game. I wish I didn’t see you. I usually see you on first base side. And I take a picture with you. But I


Fancy Clancy Haskett  11:27

wish I could go back all the years and do the math, but I can’t. But I don’t miss too many games. I do remember streak that I’ve had recently went 15 years and missed seven games. And I can tell you eat seven games. But why I missed each of those seven games. But in my earlier years around the time, section 34 started to get popular. That’s when I kind of like moved upstairs and when I moved upstairs and started working section 34 who I really became popular that round that time because a while Bill Hegyi you know while we while we were hanging was getting a lot of publicity.

Nestor Aparicio  12:02

Come on. Can you get in the bullpen? Yes, yes.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  12:05

Right. And then I was the main vendor it was me and Greg, Greg Wallenberg. Me and him was pretty much the main vendors in Section 34. I know. And then we just took it. We just took it from there and we just roll with it. Did

Nestor Aparicio  12:18


you go to Monsignor Swanberg, too. Did you know him? He sit behind and played all the games? Absolutely. He ran over my father’s funeral. 92 So they were last Wallenberg right now. Fancy. Clancy asked. There’s only one of him. He’s here. So I got an old car to yours little beaten up and said your beer man for 45 years. And I’m like, cards got to be at least five years old because picture of you. So I’m thinking like, we 50 What’s 50 for you if these next year. So I’m doing this is my 25th anniversary, said lotteries and 50. Okay, by the way, which one? What’s your lucky number you want 4615 or 45? You can take 46 Give me a flat against them. Again, they can pick a flat because I love so much. But obviously you give me you give me a card. I’m 25 years on August the third for wn S T. I became a radio career 31 and a half years ago is December 13 of 91. We just left Memorial Stadium. So everything in my life is based around a baseball season or football season like and that’s how I measure for every last one I know you have. And so for 50 years went when is that you know the day, the first day that you Mr. Earl gave you peanuts out there in the left field vendors

Fancy Clancy Haskett  13:34

want to say it was somewhere around the beginning of June, it wasn’t the beginning of the CS unit 74 to 74 Somewhere around the first first first, maybe the first week or so whatever homestand that was we can go back

Nestor Aparicio  13:47

and look at talk to the people to make the beer for you. What’s your name again?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  13:50

The name the name of the bit domain name and brew is called sketches


Nestor Aparicio  13:54

brewery one of my big would have a 50th anniversary logo for you next year we’re

Fancy Clancy Haskett  13:58

going to have and I’m going to talk agencies the owner of the company so we’re going to talk to him. Yes, we are a nice big 50 logo.

Nestor Aparicio  14:07

I drank your beer. I broke a rule because I was doing Maryland breweries all over the state I’ve hit them all and all the ones are independent Inverness, burlap in all of them I mean at Bethel most definitely dependent What’s your policy low Elysee doggish No, that’s in Delaware. So I had been to Union I have been to gunpowder I have you been to well, these are foods these are Sagamore these are food places. These are these are distillers too. They’re not just

Fancy Clancy Haskett  14:37


heavy seas Heavy Seas. It’s not too far off Heavy Seas. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  14:40

I began to keep

Fancy Clancy Haskett  14:42

literally I’ve been to keep Dundalk Of course you’ve been there.

Nestor Aparicio  14:44

I had my gone for sure. His theory I’ve finished here yet. So I love beer. And I was at a Deep Creek Lake for three days right before the Steelers practice up at the late trope as last August and I was in a bar and And there was a fancy class he was on tap.


Fancy Clancy Haskett  15:02

Yes, because it is not too far from now. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  15:05

I think I put the picture up of me drinking. Yes, a fancy Clancy so I have had one I’ve tasted it. I think I toasted you that night and

Fancy Clancy Haskett  15:13

everyone loves it. Everyone that tries it. We got

Nestor Aparicio  15:16


to get a 50th Like, it’s your 50th anniversary like we got to do something special man. Yes, we do. So what’s your favorite memory? I mean, like if all of it like, because we have not won a World Series at home. Right? You haven’t been able to do that. Right? We haven’t won American League Championship Series at home at three. Well, we have well we Tito Landrum was on the road 70 We want both of those on the road. Next.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  15:40

Let me tell you Nestor driving up he I knew he was going to ask me that question was my favorite memory out of 49

Nestor Aparicio  15:48

have any stock missing?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  15:49

I don’t know. But I knew I knew he was going to do that. But see after 49 years, what is my favorite memory? Let me tell you what it is. The night that we won the Division and Adam Jones pulled me on the field and dumped beer all over me. Oh, that is February 4 2014. That is a memory I’ll never forget


Nestor Aparicio  16:12

good pictures of that. Oh, you

Fancy Clancy Haskett  16:13

know I got good. Let me tell you let me tell you a funny story.

Nestor Aparicio  16:16

He didn’t pie you though. Let

Fancy Clancy Haskett  16:17


me tell you a real funny story. I had just put on I just pulled my a brand new hoodie or your hoodie out of the out of the bag. It was brand new just right out of the store. And I had on a brand new Oreo hat that night. Do you know they drink me and beer and wet up my hoodie met up my hat and everything but wash? Oh yeah. Did put it in wash but they gave me a brand new playoff hat. So I was cool with that

Nestor Aparicio  16:40

looking piece here man. Don’t

Fancy Clancy Haskett  16:41

Don’t talk. Can’t tell nobody where I got one.

Nestor Aparicio  16:43

Okay, but it looks like you’ve gone to Hawaii. Yeah, it’s like a happy Hawaii right now.


Fancy Clancy Haskett  16:48

Yes. Oreo Raven Hawaiian shirt. I love it.

Nestor Aparicio  16:51

I would say this man. I’ve known you forever. And I’ve never like had you on and this drink your beer here. He’s drinking the union. Tell him what you’re drinking. You’re

Fancy Clancy Haskett  16:59

drinking. A steady Eddy. That’s

Nestor Aparicio  17:01


fancy. Clancy drinking a steady Eddy on Baltimore. Pawsey nothing’s getting better than any of this right now. I’m trying to figure out where man I got so many pictures are you and me oh my god. These are through the years my wife, my wife bald, my wife, not bald, all this stuff. And then all my friends show up with you. But I’m telling you I drank your beer. I just want to promote the place that I drank your beer because it was out on what it was. It was a Deep Creek. Yeah, it was 10 Different bombs after several days. Yeah. I drank a lot of beer on that tour. I’m like, I’m a one beer drinker. Most places I go and I try to find something I like. And I’m always trying to find a union and independent. How did you is? There y’all and ESPN 2016 You are all the celebrities here? Eddie Lauer’s got got he didn’t even drink beer. And he’s got pictures you up here. You’re doing this all these years? What what this team and I guess it’s the right time for you and me to get together at the local and fallston because this time last year, you might have had some optimism and rutschman was up a day and a half at that point. You’re selling beer. But the optimism for what the Orioles are doing, because this is real. These are young players. I don’t know if we’re going to have a parade or not. But I like how they’ve gone about doing all this. This has not been easy being an Arsenal fan.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  18:19

Well no, no, it hasn’t been an over the years Nestor when you work at the games every single night. It’s a field that you can actually feel when you know that the team is good. I felt that in 2014 I felt that in 79 and I’m feeling that this year and it’s just it’s just that feeling 996 when we when we was doing well in 96 it was just the feeling that you could feel everything you

Nestor Aparicio  18:43

said we were wired I covered that team up close that was 90 but that team was bought right that was referred to me it was player that this was this was a really different advice and the

Fancy Clancy Haskett  18:56

thing about this team nesters is you know it’s not going to be one year it’s going to be multiple years. Okay, we haven’t funded this year we may have fun next year it may be the year after that, you know


Nestor Aparicio  19:06

we’re gonna have fun was fun but 83 was more fun exam right?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  19:09

And that was pretty much the same team to pretty much the same thing. Yeah, I

Nestor Aparicio  19:13

mean, right it keeps my guy who’s your guy. Kidneys can single two singles and come on Kenny

Fancy Clancy Haskett  19:19


switch at a man so he could hit from both sides and plate

Nestor Aparicio  19:23

and just the greatest guy. Yeah, you know the legacy of those guys have you know tippy Martinez and Dempsey and Scotty McGregor and Palmer been on TV all these years. Brooks just had a birthday this week. I mean 31 years into this you’re 49 years in the vending like we’ve really been fortunate to have that had this kind of baseball in our lives and even all the bad stuff all the Angelo stuff all my free the birds all the all the bad stuff. There’s a point when baseball comes together and I’ve seen this the last six or eight weeks people together it brings It brought you here today because if the Orioles were 15 and 38, I could bring Clancy by and we could talk about beard stuff. But we wouldn’t be talking about baseball with the same kind and you’d be wearing the same stuff. And I’d be the named Aparicio. And whatever. But there’s something different when the team is doing is doing when they’re playing the Yankees tonight, and I’m here with a local were false and it’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. Fancy Clancy is our guest. He’s drinking his steady Eddie. I’m giving away Maryland lottery tickets to the 50th anniversary. I’ll be doing this. We’re coming to Shannon’s over the hill for Clancy side of town. We’re going to be spirits West we’re going to be Costas we’re gonna be fade Lee’s setting up some stuff up here in Harford County more stuff up here Pappas, as well as some others. But Zach, and the folks at the local brought us in courtesy of our friends at window nation 866 90 nation as well bringing this thing on the road. And these are the kinds of establishments, Clancy and I I remember this vividly. In mid 90s. I was at a bar in Towson. And I’m not going to give up the the borrowers. They sold the place and I liked them a lot. But this was almost 30 years ago, I’ve been on the radio five years at the time, and the Ravens even really existed yet. And I went to do a tavern in Towson on a corner. And a baseball game won a playoff game. And I remember it’s like maybe like the Cardinals were playing somebody or whatever Braves that time, you know, whatever it was time. And I’m like, How can a baseball game? I mean, how can you not have the baseball game on? I remember going into a sports bar in Indianapolis. And they had a basketball game on instead of the baseball game on. And I’m like it’s a playoff game. It’s a championship game. Like how can baseball not beyond? Baseball was like, because my family and the way I grew up in my father like it’s life. Right? And if and I’m not, at that point you more work, I’ve gone out and fed that beer 81 times a year, the last 49 years, you have you know, but put for you that it gets the darker times and when the team’s not doing well. Stadiums empty. Maybe it’s effect it has to affect your living, right. I mean,

Fancy Clancy Haskett  22:04

it does and then and then you know those those last few games in September, that once the season is over has nothing left for another six months. And yes, it does gets to get to you. But you know now, I mean, what we’re feeling now. I mean, I mean, the problem that we have initiated let me tell you what the problem we have in this year. The problem we have initiatives Royals might be in the playoffs and ravens ravens going to London

Nestor Aparicio  22:31

at the same time, my birthday weekend.


Fancy Clancy Haskett  22:34

Yeah, that’s the problem.

Nestor Aparicio  22:35

Are you going to London?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  22:36

Well, I mean, we got to see my wife wants me to go my Why did you go last night? I went last time, but my wife won’t want to go to London memorials might be in the playoffs. Then you said ravens games? Yes. I run my operation and ravens game give me the

Nestor Aparicio  22:51


told me about that. Because like I sat in the same seat for 27 years until I was removed by Chad steel. i You never sold me a beer. I don’t think in the stadium. Ravens, right? Because you’re not much like I will see you there. And the other part of that is when I come into Oriole Park, I always entered because I lived downtown for 20 years, right I always enter by the warehouse by the by the beige statue. And then I work my way flag court through the middle toward home plate St. Louis to Luke. And then I figure out where I’m gonna sit in a room where I have a seat and I go sit, but I would always see you right? Yep, I guess because I don’t see you at a Ravens game. I’ve seen you on my bus trips more literally. You have been on my trips more than I’ve seen you at home games, right?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  23:37

Yeah, right right ravens game we me and my business partner, we run the entire vending operation for the upper level in the lower level. So you won’t see me in the stands. I’m behind the scenes,

Nestor Aparicio  23:47

doing the hiring. That’s Yes, tough business finding people to hustle likely because nobody hustle like you because nobody was attraction all

Fancy Clancy Haskett  23:54

around me. And I try to I try to teach them well, but you know,


Nestor Aparicio  23:57

what would you so if you’re bringing me in right now if I’m reporting here, I’m going to put my hat on my window nation hat. I’m going to report for duty. Like you did 1974 I come in, say, Mr. Husky, I’m gonna sell beer today. Teach me how to do it. Ravens game today.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  24:12

The very first thing I’m going to tell you is you got to do some push ups because it’s not it’s not a job where you’re going to work one day, the next day, you’re going to feel your muscles so you got to it’s it’s a job where you have to work out.

Nestor Aparicio  24:23

Did you just read my latest tweet on Facebook? No, I did. No. So let me tell you this. I do hot yoga. Okay, and I hurt my back. And I had planned a fitness Oh, and by the way Planet Fitness anybody 14 to 19 years of age free all summer at Planet Fitness. Go learn about that. I had Josh Gerber on. So two hours ago, I sat down at the bar right there and I said, I’m in the best shape of my life. But I ain’t gonna lie. I’m a little sore today. I think the yoga mat push back I feel like I need an old school large tub of Bengay remember Bengay remember adsorbing Jr. and a hot tub. I’m hoping this infamous chicken Sandow from Local washed down with an independent brew with klancy will start to heal my body and soul. So I am sore right now. Okay, so like when I start to think about a case of beer two cases, what do I you will be sore the next day Mr. Haskell wouldn’t have to carry it and wear it and then lift with the legs, never the back, right

Fancy Clancy Haskett  25:18


with the legs. One thing that you have to remember, it gets lighter every sale so you’re gonna have to make some sales.

Nestor Aparicio  25:25

The more you sell the lighter again. Exactly. Gospel. I need a beer now. Um, I feel like I’m learning. Alright, keep going. Keep going. What else do I need to know? Another thing that you need to know what’s Anakin? I’d be very, very afraid. Off the guy who had the little electric thing that made the can happen. I’m gonna competitors. I’m gonna

Fancy Clancy Haskett  25:43

tell you a secret. All right. I’m gonna tell you a secret. It’s gonna go go go nationwide now, but this is my big secret. The secret to my success is learning your customers name calling them by their names.

Nestor Aparicio  25:57

Man. That’s like a mnemonic. Sting. Right? That’s a memory. Yes. Did you get Hooked on Phonics or Hooked on Phonics back in the night? Well, you know, I acquire that skill.


Fancy Clancy Haskett  26:06

I got a way of remembering names. And, and believe me, it works. I mean, when you when you call it a customer by their name, they’re gonna buy beer from you before they buy beer from somebody else’s not calling them by their name.

Nestor Aparicio  26:19

Now, how do you get someone’s name? Well, did I tell you my wife? And I have a trick? You ready? Yep. All right. And this happens all the time. And if this has happened to you, out with me, it’s your own fault for not introducing yourself to make caressing, polite, correct. So people come up to me all the time. And this would it totally happened here at the local in Harford County. People went to high school with or somebody I knew from elementary school, and they’ll come up to me. And they’ll say, hey, nasty, remember me? And I’ll say, maybe maybe, then they’ll say, What’s my name? Well, that’s there’s only one answer to that unless you’re Christopher Christopher, or Robert Bob Wright, or Jim or James. And I’d be like, No, I don’t have it. So what what the way we’ve done this now is if you and I are here, and I don’t know your wife’s name, and my wife’s here, she’ll know. I don’t know her name. And I’ll say to her, Hi, my name is Ness that tells my wife that I don’t know her name, right? If she says, Hi, nice to meet you. Then you either have to get her name, or my wife will say Hi, I’m Jen, what’s your name? And then I get your name. And then then five minutes later. She serves me a drink. He serves me a drink with cherry spike cherries. And I forget your name again. Anyway, right? That’s me. Because I’m not good at that. I try. I really try to remember when I meet so many people

Fancy Clancy Haskett  27:46

will go ahead with me. It’s name association.

Nestor Aparicio  27:49


What’s my name? That’s okay. I’m just checking on making sure one for one.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  27:54

See, if we miss name association, what you do is associate that name with someone else that you know with their name. And then you get in the back of your mind. You say, Okay, Erik Estrada. And that’s Nestor exact right? So what you do is you remember somebody else’s name that you know, well, and you just say that in the back of your head a couple of times, then you serve that person that drink. And by the time you get back and you say their name, and it’s later you give them a drink, and you say the name. And once you say they name that second time, by the time you get around the third time you say thank you and say the name the third time after three times you pretty much remember their name.

Nestor Aparicio  28:25

And how many times you come down and say, Bob, right? Yeah. How many three? Do you say they remember that? You

Fancy Clancy Haskett  28:31

have to say the name and in the conversation, right? You have to say it if you don’t say it, you’re gonna forget.


Nestor Aparicio  28:37

I feel like I’m going to a salesman school here. I mean, I’m getting beer sales or real history, hustle, track lessons. Anything else? Am I missing web gate recommendations?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  28:49

Well, another thing another thing at oil games. I take a lot of photos. Okay, a lot. I mean, everybody’s cell phone, okay. Was up where they put pictures up everywhere. So I’m on everyone’s cell phone while you’re

Nestor Aparicio  29:03

on a beer now, man. I mean, I always wanted to have my face on a beer. Yeah, maybe guys a union key. I mean, somebody put me on have a nasty, nasty or something. I

Fancy Clancy Haskett  29:11


mean, it was it was an honor. And when, when art came came came at me with the idea. I didn’t think it would fly. And so he came at me one year with it like in 2016. And I said, Oh, no, that’s not going to work. And then he waited another year. And he asked me again, I said, Well, okay, let’s just

Nestor Aparicio  29:29

try. So what does he say to you? He says, Are we gonna name a beer afterwards? The first thing you say that’s exempt is what I like to drink.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  29:34

No, no, no, he said exactly. He said, I want to put your name or put you on a can of beer. I said what I said that’s not going to fly. And then after that, we talked and we talked and and eventually we decided to do it and we started off with in the cakes, and we started to roll in the cakes. People liked the taste and after that, we put it in the can and every since we put in the candidates been rolling man.

Nestor Aparicio  29:55

So did you sample a couple of different beers to put your name is Is it what you push it to preferred beer you like?


Fancy Clancy Haskett  30:03

No, no, actually, they already had the recipe. recipe was already set up. And I say, Man, you don’t need to touch this. I mean, this tastes fine, just like it is don’t even touch it. And after that, we just went with it. And it flew by how

Nestor Aparicio  30:16

many years? Four or five years now? 2019, five year, almost five years now. Well, for you with the Orioles this summer and people down in the stadium. How is it different for you? Well think bending, maybe more money, but but also a different kind of gig when there’s that many people down here? Yeah,

Fancy Clancy Haskett  30:33

that’s true, too. But I also want to I will also want to let the listeners know that me selling that beer in the stadium is it’s like a conflict and then Right, right. Right. Right. So we don’t think we’re going to we’re going to see it there. But we can do it around establishments around the state.

Nestor Aparicio  30:51


I know you did your kickoff across the street, I remember that we

Fancy Clancy Haskett  30:53

did around the stadium. So we can do that. That’s no problem. But getting it in the stadium. We probably can’t do that. Not unless I’m not working there. And you’re gonna have to put a cover over me to get me out of there. If I’m not working there.

Nestor Aparicio  31:06

Is Is there like? Is there a point in your life where you won’t envision you won’t want to do it? Well, why don’t we say not physically, because that’s obviously for any of us, right? God bless. You know, I want you to want to do it. But is this something you think you want to do? The restaurant is

Fancy Clancy Haskett  31:22

my legs is moving? As long as I’m healthy as long as long as a good lord is keeping me in the shape that I’m in. I’m going to continue to do it. Why? Because this job motivates me to ride my bike to do run in the lift in the gym. If I didn’t have this job, and why would I ride my bike? Why would I workout in the gym the way that I do? I wouldn’t do it. Look, right. Yeah, it keeps it keeps me healthy.


Nestor Aparicio  31:44

Beer looks good. Yeah, it’s still be 42 years at this point.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  31:48

Yeah. 64.

Nestor Aparicio  31:51

About to do your 50 I didn’t even it didn’t even hit me. I said 45 years. He’s been our beer guy for five decades. Fancy Clancy’s Pilsner. I’m a pilsner guy, you know, it’s a Venezuelan beers a pilsner called polar. I like pills. There’s a lot. I like lager so I had me a fancy Clancy I’m trying to get the picture and try it because I want to promote the place out in Deep Creek. When I do that. I will. I know I took the picture. I remember drinking it. I had it with a crab cake right out on the water was fantastic. And I highly encourage you to follow this guy. Online. You have followed me. We have pictures together in lots of places. But you’re on my bus trip up to one New England when Ray Rice

Fancy Clancy Haskett  32:29


went crazy on the first second play of the game.

Nestor Aparicio  32:33

Man was cold and Nope, they didn’t believe up there. Right, man, the Ravens just took the will away that day.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  32:39

I can tell you Oreo story about that game. Go ahead. Okay, we were sitting like on a third row behind the Ravens bench. And Cal Ripken and Steve Ashad. His wife, Renee, they were walking down the sideline. And they was you know, shaking people’s hands as he was walking down because it was raving fans along the side. Were Cal Ripken shook my hand. But he didn’t make eye contact with me. But as soon as I grabbed his hand for him to make eye contact with me, his grip got tighter because he knew who I was. And that was so cool man so pumped up for the game. Yes, it did.

Nestor Aparicio  33:13

Well, you have relationships with the players. You mentioned the Adam Jones moment means


Fancy Clancy Haskett  33:18

Wayne Kirby. I have a pair of his shoes the shoes that he won his last day I have a pair of his shoes.

Nestor Aparicio  33:25

I genial wonderful guy, right? Like you know, famously a good man he was he was we had a lot of those guys come through balls man. It’s been the good stuff about you’re one of them clients is gonna get one of the lottery tickets. I gave him number 46 We’re distributing these up here at the local rams and fun up here elevated comfort food we’re gonna learn about the award winning restaurant chef Zach is going to be here lose also going to be stopping by I think angels coming by to talk about they do this berry which is sort of like this ballet yoga thing for strength. So I’m trying to like figure it out myself. I’ll feel a little sore here. But how can I how can I feel sore looking at you vending beer at Camden Yards Memorial Stadium a 49 year

Fancy Clancy Haskett  34:08

limit Let me put it to you like this after I get off from work. I’m sore. I’m sore. Every single night I’m sore.

Nestor Aparicio  34:16


Why don’t they make your ass carry 50 cases every game frog is September 38,000 People I hope people are tipping irrationally when they drink with you and

Fancy Clancy Haskett  34:28

once you pick those three cases up and put it put it put it up top thought on your shoulder.

Nestor Aparicio  34:31

How much is the beer at the ballpark now?

Fancy Clancy Haskett  34:35

1099 Plus tax 1099 Plus tax and when I started beer was 55 cents a cup.


Nestor Aparicio  34:42

What did you ever squirt it out? Or was it always used to

Fancy Clancy Haskett  34:46

bring it to us like oh no, no, no back in the old back in the good old plastic things over top your? That was soda that was so the only sodas Okay, that was sodas but I didn’t I didn’t sell beer my first year but my first year there. Beer was 54 I’ve since a cup. When I started when I started selling beer. I want to say beer was around 70 cents a cup when I started selling beer.

Nestor Aparicio  35:09

I have a weird story for you. But you know, you’ve been all over the world, right? You’ve ended I went to 27 different things. I went to the Paris Stadium, the big circle stadium to see you too. All right. So my wife, she just survived. The second time we’re over in Europe seeing her donor, we were actually preparing for the Ravens London trip. We went over there on the spring, YouTube was playing. We saw him up in Ireland and I went to the concert alone. That night, actually, Mike Collins and Victoria were there and went, but I didn’t go with them. And I’m on the field at YouTube and they’re doing the Joshua Tree tour. And this was a little European thing is vending thing. And I came back to the room I got a cotton bed next to my wife, she’s like, Dude, you’re really drunk. And I’m like they just kept bringing the beer to me right? So I’m out on the field and the vendors walk around with tanks of beer on their back right they walk around literally and they sell you a YouTube Joshua Tree cop for eight euro like nothing a box right 1620 ounce whatever it is half a liter whatever. And or maybe leader and they literally they fill up your they had a keg right on their backs cheaper that way. And they bring it to you yes, you don’t like you when you leave, you have to go to the bathroom, but you don’t stand in line at all. And I know we’ve done better concerts with tops and moving vendors around and stuff but this is a whole different thing where you’re in a GA environment and the vendors literally they have little yellow hats or little hat on you can see them you see the beer and they come to you and it’s five euro and my wife wonder why I wound up off the subway in Paris rocked after being there

Fancy Clancy Haskett  37:02


I think I think company tried that here and united don’t do it but it didn’t work don’t do

Nestor Aparicio  37:07

what I’m telling you there’s something about like if you’re at a festival and the beer would come to you it’s perfect but in this environment there are so many different kinds of beer that you serve that anybody people want variety people want for I just took what they had

Fancy Clancy Haskett  37:23

back back and back in the good old days it was one vendors of Budweiser another vendor sought so Miller and stuff like that. But now we all sell a variety

Nestor Aparicio  37:34

the IPA sell at the ballpark same way more of a Budweiser


Fancy Clancy Haskett  37:39

beer no no when when you current a variety you know how to stack your stack your tubs to enough beer and the light beers are still the pop most popular beer but the IPA itself so well to see I’m learning what we need to learn let me and Eddie Murray Eddie Murray beard Oreos, they fly off the shelf while you’re drinking right here. Yeah, they love Eddie Murphy.

Nestor Aparicio  37:59

Steady Eddie, my man Adam over union. Cheers to him here. I’m gonna let you go it tell people how to find you. I mean, you’re always looking for people that want to Vande. Right. Yeah, I

Fancy Clancy Haskett  38:09

mean, we will always you can always hit me up on Facebook, Facebook, Instagram, all that stuff. I’m on social media, and also my business. So you can always hit us up there as well.

Nestor Aparicio  38:22


Appreciate you, man. I’ve been loving this guy a long, long time and many, many years. I would hope that it’s done. I mean this if we win a World Series, that Adley rutschman or Cedric Mullins or gunner, that they pull you down and give you a proper steady Eddy over you know, I

Fancy Clancy Haskett  38:41

would love that. I would love that.

Nestor Aparicio  38:43

Look at the smile you get just thinking about the last year winning the World Series. I feel good for me in the city. I would feel good for you. I mean, I feel good for anybody that’s been down

Fancy Clancy Haskett  38:55

since 1983. I mean that the city is hungry. We are hungry. We’re hungry. We’re hungry.


Nestor Aparicio  39:03

I’m gonna you know what, I’m gonna cut that up and use that as as we’re hungry.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  39:08

We are. We are hungry. Fancy. Clancy asked me if you want to see only combined from

Nestor Aparicio  39:15

you right? It says 45 years here, but it’s really been 50 years. He’s a little older than this now, all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We’re giving these away here at the local we’re in fallston eating the elevated comfort food. I wanted every freaking thing on the menu. Everybody told me to get these cheesesteak egg rolls didn’t do it. To to to taki I did come in and first thing I said to my wife is you lucky. But your wife too, by the way.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  39:38


Oh my wife Denise. Denise, she didn’t want to get hurt

Nestor Aparicio  39:43

and we got married and drive and she’s seen you here today.

Fancy Clancy Haskett  39:46

You got married in Vegas when the Ravens played in Vegas to open up the stadium.

Nestor Aparicio  39:50

I saw you on the same flight or something. Yeah, all the way out there. Pretty nice. So we’re a couple of just a couple years into this experiment. I’ll how’s it going? Oh, it’s great. myself machine customers the ballpark that you meet are legitimate no matter how legitimate Yeah, I figured that you know, I mean, well, I tell you we weren’t many people at the ballpark in recent years go down, feel fat and fancy Clancy’s copy will fill yours for sure he doesn’t have the beer on his back but I’ll give you the beer your choice for $10.99 Plus tax hit me up


Fancy Clancy Haskett  40:21

fancy And I give you all the information you need to know

Nestor Aparicio  40:25

you know, Bruce Springsteen would always say, just give me one thing in life cold beer at a reasonable price. That’s all we need. And drinking the fancy Clancy’s well. I’m hoping to to get out and see the the Brianna. I think it’ll cross the border in West Virginia. Little town up there. Beautiful little town I went up to Pennsylvania on the tour. We’re gonna get back out west. We’re doing 25 oysters and 25 days in September, because it’s an honor month and it’s a football month as well. And it’s gonna be a baseball playoff month as well. As we head into summer around here. Getting out throw in the Maryland crab cake tour we’re gonna be in hell for in a few weeks gonna be downtown and all around. We’re currently in Harford County about to eat the elevated delicious award winning crab cake up here in fallston. My thanks the fancy Clancy, his wife, Denise for putting up with us and come on on at the local hanging out with us. Stay with us. All right.

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