Learning what you never knew about where cannabis comes from

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The Chief Brand Officer from Curio Wellness has been trying to educate Nestor about the modern cannabis industry and the science behind the plant. Recently, Wendy Bronfein took Nestor on a comprehensive tour of the Baltimore County facilities and asked him what he learned on his field trip.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Wendy Bronfein

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive well you know I will say this enough because we are celebrating 25 years of this man this year at wn St. And our friends at curio wellness and far daughter have sponsored our 25th anniversary. I’ve been counting them down, we get stuck on the charity series. I’ve been so busy with football games and this and that and, and more than that I took a tour recently that I’m going to tell you about before I do that. I want to tell you we are doing the Maryland crabcake tour, and I’ve been out on the road every week. We’re families last week we were Costas this week, had the high school principal Dundalk. I had to tell them that I was in a horticulture program at Dundalk had that they still haven’t done darkhei by the way, I was also at the fete Lee’s over the weekend really talking at length about downtown Convention Center, the harbor the stadium, which we’re gonna talk more about that Tom Kelso is going to be joining us. It is all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll be giving away ravens scratch offs and so we get the stented gingerbread and peppermint ones to give away we’re going to do that with Thanksgiving stinking first we’re going to be over Pappas next week. We’re going to be a Coco’s on the 29th and the 30th. We’re going to be at the BMA with Dan Rodricks at gertrudes eating what is a legendary crab cake that I have never had yet. So there’s always one more crab cake you can try and we’re the 30th I’ll be at the PMA gertrudes. On the first we’re going to be back up at Hollywood casino in Perryville. Then on the fifth, we’re at State Fair. And on the 15th of December, we’re expecting to spend time with my friend Wendy Braun fine, she you know, I realized you’re the brand manager and I don’t say that often. You’re the Chief Brand Officer. Is that is that officially what’s on your title?

Wendy Bronfein  01:39

Initially there? Yes.

Nestor J. Aparicio  01:41

You know, I toured two different facilities with you for hours on end in a Willy Wonka suit. Took a picture with you. But I did not know that that’s the official title. Like I went to the website. And I’m like, why don’t I say that every week. But I and you really are because I think I can ask you anything. Having toured this place with you and giving you every weird dumped on doc guy question citizen on the street legal questions. There’s like almost nothing you couldn’t answer going through this. And I just must say, not everybody will be able to do this, like my parents when they went to St. Louis and toured the Budweiser factory in 1983. Or I toured the McCormick factory when I was a boy at the harbor. And I talked about that last week. But I don’t even know where to begin because you should be the one asking me what I thought of it. Because I think from soup to nuts. I was as blown away but maybe for different reasons. And maybe it’s the business mind than me. But you have quite a thing going on a curio wellness Monday, I’ll be honest with you. Well, thank

Wendy Bronfein  02:40

you. So what did you think I will ask you, I don’t

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:44

know just every part of from soup to nuts of the illicit nature of seeing reefer madness 100 years ago, and how my parents felt and the just all of that to the science part of where it’s going. And the things we talk about with GI and sleep and cancer with my wife, and relaxation, just all of the things that the science part of it provides. But how the Bake Shop the gummies the grow the science, the first thing I asked you and you laughed at me was like, where’s the seeds? So there’s just all of these things that I just now that I’ve toured, I’m way smarter and I can help other people. And then the way that you were in there and I’m like, you know, the crabbing industry works sort of the same way on harvest of crabs as you work on harvest. And you were like, really and I’m like, Man, I’m really learn a lot of stuff doing this Baltimore positive thing and getting out i i would just say the first thing that I learned was just the magnitude of the science, the cleanliness, the seriousness. The the science, same things I learned when my wife’s life was getting saved down at the hospital in the just behind the doors like Oh, my God, I can’t believe this is going on while I’m talking about the Ravens. You know, I guess I would start with that. But the science part of it, and how starting with just growing stuff, and how difficult that is for any farmers ever farmed anything. And then the seriousness with which you take making these products into things that can truly help people in the same way your family dispense serious pharmaceuticals to people that this is sort of where this comes from and I guess I hadn’t really thought much about and I had the leukemia, lymphoma focus on doing science and research. So much of things that save our lives and make us feel better are based in plants. And I guess that does that. I don’t know. I’m talking a lot you told me.

Wendy Bronfein  04:48

Yeah, well, I we should probably tell our listeners. So we started a cultivation, right. And so we we went through and saw how we grow the plants. They’re the stages of their lifecycle. Um, once they’re harvested where they’re dried and cured and trimmed, and packaged and all that, and then we left cultivation, we went to manufacturing, which

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:08

I didn’t know existed by the way, you’re like getting the car. I’m like, where are we going? And I didn’t even literally when I got in the car with you, I did not understand that there was a second place we were going. It was probably a little bit like when Willy Wonka at the end, they go through the glass top, and we’re like, Alright, where are we going? Now? Where are you taking me? You know, where are you taking me in the Wonka Vader? And then you took me to a second place that I just, I couldn’t talk about it, because I didn’t really know about it, because I didn’t experience it. But I’ll let you pick that part up because there were parts of this where I literally other than just putting the my TV suit on and walked in. I had no idea where you were taking me and you’re so good at it because you’ve done it. I said to you, as governor Westmore been here. Yeah, has Johnny open yet. We’re involving, like, have all these people have been here and seen everything I saw. I don’t know that you can’t stand and very just impressed by it. So you take me to a second place that I didn’t know existed. So I don’t know that my audience knows this existed either.

Wendy Bronfein  06:05

So the second place was where we manufacture products that contain cannabis as the active ingredient that I ready

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:12

to tell people where that is or no, it’s secret.

Wendy Bronfein  06:16

I mean, it’s all in in Baltimore County Timonium area, when

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:19

she’s like, I’ve driven by there 1000 times I’m like, Yes, you have and I and like, my wife didn’t know I went home. The only one I’ve talked to this about really is my wife, my son, just sort of by the by mentioning it to people, but not at length. This is the first ad link, what did you see? So I don’t even know where to begin? Because I could just soliloquy throw you out and just talk about it for half an hour. But to have you here to answer questions. I think the interesting part was everywhere I stopped. I had like a lot of questions. And I guess everybody does, right? Nobody goes through there quietly. Yeah,

Wendy Bronfein  06:53

no, no, not at all. I mean, so So at the what’s the other license, there’s a cultivation license. There’s the processor license, whereas the processor license is where we manufacture products. So when people buy things like vapes or tablets, choose topicals, tinctures, elixirs, all those things. They come from a process, sir. We shine

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:13

it in a bag, they literally, I mean, it’s just an amazingly local thing to write. I mean, it’s just such a unique industry, I guess. And that’s why there’s a million questions, not just about what it actually does, but just the industry itself and where it comes from. Because I didn’t know, I really didn’t know I didn’t know to show me and I’m still scratching my head a little bit.

Wendy Bronfein  07:36

So that facility is GMP certified, which is good manufacturing practices. And that’s and that is a standard that we’ve been audited by a third party, it aligns us with FDA approved products in this country. So we’re answering to a standard in our process, in terms of our supply chain or training, are the procedures that we follow to produce things that are above and beyond what the state requires of us from the regulator, and are more in line with what the federal government requires for the production of pharmaceutical and food grade products. Right? Is

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:12

this the point where I say to anybody if you’re, if you’re doing this on the street, and with fentanyl, and all these crazy things, that the one thing that I knew this coming in, right, that you guys are on the up and up, and I talked about being on the up and up with the lottery with the state, with everything I talked about is oversight, right? Like literally making sure this is safe, and that the product that it says on the package from every terpene I mean, I talk about eating food, and I don’t know what’s in it half the time, everything literally is there down to the inch of digital measurement to let people know that this is it’s going to do what it says it’s going to do, but it’s safe. And and I think that that’s part of your federal oversight is saying safety first for everyone. People are ingesting that gummy that that product, we want to know that it’s safe.

Wendy Bronfein  09:03

Yeah, well, the the creation of the adult use program by the state was very much to focus on migrating people who are going to use cannabis away from an illicit market into a legal market. But inside of the legal market, the GMP certification that we have and that we’ve had since 2019 is really a testament to choosing products that go above and beyond what any licensee in the state could be required to do and choosing a company in a brand that’s focused on that level of quality and assurance and repeatability of the product right having that consistency that every time you buy it. Just like every time you buy a bottle of Heinz ketchup, it’s always going to look the same tastes the same all that that you want that sort of consistency from the products that you buy the dispensary and it creates that dependability between us and the consumer. But what you saw when you went in there was a series of rooms because in GMP you never make the same thing. You never make two things in the same room that aren’t related, right? So topicals have a different room than tablets, then chocolates, then choose then vapes, all that kind of stuff. We started off in the extraction room, right, we exclusively use co2, which is an FDA approved

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:14

extraction room, it really does become Willy Wonka. So so so just following along into the room, we’re gonna go ahead was riding the bike ahead. It’s not like that. But it’s a little like that. And especially where I saw the the pre roll area, it really had a mechanism that was like, I don’t know, like a train garden almost it was like used to we’re watching it. And I guess anything behind the scenes where you make things on a on a line, and you’re not really it doesn’t look like Bethlem steel did for my dad or GM did for making cars, it’s a different thing. But there really is. There are real people there. And everybody’s in suits like I was in. And yeah, it was, it’s like it was a factory like in that way, a little mini production factory, right? I don’t go to many of these places when you sign it. When people ask me, I’m trying to put it into words, but you’re laughing at me and I deserve to be laughed.

Wendy Bronfein  11:13

So from the extraction piece, right, we can’t make anything in that building. Unless we have oil that has the cannabinoids in there to infuse the product right. That’s how you vape cartridge or chew or something has different cannabinoids in it, it’s because the oil was extracted. So the first thing we have to do is we take the flour material that we’ve grown in our cultivation facility gets transferred to our processing facility. And they extract the oil and for since we’re we’re in a audio platform here, I’ll sort of describe an example of what that would be. So co2 extraction uses co2 with a supercritical state between a liquid and a gas. That’s, that’s where I’ll end the science part for people and give you more of an analogy. So think of a machine that looks like a huge espresso machine, right? We take the flour, and we ground it up into more of a powder. And that powder goes into cylinders in the machine. And the machine uses co2 is a supercritical state to pull the oil out of the plant material. And so what comes out is like a thick oil material oily

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:16

almost Yes, right? Not literally like

Wendy Bronfein  12:20

that. Yeah, it’s much thicker. When it comes out then like you picture a vape cartridge, it’s very like honey consistency, it comes out initially a lot denser than that, then that honey. And then we use what’s called a spinning BAM distillation, which uses boiling points to separate the oil to give you a more more refined oil. So what’s happening there is that the oil itself is separating at different boiling points. And you’re getting down to an oil that’s much cleaner in terms of its oil with the cannabinoid you’re looking for you’ve moved out pieces like the waxes and the lipids, things that give it really earthy flavors that aren’t necessarily to the a higher grade and fusion, and you have this cleaner oil. So when you’re making something like a vape that you want to taste very clean, or a chew where you know, it’s supposed to be mango flavor, and you want the mango to come through. You don’t want it to taste like if anyone’s ever cooked with cannabis at home. If it’s not a refined process, you can get a lot of like the earthiness of the plant left over in what you’re what you’re cooking are making. So the distillation kind of cleans that oil in a natural process with boiling points so that you’re using a higher grade distillate. And that in this case, if you’re making a mango, something the mango flavor cuts through more than the Earth, the cannabis labor. So the extraction team makes all of the oil, anything we make in the building, we need the oil. And then from there, I think we went into the smokeable is room and that’s where you saw a pre roll production. Honestly, my favorite part about the pre roll production is that the machines that the robot machine that made can make pre rolls was created by a fellow Marylander, an original member of our team who was obsessed with the fact that pre rolls couldn’t be made in a kind of high performance way. And they were done in a much more like loosely semi automated I’ll call it mostly handmade way that was not productive and just couldn’t get past it and connected with a robotics team and created a machine that can actually take a cone, fill it with the precise amount for that pre roll, twist it trim it give it a nice crowd tip and give you a finished product that’s to spec which is pretty amazing. And you know just what a commitment he had to solving that problem.

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:39

Well Wendy let me let me bring my crabcake Torian on this Wednesday, Brad fine is here and she has secured a wellness for our daughter. She gave me a tour of both facilities as well. If you’re familiar with the foreign daughter, storefront location, go to curio wellness.com and learn about all of this stuff which birthday in Alma crabcake tour I went over on the Eastern Shore and you and folks are so nice over there. But so many of the processing plants have shut down. Because we don’t have as many crabs in the bay. It’s seasonal work. The folks who pick the crabs by hand are all mainly Mexican, but certainly South America or Central American. 90 days, they come they work and they are like artists. It’s just unbelievable to watch them pick up it’s so different than watching me and Constance cutting my fingers picking crabs the wrong way. But they wanted to automate that industry years ago, and they had machines. And when I saw what you were doing with, I don’t want to say whatever the flower is, that’s going to be not handpick, but machine. The same thing happened with the crabs were the legs and stuff. So they tried to robotics picking a crab. Every crabs, interior and makeup is a different size. And the robotics team, apparently in Maryland and everywhere tried really hard to make something that could pick a crab without shell everywhere. And they’ve given up on it. So you’ve won, you’re already ahead of the game winning.

Wendy Bronfein  16:05

Yeah, so the machine that that you’re talking about is in the early stage of the when we’re finishing the flower, we’ve harvested dried and cured it. We’re going getting closer to packaging it, we have a machine that trims it’s a mechanical trimmer, but we’re using that right after we’ve dried and cured. So it’s really kind of breaking off larger leaf material Twiggy branch material.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:33

I Love Lucy with the chocolate line, it was kind of a little bit like the chocolate line a little bit like that, right? Yeah.

Wendy Bronfein  16:41

Everyday flour that is our more of our value, but Bran goes through the machine trim process, our exclusive flour that comes at higher potencies and smaller batches gets a hand trim after that, kind of First,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:57

start calling that top shelf just because that’s what they call it in the liquor industry are pretty much what it is right?

Wendy Bronfein  17:04

Well, you know, internally, that is a little bit more of anything, that’s the full buds that are available for sale, it would be like your top shelf then now you’re tearing inside of just the fact that you’ve harvested bud material is the way that we look at it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:21

Whenever I find a chair, She’s the Chief Brand Officer now that I know that CBO that Microsoft was always teaching me Chief Digital Officer, I just happy to be chief something around it. I have my new shirt and I haven’t mentioned my shirt. But the minute my wife saw the I’m a blunt person shirt inside foreign daughter on York Road, just south moaning she’s like you gotta get that shirt. So I now thank you, I appreciate that I can wear my my blood and I let my hair down for this one for that you know the thing we talked about all the processing and stuff but we skipped the whole horticultural process we skip the part that there are no seeds we skip the part where these these little wax things just start these little plants that look like they can be little tomatoes that my mother was growing and then there’s the next phase and every phase through and the incredible hydration process the 12 hours a lights on 12 hours the lights off. On we skipped all of that. And I guess that’s

Wendy Bronfein  18:17

we can we can talk about I said Look how much you learn. You’re regurgitating all of it but we can talk about all of it I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:24

I’m retaining the information Wendy I’m retaining the information but when people I mean I guess there’s a lot it’s always with you three or four hours you know, here and there moving around asking lots of questions. See, it’s a meeting a lot of people on your team seeing people way smarter than me like seeing real scientists people. I guess my question is going through it all and I’m wondering in Colorado, somebody’s five years ahead of you Washington, other places, other states. Obviously, it’s been going on in different ways in Europe and, and the studying the science part. You’re like, he’s a doctor, she’s a doctor. He was like, I felt like it was Dr. Pepper commercial. You everybody’s a doctor, that may. And the science part of this when I see things like the pineapple terpenes and I’ve taken those who will sleep help you out at night. Delicious. I remember getting things to Colorado 10 years ago, like that doesn’t taste like chocolate that tastes like, you know, like Earth, like you’ve dirt or whatever. And I think it’s come so far. But is there a in industry on all of this. So when you dare I say cure cancer, we can talk about curing cancer and all that. But I’m convinced through all of this research. This is just one little thing in Baltimore County with a nice family that’s working hard and you’ve been learning so much all these years doing this, but I know there’s a lot of money behind this in a lot of other places that talked to Bill we dealt with CFG bank just here in Maryland about this, but the science Part of this that’s been, I don’t want to say ignored, but certainly not explored post Nixon and skip the scheduling of this federally. I just think there’s a lot of science going on that maybe get short shrift did because of people’s use of this recreationally in the past, medically and now adult use for anyone that there’s real science going on. And you must all be tripping over stuff in the industry that nobody could have tripped over before because it hasn’t been studied. You’re literally putting strings together that no one has seen that no one else would have, that you want to be proprietary. And I’m wondering how much of proprietary and shared goes into exploring all this? Because it’s so new, you know, for everybody?

Wendy Bronfein  20:51

So it’s it’s a timely question yesterday, we actually have the quarterly meeting of our Scientific Advisory Board. And that’s made up of a series of scientists and physicians, from institutions here in Maryland, like Hopkins and out of state and even internationally. And I think the US doing that is very different than most or any cannabis companies, right. I mean, we’re in that room talking about different sort of conditions where we believe that cannabis could improve quality of life, and how we can develop products to address that, and products that we’ve already created that have earned patents on them from like US patents on formulations and patents that are pending on things. And I think that’s part of our approach that just so different, and even though Maryland started as medical and has gone to adult use, and you’ve seen that in many other states, you know, we believe that many people who are shopping in an adult use space are still shopping in a therapeutic way. So to your point, they don’t sleep, they’re anxious, they’re depressed, they need mood correction, something hurts there. They have gastrointestinal, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:00

think when people come to the front of your site right now, and I did this 10 minutes ago before it came because there’s no prep and a little bit, couldn’t getting my blood shirt on, let my hair out a little bit and picking up my terpene infused the pineapple choose. But I want to the front of your site, the first thing it says is gi sleep. This isn’t good. Hi, this is on hold on now. You know, you start to look at it and you start to see and say, well, will that work better than an Advil, Tylenol sominex whatever you name your drug, you know, will that topic will be better than my dad stinky, adsorbing Jr, or Bengay or any of these type of products that quite frankly your family sold in a pharmaceutical way on a street level with Advil or at a higher potency that needed a doctor prescription. And we’re all really comfortable with that every we’ve been comfortable with that for all of my lifetime. My parents parents were comfortable with that. From the time they were putting cocaine into Coca Cola syrup 100 years ago at pharmacies and making sodas and concocting chemists, they still call him chemist in Europe, right? So I just see this is the thing that really came out of it. People would ask me about the fun part the Willy Wonka wearing the suit talking about Reefer Madness, or whatever. But the real thing I got out of this is where is this going, where you have quickly identified things that can help people sleep better, you know, internalize things better, and it’s actually working. And I just think this wasn’t being done 15 years ago, to your point, not a lot of people are doing it now, right? Because it is easy to just grow flowers sell flower. And you can do that in a lot of states in a lot of ways, right? Like there’s no play to make the world a better place and be a scientist by by having a store frontage, just from where we were 15 years ago thinking I’m gonna get into the cannabis business.

Wendy Bronfein  23:53

I think that whether your need is therapeutic or what are referred to as like adult use or social use, right, you just want a quality product that you can trust and that is consistent and dependable. So even if it’s just the flat if you’re buying flour like flour, we really want a lot of awards over the years for our flour right? Part of what makes it great is the not just the fact that you know the testing shows great numbers and the cannabinoids or if you’re looking for high THC, or really strong terpene profiles. The potency is there, but it’s consistent and repeatable. Right we track graphically our lab results, harvest over harvests and we don’t have deviations. So if you bought blissful wizard from us last year or two years ago, or next week, that profile is consistent our flower comes out within a small margin of error at the same percentages of potency and terpenes presents like Harvest over harvest year after year. Same thing with like our choose, right you were, you know a consistent product texture, flavor potency Always the same and what you talked about flavor. Like we spend a lot of time well, we spend a lot of time on things that are like scientific and putting things into trial and making sure they work for people and we’re improving quality of life. We do the same thing on like, hey, we want to make a great flavor to Okay, let’s we’re going to make placebos. We’re going to test and we’re going to get the best grape flavor, we’re going to infuse it we’re going to make sure that the grape over the cannabis blend because that has its own impact still tastes great. I mean, we got a feat we had a review on a holiday gift guide. I think it was on heavy.com where the blogger said, this is the best gummy I’ve ever had infused or not for the berry church church to gummy, which is the sister to the pineapple. And I was like, Oh my God, that’s a huge compliment. Because you know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:48

these pineapple they, they’re the best tasting pineapple anything I had. That’s that didn’t come from why at the dole fact, I’ll be honest with you. It’s delicious. You know, like, I want to chop it up, turn it into pineapple salsa, sometimes, when he brought fine is here with us. She’s the Chief Brand Officer, she gave me an incredible tour of both of the facilities. I don’t know where we would stop on this because I could probably go on all day. But you mentioned flavors. And that sort of triggers. Thanksgiving is coming up, the holidays are coming up. I’m gonna have scented Maryland lottery. I mean, it is amazing what we do with flavors and scents. And you have that going on. And you were showing me and a lot of this is in packaging. And year after year, I see ice cream people that bring out eggnog and pumpkin and bring out different things. You’re at a point now where you’re able to do that within the framework of, of some of the products you have, right.

Wendy Bronfein  26:43

Yeah, so we just launched for the holiday season a sweepstakes on our vapes. It’s called treat yourself. So we’ve picked a series of our strains that all have kind of delectable means it doesn’t mean that they actually taste like this in the nuance of the terpenes, maybe, but they’re not flavored as such. But you know, like, we’ve got blueberry cookies, and whipped cherries and golden strawberry, and all kinds of things. And so any of these specialty strains are going to come in a package, and that there’s a chance to win $500. So we thought with the with the holidays, people spending lots of money and need to buy gifts, it’s a great time of year to win big. So if you buy any of these vapes, there’s a QR code on the back, you can scan it and fill out a form and then have a chance we’re giving away $500 to up to four winners, and we’ll announce the winners right after the new year. So all through December 31, five eighths and enter for a chance to win. All right,

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:38

well, I’ll cut it off here because we can go on and on and on. And I’ve already least shown you at some point during here that I retained some of the information. I hope the principal Paul Satterfield at Dundalk hopes to retain. I’m trying to retain things I’ve had chemist on this week. You know, I have friends I grew up with in Dundalk that are way smarter than me and they we were talking chemistry and horticulture and growing things. So I’m going to learning mission. I started this whole thing with intelligent conversation trying to ask questions and get answers from people government, sports, all of that. And it’s gone above and beyond where I get to put the Willy Wonka suit on and learn about the science behind cannabis and what we’re doing for in our partnership, curio wellness and foreign daughter. And I never want to forget I traveled through Cecil County to have a dispatch, please plug that because nobody drives through there. Oh,

Wendy Bronfein  28:24

yeah. Farm can’t wellness in Elkton, Maryland. So anyone who is at the northern part of the state come over and see us. It’s a fun spot. It’s a busy spot. Got a great staff up there.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:35

Seamus Timonium, if I were to look a little different, it looks different it

Wendy Bronfein  28:39

was it was an existing dispensary that that we acquired in the past year. ultimately bring it under the fold with regards to like our retail brand of foreign daughter, but it is its name is barn cat wellness. And a shout out to our GM who just got married last weekend.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:57

Nice. All right, well, we’ll get somebody else married this week. I next week, we’ll begin with meeting people who were from Africa, at the front door of your place, and talking Safari for half an hour before you got there. So I was I love your people. I even thought Man, my son and daughter in law should work here. This is kind of cool. They would think this, of being a part of this and learn and stuff every day. And I’ll leave it with this. I asked you this. I said that you get so smart about this. It feels like you’ve known this stuff for 30 years. And like literally all of this has been sort of revelational to you as an adult as well. Right? Like 10 years ago, you wouldn’t have said you would be here doing this teaching me about this and even knowing this right like this as as easy as you make it seem this is all new to you to some to some degree, right?

Wendy Bronfein  29:46

Yeah, I mean, this is all been acquired since Yeah, 2423 for 10 years and in this kind of process. So yeah, it’s all fresh information. There’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  29:56

so much to learn our friends at curio wellness and fun Aren’t data we’re hoping to be there December 15. Working on a time get some details together. We are going to be there through the holiday season. We’re doing the Maryland crab cakes. We’re out on the road. Just about everywhere we started the Santa Fe these we’re going to end to fade these because Bailey’s has anything at the end of the year. They’re moving into the new election and market we’re gonna be the last ones to broadcast and their babies. Like I’m gonna have boxes everywhere for the holidays. People want a lot of crab cakes on Christmas Day aren’t a whole lot more on New Year’s Eve, but we’re gonna be down there. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery. We were also a cost this this week. We’re going to be a Pappas in Parkville next week, and then after Thanksgiving, we’re taking the show on the road big time our friends and when donation 866 90 nation also supporting us and Jiffy Lube multi care, and I got my oil change two weeks ago. So I’m good for at least a little while but I’m driving a little bit going to some concerts, trying to have some fun out there. If you want to know more about cannabis industry, certainly to stop in foreign data and talk to folks. They’re nice folks. They’ll help educate us also a lot of information out online as well and I do appreciate their partnership and our sponsorship with our 25th anniversary. I got to start sharing all these memories of all these pictures and I’ve just been I’ve been tardy even on a field tardy. Luke is going to be covering all things ravens as we go into many buys and real buys in LA and eat a lot of Turkey eat a lot of crab cakes. I’m Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive and learning stuff because I’m a blunt person.

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