There’s still plenty of room left at Camden Yards

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With a summer of Orioles ahead, Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss getting back downtown for baseball and a legitimate pennant race and exciting young brand of magic. And dancing with DJ Shaq Diesel, of course…


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Leonard Raskin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively into the summer weeks here we got the Orioles at home all weekend, the Ravens taking a little nap we’re gonna be enjoying a crab cake. Imagine if we’re gonna be a fadeless on Thursday morning. Maybe the last time in the old market I every time I go I see maybe, but I’ve seen the new stall and the new market about to open. We’re gonna be giving these away they are scratch offs in the mirror the lottery, throwbacks to the 50th anniversary scratch offs, we’ve had some winners, we were spirits Westover Wilkins Avenue last week had an unbelievable conversation about rock and roll and running backs with NFL agent Chad whistling as part of our Maryland crabcakes. Or it’s also brought to you by friends at weathernation 866 90. Nation you buy two, you get two free 0% financing for two years and weathernation 8669 D nation, the entire crabcake tour schedule. Now a playing out through the summer. I’m going to be here all of July, all of August, we’re doing some oysters. We’re doing our 25th anniversary, then a Costas on August 3 and drug city on August 4, I am hoping if he’s not down at the beach to rope this guy into coming out. And you know, you’re sort of new school. I’m hoping this Costas drug city thing. I’m going to find people listening back in the 90s bringing me Oh, get nasty shirts. I’ve had a whole bunch of stuff happen in your last couple of weeks to make this anniversary better than ever later. raskins been sponsoring us for a period of time. You can find him at Rascon glow, we could find him at Baltimore positive. And you might find him in Dundalk with me on August 3 Fourth, but when did you discover how long you’ve been listening to this crazy radio station now that we’ve been doing it? 24 years and 10 and a half months?

Leonard Raskin  01:39

Yeah, I don’t think that long. I would say, Wow, the Ravens been around, what 2047 years 27. And probably when did we move to MIT to psi net? 9898? So probably right around right around the early 2000s. I think I probably wasn’t one

Nestor Aparicio  02:03

of the guys talking you into buying the PSL. No.


I had I had money in with the stadium authority when when the stallions were playing and we watched the Grey Cup. So you weren’t original give Baltimore the ball? Yeah, yeah. Thinking if they brought a team here in 1995, a very young, Spry Leonard Raskin would have a whole lifetime.

Nestor Aparicio  02:29

And maybe there’ll be some day maybe you go to hives right and want to play. Like, it is amazing that your kid has no, my kid has a very strong. He was 10 years old when the Ravens game 11 years old. He remembers it vividly. But for anybody younger. Yeah. Like

Leonard Raskin  02:50

just our team, just our team. That’s all. Yeah. And he’s been on the road trip with us. He’s, he’s been to Indy. He’s been to London. So so we started doing the trips. And I guess, you know, the first one. The first one was Tampa. Yeah, that’s right. We really, we really struck because I was down there. And what is it? Igor city Ybor Ybor See, look, I got close.

Nestor Aparicio  03:14

Igor was in a laboratory with Young Frankenstein.

Leonard Raskin  03:18

Ybor City that’s I think when we first really met, we were hanging out at a bar watching the Terps 2001 Watching the Terps take that so take three years I’ll take it a bad ending against Duke and I was thinking all I could think was so bad foreshadowing for our ravens, but obviously they had nothing to do with B watch that game.

Nestor Aparicio  03:39

And I came out of the west shore Hyatt that night down. Yeah. And I ran into Tommy Shaw from sticks. And I have I have all my cuckoo and knots on and all of my purple beads that they gave me at the Gasparilla in San Gasparilla There you go. Well, this is what I’m doing. So I’m celebrating 25 years on August 3 My wife said what are you gonna do and I’m like, You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna sit across this and thank thankfully, you gave me this this incredible crab man. I haven’t used it yet. You can see it’s not it’s not beer stone stained or crab soap, crusted grab cross, it’s gonna be but I sit there I’m gonna sit across this from like noon until five on the third. And then the fourth. I’m gonna sit at drug city because they have milkshakes and good food and beer. And I figured out to sit in Dundalk and make people like you come to Dundalk if you want to hang out, tell some stories bring some swag, you know, I mean, that Tampa thing you want as long as they cost you your marriage letter, the Superbowl 35 then

Leonard Raskin  04:35

no. Cost me cost me a living room. We’ve had that conversation. It cost me a living room. But that’s alright. So just a quick aside, I just want to share. We were down at the Hippodrome. A couple of weeks ago, we had talked about you know, the Baltimore going ons for the weekends. And it just just hit my mind when you were talking earlier about the about fade lease. And as we left the Hippodrome, you know driving out the road There my my son, we’ve talked about the boy who is 21 said to me, I’ve never been to Lexington market 21. And I said, really? And I know I haven’t taken him there. So what’s your full sense? Right? I said, I haven’t taken him there. So I said, Well, wow, that’s really wild. We’ll have to go there. We’ll have to go and check it out. And now it’s the new market. So the the old market is the

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

market is still failing. Is it still a part of the old market? It’s still in the where it was? Not the move. 100

Leonard Raskin  05:32

I’m saying what I’m saying new markets. Beautiful. Beautiful. I’ve been there. I’ve been there. I’ve been to either one. So I said so we got to go to Lexington market.

Nestor Aparicio  05:43

Is he back for the summer? What’s going on? Is he is he is you have a phenom with the Cincinnati Reds in Le Dela Cruz. Oh,

Leonard Raskin  05:52

how about that?

Nestor Aparicio  05:53

So you’re talking about seeing Otani or any of these guys. And he won’t be here next year. Right because they play every other year now.

Leonard Raskin  06:01

She beat demon this kid something,

Nestor Aparicio  06:03

use it or lose it if you want to go see right and this is a perfect chance for you to go to families. You go to families. You go to the Oriole game.

Leonard Raskin  06:09

There you go. That’s it. That’s it. I think we got it. Three, three night three day series, I think three days playing they’re playing good ball. The rental play. This is where

Nestor Aparicio  06:19

the rubber meets the road. I talked to Luke about this because Luke’s gonna vacation next week because that’s his thing. He goes Fourth of July every single year of this family and a Wildwood and I saw the crowd on Sunday. And I because I’ve been I went I snuck off to New York on Friday and Saturday to see Mike Peterson the alarm. Very special guy to me. had an amazing time came back saw the cure Sunday night with a bunch of friends so I’m like should it morning I’m worn out right like God was unbelievable. Sorry I missed that show. So I’ve added this weekend of 80s music to my favorite bands it means a lot to me. I wake up on Monday and I’m like harridge Fair this week. The Holidays weird because it’s in the middle of the week. We don’t really know when to celebrate. Nobody knows when they’re off my off Monday my off Tuesday and I take the whole week off what are we doing? So there’s this low and the Ravens are like waiting there a month from now and in the meantime it’s like summer the Orioles are good they’re home all week. If there’s a chance to go down there and buy a $10 ticket on a Tuesday night or Wednesday night you bring There you go go to this is a great time and I was talking to Luke about this because the crowds Sunday I looked at it I’m like is what they’re doing work in or is it not? Are they buying billboards are they bought and they get into people or they they get people like you and me that are fence sitters Dennis is also that guy where we’d like to go we love baseball. I need somebody to give us a boot in the backside to go down there. Maybe the right weather it’s not a rainy night or a forecast for a thunderstorm. So what what I’m not full disclosure. I mean, I don’t know what’s gonna be there. What gets you to an Oriole game with your kid in the next few days in a bubble. It’s not You’re not a freebie. Yeah, you don’t get what gets you to an Oriole game.

Leonard Raskin  08:06

Yeah, just just a free schedule. Okay, the good news. The good news is, it’s not sold out yet. So, so that means during the day on a Tuesday, when the weather’s beautiful, and it’s gonna be nice evening, and they’re playing a game. It’s Hey, why don’t we get out of the game? It’s literally a game time decision. Yeah, why don’t we go down and why don’t we go out of the game. Now we did plan. We did plan Otani. We went I wanted to see him play went to see him pitch. Amazing. Amazing.

Nestor Aparicio  08:41

So John weighed that night. I’m not gonna like, say that. Because I did get

Leonard Raskin  08:46

it. No. I mean, that was that was incredible. And to look now, clearly the number one vote getter for the all star game and leads his team and the world right now. I mean, my goodness, this guy. I don’t think it’s surely never been done. But we could see an MVP Cy Young season. You could see a guy lead the league in home runs RBIs. And era. When the Saiga right, I mean, just unbelievable to watch. So that’s, that’s the thing. It’s just let’s go and then this Dela Cruz kid, right. Hit a hit for the cycle in his 15th game in the major leagues.

Nestor Aparicio  09:32

What he’s doing, it’s just he doesn’t even have he’s got 70 at bats and the big leagues, right? Yeah, he

Leonard Raskin  09:36

doesn’t even know what’s going on yet. Yeah,

Nestor Aparicio  09:39

I mean, he doesn’t even have 100 Major League at bats and haven’t lost one. Since he came up. I don’t think well right now in first place. I said to my wife, I’m like this kids here for a couple days. We get to skip yoga class and one. We got to go see him play. I think he’s become that guy and he doesn’t have all under the bed yet.

Leonard Raskin  09:58

It’s insane. Well, they’ve already put him in The Hall of Fame

Nestor Aparicio  10:02

you know, they can’t put Pete Rose in. So there’s my answer.

Leonard Raskin  10:04

You got to put, you got to put some reds in there and like kicking the nuts for them. Look, they they haven’t played well at all. Then suddenly you get a hot streak and and you’re in first place. So it’s time for the

Nestor Aparicio  10:18

two. We don’t care about Cincinnati at all, but like they’re in our football division. But like have you been to Cincinnati? Yes. Most people have not been. Well,

Leonard Raskin  10:27

I have a company that I do a lot of business with that is headquartered there. Out just outside of the city, and I’ve been there in the last 15 years, probably 50 times. So yes, a baseball town. I’ve been to the stadium. I’ve been to the stadiums. I’ve seen games, the baseball park, the ballpark, there is lovely. It’s really great. One of the things I really like you go out to get a dog, and you can watch the game from the concourse. It’s all kind of open if you’ve been there for this. It’s an open open bowl and and you can be out on the concourse and watch the game from the concourse while you’re walking to get your dog. It’s it’s a good feel. It’s a beautiful park and I’ve seen a couple of games there. It’s really nice. And I’ve been in the band gals games too. And unfortunately, haven’t seen us when in Cincinnati since I’ve been there. People

Nestor Aparicio  11:15

laugh at me. I think the Cincinnati football stadium is I think it’s beautiful. I think it was well done. Well appointed. It’s on the water, right baseball stadiums right down the street in between is where they had built a bunch of its corporate bars. Yes, you know, but it’s bars on the waterway. They’re big, beautiful. It’s their harborplace Absolutely. What the city is. And on 81 reds nights I went there and 15 on the tour. It was dollar dog night. It was a Friday night. They were given away a bobblehead of somebody that wasn’t so special, which is still like a second baseman or something. But I was down there early because we were swabbing for the we swap 100 People that night. My buddy Marty Marty McGee from the daily racing form was there because he lives in Lexington. He came Yeah. Over and we had a beautiful night thanks to the Oreos a little bit right. This was eight years ago with the Reds were terrible. They won’t they’ve been terrible forever in that division where you know, if you win 85 games, you can win that. And a lot of years, right? Yeah, other than the cubs in the Cardinals a couple special years they’ve had and they’re not like playing the Yankees and the red side. They’re not in that division. Yeah, just been awful. And the Bengals have been awful. And I went 15 and this was my thought about my memory of being there. Other than the dollar dogs and all that stuff. There were just a lot of fans. They’re like, Oh, yeah, and I’m like, man, it’s

Leonard Raskin  12:43

not really a fair weather town. It’s not a fair weather town. Yeah, they support their teams. They are there there is no doubt about it. The Bengals the place was packed. And this was way before Joe burrow. I don’t even know if it was the first


Nestor Aparicio  13:00

time the Reds have had prosperity like the Orioles. Two spells of prosperity since Angelo’s bought the team in 31 years right so and the reds when I think of the last 31 years I mean think of reds shot. Oh man that was 40 years ago now we’re going right back I don’t know how long she’s been out of there but they got rid of her I

Leonard Raskin  13:17

just know that well

Nestor Aparicio  13:19

30 years ago they got rid of her might have been the Nazi stuff she had her and but for the reds and the Orioles I think of these towns as being sort of similar but the Reds playing baseball like this has created a firestorm in Cincinnati like yeah, it’s gonna be people here

Leonard Raskin  13:39

because what else a yearly but what else is really crazy about it. This is just my subjective view. I’ve not done a study. It seems to me the national media as I tune in every now and then to an ESPN or a fox sports or whatever. He is very enamored with the Reds winning much more so than they are with the Orioles winning. And and they don’t give a darn they don’t give a darn This is really crazy. I think the rays are the fifth or sixth or 10th story on the broadcast. Nobody cares that the rays are in first place that would they bring it in 5000 people 10,000 people a night to that stadium something I mean my goodness last week

Nestor Aparicio  14:24

they were like man Oriole fans have taken over. I heard Brett Hollander say that on the year and the media side of what mass is doing and now they’re hiring locket Faora and like Like trying the mass and broadcast when you can find them I mean maximum one we went through that last week. They’re very they’re not just cheerleader re they’re almost remind me the old w w w s back in the 80s we talked about where the whole gig is to get you to the ballpark right like you’re looking out good the food is looking at pretty the girls looking at cute the kids are looking at how much how wet they are out in the

Leonard Raskin  14:59

splash zone. splashdown

Nestor Aparicio  15:01

thing is a nine inning. Rob long Guy Yeah, the food’s great. You know, like all of that and I’m like, the whole thing is it come on they go to the game and I’m trying to figure out when they’re gonna suck me in, you know, like, and how effective it’s been when I put Sunday on and there weren’t a lot of people there and I’m thinking coming up. Is this a bobblehead night? Is it the cruise thing? Is it see the reds? Is it just jam the park on Shaquille O’Neal night?

Leonard Raskin  15:27

Right? I heard I heard Shaquille O’Neal is a DJ. Now. I did not know this Shaq diesel. I thought he was a basketball player. He’s a former basketball. I know that. And a businessman of mass proportion. But obviously he’s now a mass proportion, DJ as well. And he does some kind of DJ show, which is kind of weird. Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  15:50

saw Tiesto many years ago with the Super Bowl was one of the greatest nights of my life. I went with Chad Brown, the old football player from the Steelers, who was more of a metal guy much more of a Metallica kind of myself. Sure and I dragged him to this dance thing at the Super Bowl. Julio was involved, obviously get the stretch. So we go to this little place. Joe Montana’s family runs the bar just little Roadhouse, and Tiesto comes on. And it was like one of my party’s over on Kane street back in the 80s. It was guru. It was just this wavy thing. And I’m thinking Shaq must have gone to one of those and hip hop club and said, You know, I was the center of attention with the Lakers and what they the magic again, he I should be a DJ. So he’s gonna all seven foot one I’m gonna show up. But

Leonard Raskin  16:39

but that’s interesting. What I heard is, I think I heard this if I heard it, right, the first 30,000 adults get like the floppy hat. And then Shaq. So you figure 30,000 People are coming out? To to hear Shaq? I guess maybe? I don’t know. I guess he might leave earlier. Would

Nestor Aparicio  17:03

you stay in? Watch Shaq? What would you do?

Leonard Raskin  17:04

If I was going to the game? I would stay because that would be like what the heck is this? That’s kind of like a for the field pass. That would be a mistake in hindsight after but when you see, yeah, I want to see what the heck Shaq is doing. As a DJ that just, that throws me a bit.

Nestor Aparicio  17:24

When I say what are they doing to sell tickets? I’m answering my own question Is there are there are times when it’s kind of like minor league soccer, right? Like are rocky. You would say it Tuesday night against Fredericton. We’re only going to have 2000 people. But let’s make Friday. A good night. Let’s give something away. Yeah, let’s make an A B night and at night. And let’s not trying to turn a scene it will be night. Right? Right. So that’s what. And that’s great. The

Leonard Raskin  17:52

total attendance I guess is what matters, right?

Nestor Aparicio  17:55

If I were in their offices with geniuses like TJ Brightman, and we were trying to figure out how we’re doing it. What we would say is this, if on Friday night, we can give away hats and have Shaquille O’Neal here. And legitimately get 40 some odd 1000 Like a sellout or something to open the left field, Upper Deck seats and Nestor walked out back in oh six and free the birds. I find it funny. They don’t sell the tickets that we use for free the birds a little weird, but and it’s always wide open it and it’s not a good visual in that way. But nonetheless, if they sell the place out and everybody has a great time, and Batista shuts the door, that really is the entree to come back on a Tuesday

Leonard Raskin  18:39

to come back. That’s exactly right. It’s exactly right. Once you have a great experience, you’re that’s what it’s all about. You got to have a great experience that drives people back to have another great experience. And you know, they’re trying

Nestor Aparicio  18:55

to do and I really do because like, there’s nothing that can be better for the city than them getting well again, and like legitimately, legitimately next year, they go to the ALCS, they lose whatever. But next year that 19,000 On Sunday, it’s 35 because like, people want to be there and an 80 degree day might have been a little warm or whatever. But I just I’ve seen it in the city. I grew up in it in this city, your

Leonard Raskin  19:20

fans. If they do it, the fans will come. But they got to make it a first rate experience. And we were down there it was it was average. We were in the club seats even and it was an average experience. The game was great. I mean, it was a great game. And it was it was fine. But what made it average the the concessions were slow. They weren’t very It wasn’t on the club level. Okay, it wasn’t you had to walk a long way to get great variety. There’s no longer food in the seats in the club level which is something I remember you could order and they bring it your dinner so you didn’t have to leave your seats to watch for it. Stop watching the game. They’ve stopped that it was just it was just barren the club level was pretty barren and it wasn’t it wasn’t super. So it was a we had a great time just it took a while

Nestor Aparicio  20:11

but to put for what they’re gonna try to charge against the wizards, the capitals ravens that that could cure I was on the Sky Deck at the cure the other night I mean, like the total VIP thing that people want. I think what the Oreos All I want is a cheap ticket and the chance to see good baseball, but I’m a baseball fan. I’m not there for the beer. I’m not there for the girls, I’m not there for the bird, I’m not there to run the bases. I’m not there for the shell game or the crab game or the video game not fair for any of that. Maybe enriches because a lot of responses me little plug there. But I would just say for me, what I’ve waited for is this experience of integrity and quality and value

Leonard Raskin  20:54

over time for an ad on the on the baseball diamond for shorts. While we’re here talking about a minute you think there’s any question? Last year we’re not talking about? We’re not talking? No, I agree. 100%

Nestor Aparicio  21:05

And we’re not talking about Ellie Dela Cruz and how many people they’re getting and whatnot, we’re going to get the flop yet. These are all really good problems for wn S G, for for web ACL for the city for hotels for for the future of the next couple of years are thinking what this can be, but I’m measuring it along the way. I mean, they call them Jordan Westberg this week, right? So

Leonard Raskin  21:29

they send out for that

Nestor Aparicio  21:30

well I mean at some point we’re going to figure out what’s going to happen with Fraser and Matteo in regard to starting right like Henderson is going to be the shortstop I guess Westberg I guess it’s going to play third I guess wait it out but but Fraser Matteo don’t get on base enough. And they’re gonna hit there. They got outfielders they’re gonna have cows are coming in. Now they got a Hicks with Mullins. I mean, this is these are good problems are gonna, the back is gonna want

Leonard Raskin  21:58

to not a bad thing. This is not a bad thing. This is a very good thing for the team. And like you said, I think it’s a great thing for the city. And it starts right there. Drawing people in that are going to hang out and spend money in the city before, during and after the game. It’s all good for the economy. It’s great for the city. And maybe things start to turn around and B gets a better opportunity I saw did I see Joan Jett? Joan Jett came back to an Oriole game she was in Tampa. She was a champ. Yeah, she and Bryan Adams were playing down there, took her off day and went to the went to the game.

Nestor Aparicio  22:39

You know what’s really weird about that letter since and this isn’t even about like social media or whatever. The day that she she showed up I put my picture of me and her up and where am I Towson University gear. It was over Carroll Park and went to Paul man as concerts before we did the trifecta, since about seven, eight years ago took this picture with Joan Jett. And since I put that picture up I went to state fair that day to for lunch. She’s on the wall there. There’s a there’s a big artwork. Then on my Facebook, the woman that does the salt boxes. Juliet who does the salt box art. She has a salt box art of Joan Jett in an Oriole jacket. That is I want it for my wall like it’s killer. And then I was in New York at the former CBGBs which is now John bottos. Well, John Varvatos is a rock and roll like fashion leathery like all the guys in the Black Crowes like Tom Petty when he died like that, that look he had about that retro throwback almost that from the video, don’t come around here no more with the cups and all that stuff. Varvatos has this rock and roll store that’s in the space, where CBGBs was so it’s right on Canal. So are is about it’s canal. So I go into the store. And it’s a rock and roll. Now there’s a drum kit. There’s bad company stuff. I look up on the wall. And there’s Joan Jett, looking at me and I’m thinking that’s like five Joan jets in the last five days

Leonard Raskin  24:16

top of the mind that’s top of the mind that’s loving her you know, right? It’s one of those psychological things when you’re when you’re ready to buy the new car and you see it everywhere. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  24:26

Judge Blackhearts everywhere letter raskins everywhere including on my on my crab claw. We’re going to be correct. I’m going to wait till August 3 I’m going to commemorate my 25th anniversary this letter I’ve come up with ideas is we got John Martin on last week he asked me he made a very foul like he’s from Ohio, so I have to give him a break. He he’s never had peach cake. So we talked about peach cake coming out this week. Yep. So what I decided to do for my 25th anniversary Costas invite you but I’m going to have peach cake. I’m going to get my friends from wise market’s to get me some gold, watermelon because a lot of people have never had gold, watermelon. I find this out. So I’m going to share peach cake and gold because they’re two of my favorite things. And so my 25th anniversary with crabs. And between now and then my 25th anniversary. So I’m thinking about, I’m getting older and stuff like that. I know you wanted to talk a little bit about summertime, my mother’s the anniversary, I should say my mother’s death coming up. I’ve talked to you many times about not being prepared for 98 year old woman to die, not the way I should have been. Had I known you a little bit more before. There were Yeah, tax property, things will stuff that happen. Yeah, I want to give you some options, because I know you wanted to talk about it this week, because it’s important summertime, people get faded away on things and you’re like, hey, if you don’t have well, you don’t have this stuff. Let’s get this together. So I want to give you some oxygen for that

Leonard Raskin  25:50

beautiful, beautiful. So So I’ll tell you, we’ve sadly had a couple of clients in the last year pass. And we’ve also had a number of clients, very sadly, have some illnesses that that appear to be terminal. Not imminent, but terminal. And one of the things when we work with somebody all the time, not just in these circumstances all the time, we make sure that the estate documents, the essential legal documents of your affairs are in order. And what is that it’s a power of attorney that says if you can’t act on your own behalf financially illegally, who steps in and does that for you. It’s medical power of attorney, if you can’t act on your own behalf, who who signs and make sure that the doctors are treating you the way you want to be treated and acting in your best interest relative to your health care. And then the end result of that, of course, sadly, is living will that is your your terminal. The doctor says you know he’s not going to make it she’s not going to make it who who decides on your behalf when when it’s enough when to stop the artificial feeding and respiration. And when you don’t if you want that and if you don’t? And when to start it when to stop it. And then you’re gone. And what do you want to have happen? You know, we call it your when your will matured? When your will matures? Do you have a will? If not a lot of people when I ask them, you know, what do you think happens? They say oh, the state takes my money, the state does not take your money state never takes your money. But your money does go according to a will that the state determines. So whether you have these documents, power of attorney, Living Will medical directives or last will and testament you do the state that you live in. For most of the people probably listening, although I don’t know, everybody, but in Maryland, the state determines who gets your money, who takes care of you who determines life or death. And you don’t want the state determining these things. And it’s the worst time possible for your family to have to deal with the orphans court, and lawyers and judges to make these decisions. So these are documents we make sure everybody has their a current current, and they have your wishes and them and be signed and witnessed properly so that they’re executed properly. And third, in the hands of those that need to know what these things are, what you wanted and what your wishes are. And I was with a guy just last week, and he said, You know, there’s families he knows that he’s we talked about our kids. And there are families that he knows where the kids have never talked to the parents about money. And there are families he knows where the adult children are age, our age, have never talked to their parents about money don’t know what the parents have. Don’t know who their advisors are. Don’t know who to call if something’s funny, you

Nestor Aparicio  28:47

would mention this because my my wife and I talked about this because she has parents and I don’t right. And that, that this conversation you’re having I have with my wife, I swear two hours ago over coffee. It was just sort of like, hey, I need to check on my mom and dad and you know her, you know, her parents are in their 70s You know, obviously we’re in our 50s Right? And thinking like, what happened? i My mother has been dead and I still haven’t had that talk with her.

Leonard Raskin  29:12

Yeah, there you go. Right. There you go. What happens? What happens? What? Who who’s in charge? Is that the right person? What are you want? You know that that?

Nestor Aparicio  29:21

These are tough? These aren’t things Hey, Mom, let’s let’s talk about this right,

Leonard Raskin  29:27

hard conversations. You know, I sat down with my mother. And this is what I do. And I sat down with my mother and we we had a conversation and said, What do you want? If if this happens? What do you want? And and we know

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